Giving Her All: Love Of My Life, Part 3

This post involves anal intercourse (A).

You can catch up by reading Before Dinner (A) and Watching Her Play (A).


Here I stand, rock hard, with my nude wife lying on her stomach in front of me. After her fantastic show of pleasuring herself for me, I need no more prodding and immediately step forward and enter her bare pussy that hangs off the edge of the bed. It looks so hot—cleanshaven and glistening with her juices and quivering as I work. Since she has already given me a fantastic blow job, I know I can do this for a while, and I’m loving every second.

I grab her hips and work furiously as she grunts. As worked up as she is, she cums almost immediately. Her pussy clamps down on my dick, pulsing as warm liquid sloshes out of her. I’m in heaven as she shakes and makes a high, keening noise of pleasure.

As I begin moving back and forth again, lost in the moment, her hand reaches out to the nightstand. I wonder what she’s doing, but as a watch, she finds the lube and puts some on her hand. Then, slowly, she reaches back with two lubed fingers, moves them between her widespread cheeks, and places them on her asshole. This causes me to stop mid-stroke in surprise, and I just stare at her fingers. I have a perfect view of her hand and ass right in front of me.

She slowly, enticingly rubs her fingers in a circular motion and lets out a soft sigh, and I see her ass begin to loosen as I remain locked inside her. When she moans at the sensation, I almost finish right there. She gently works the two fingers into her ass while I stay stock-still in her glorious pussy—I even stop breathing at that point and just watch, entranced.

Without saying a word, she reaches back and pulls me out, gently grasps my cock, and carefully guides its tip to the rim of her beautiful, pink asshole. I just stand there, holding my breath, too afraid to move.

Time stops; I’ll remember this moment forever. Is it really happening? Will I hurt her? What did I do to deserve this?

She carefully rubs my tip around her hole, circling back and forth, and then gently begins pulling me into her. I can see her hole loosening and tightening with each of her ragged breaths. Then she looks over her shoulder and mouths the word “yes.” I’m tentative, but she slowly backs herself into me as she closes her eyes.

I feel resistance, but then she lets out a long, slow breath, and I’m stunned to see her hole loosen, then fully open up to me and suck me in. Suddenly, my dick is inside her beautiful ass! Only an inch, but she’s moaning from the feeling. It feels different, incredibly tight and warm, and I know I need to be gentle. She sharply sucks in a quick breath, and I see her reach down, softly fondle my balls, and then start rubbing her clit.

“Oh, my God!” she moans, letting out a deep sigh. Her eyes are closed, and she seems to be in a trance.

I carefully push in, just a bit, then slowly pull out. I don’t want to hurt her, but this feels incredible, and the sight is pure glory. I can feel her tensing and relaxing with each breath, and her ass milks my dick, squeezing it and pulling it in.

I move slowly, carefully. It takes every ounce of my restraint, but I want to savor this wonderful gift and don’t want to cause her any discomfort. Slowly in, hearing her take a deep breath; slowly out, as she sighs. Her rim continues to grip me with a wonderful tightness, but the oil and her juices provide enough lubrication that I can slide in and out if I go slowly. Amazing!

My wife lets out long, slow moans, and it seems she’s relaxed enough that it doesn’t hurt her. Her hand keeps a steady rhythm of rubbing her smooth mound as her body rocks with mine. It’s like we were of one body, intimately connected. I can feel her breaths and pulsating body as it beckons mine into her. Her ass continues to rhythmically tighten and loosen, sucking on my cock and holding me in. For a few wonderful minutes, we slowly and silently move together, her in a trance with her hand pleasuring without and my slow movements bringing new sensations within.

I can’t stand it anymore. I reach over to tightly grab her shaking hips and go slowly deeper, then deeper still, causing her to squirm and let out a gasp-filled moan as she rubs her bare pussy even harder. I find myself fully in her, my cock wrapped tightly in this hot, forbidden place. As she shudders in another orgasm, her ass clamps tightly around my base, strangling my cock. I can’t hold out any longer, and I groan as I finish in her ass. It’s pure ecstasy, and I feel the liquid warmth gather around my now sensitive head as spurt after spurt gathers deep inside her.

I collapse on top of her, too spent to move. Neither of us has any energy left; just breathing takes effort. My dick slowly softens and gently slips out of her along with the warm rush of my liquid, and she sighs.

Slowly, I come out of my stupor to look at this glorious, selfless woman next to me. She gazes into my eyes, gives me a soft smile, and gently takes my hand as we lie beside one another.

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7 replies
  1. Suzyzz says:

    Ass penetration is sensational. I let him do as he please and wow! Did I enjoy it? After a bit, I would open up and when my a-hole changed to a round hole, there was no longer pain. Cumming inside was also a different feeling. We decided to stop completely for fear of infection as a lot of times Lubes and condoms were not at hand. He still longs for it, but as we agreed, no more. Enjoy yourselves, but take precautions. Good luck.

    • Tangosierra says:

      We've been doing anal sex often – like every couple weeks – and never had an infection. As long as he doesn't go from your ass to your pussy, you should be fine. Why deny yourselves the pleasure, when washing and proper penetration can bring so much joy? Not trying to tell you what to do, but offer another perspective.

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Hot story! We don't often have anal sex but when we do it's because my wife wants it. A few weeks ago, we were in the midst of some heavy foreplay and she whispered in my ear, "Fuck my ass, baby." She says it feels incredibly good, and I just go along.

  3. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    We find it satisfying licking each other's ass hole (make sure you're clean), probing and fingering. What's a great turn on is when I take my hard dick and rub it up and down her ass crack. It's fun and safe.

  4. TorrHead says:

    Smack down, totally hot. Vivid description, honest acknowledgement of your wife's gift, your pleasure, and hers, too. I'm staring at my wife right now, with a massive hard on.

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