Watching Her Play: Love of My Life, Part 2 (A)

This post includes anal play (A). 

Catch up by reading the first installment of this series, Before Dinner.

With my head still spinning after the incredible blowjob my wife had just given me, I numbly follow her instructions to clean up in the bathroom. As I finish, I hear a quiet moan and come back into the bedroom to find her lying nude on the top of the bed. The light is still on, giving me a great view of her gorgeous body. I stop, my breath catching in my throat as I watch her touch herself with her eyes closed.

From the look on her face, she’s beginning to get lost in the pleasure. My eyes traveled down past her chest to the beautiful curves of her waist and her toned legs and back. She works out daily, which leaves her body tight and sexy in all the right places, but she has always been modest to an almost maddening degree. I have never seen her like this, so comfortable with herself. I am starstruck. Her chest slowly rises and falls, and her lovely body glistens with a sheen of sweat. Her free hand absentmindedly rubs along her beautiful neck as her lips part.

Her other hand draws my gaze again, and I watch her lazily touch herself. I didn’t know she had ever even done this or even thought about it, and I am totally entranced at this show. She slowly moves her fingers around her glistening pussy, she’s so wet that she’s dripping. I begin to pant—slow, husky breaths of rapture. Her fingers run in slow circles as she spread herself apart, slick and pink, and then she brings her fingers back to her lips and licks the juices off her fingers. She returns to her gorgeous sex and begins playing harder, fingering her pussy—in, out, moaning all the while. She starts to vigorously rub her clit and lets out a little noise. Her breathing gets shallow, and she seems lost in the moment.

I’ve never seen anything like this side of her, never imagined she would do this. It’s incredible—hotter than anything I have ever dreamed of—to watch her touch herself, to see her so uninhibited and free with showing me her gorgeous, toned body.  And she really seems to be enjoying it, showing me with her hands what exactly feels good to her. I watch every movement, a part of me learning new points of pleasure and closely observing exactly where she traces her fingers to bring herself pleasure.

As I stare, she slowly opens her eyes and looks straight at me, smiling. Unbelievable! She knew exactly what she was doing, that I was watching, and she’s giving me this show as a gift!

It’s only then that I notice she looks different.

She has shaved herself bare! That’s the single hottest sight I have ever seen. I didn’t think she could look sexier, but for some reason, this makes her completely irresistible. Her mound has always been a highlight, a glorious sight that smells and tastes like pure love. But clean, it shines like a glorious new pearl, begging for my touch.

I just stand there in awe, as she begins to really get worked up. She thrusts two fingers into that glorious pussy and starts working them back and forth, rubbing some secret place. She writhes and moans, and soon she makes herself cum. I watch as she squirms with her lovely juices coming out through her fingers in waves. She squeals in delight and gets more furious with her fingering, in and out, while her toes curl at the intensity. This is almost too much to handle.

Then she does something even more unexpected. She suddenly stops her movements, and while looking straight at me, she sexily drags her fingers down, past her wet opening, continued down even further, and carefully traces one small finger around her other tight hole. My eyes almost pop out of my head, and she gives a small smile at my reaction. She rubs around her pucker in slow circles as it gently pulses. I stare, transfixed, at her finger and at that hole, tight and beautiful. She lazily massages it, presses it, stretches it, and after a minute, she begins to slowly finger it. Her lips part and she silently sighs.

She has let me explore that forbidden area a little, which I always find incredibly exciting. When I get her really worked up, sometimes she’ll let me finger or even lick that tight hole, but that’s all she had ever let me do. Those moments are really intense for me; feeling her that relaxed, open to, and trusting of my touch and hearing her moan as I licked had always gotten me extremely hard. I was never sure how she felt about it because we discussed it, during or afterward. It seemed to turn her on, but I thought she might just be tolerating me. I loved it when she would let me play like that, but nothing more ever came of it.

The silky juices from her sex slowly drip down and lubricate her fingers, allowing one to slip in and out of her ass with minimal effort. She lets out a long moan and then places two fingers in her tightness. While her other hand reaches over her shining bare mound and alternates between furiously rubbing her clit and her glistening pussy lips, moving back and forth and making her shake, the hand reaching up from below keeps up a slow and steady in and out motion on her tiny tight pink hole, stretching it and loosening the opening. Her fingers twist slightly in her as they worked in and out, glistening with her dripping juices from above as her rim tightens around her petite knuckles. It seems that the longer she keeps this up, the more relaxed she becomes.

Her entire body shines with sweat at this point, and I can see that she’s entirely lost in the sensations her hands provide. Her entire body heaves and pulsates as her self-stimulated feelings overwhelm her. She experiences wave upon wave of pleasure, all by herself. I revel in seeing her totally enjoying this moment.

As I silently watch, she closes her eyes, groans, and then cums again. The smell of her sweet love fills the air. It’s too much for me to handle; my dick is so hard that it’s screaming.

Now I knew why she had started the evening with that glorious blow job—I definitely would have finished right there, watching her, if I hadn’t already had that first release.

She slows her motions, looks at me, and smiles wickedly as she notices my reaction to her. She doesn’t say anything, but she slowly turns onto her stomach and slides down so her feet touch the floor, her beautiful ass just hanging off the edge of the bed with her hand still rubbing herself. Her hot body calls to me, tempting me with her juices all over it…

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12 replies
    • Mr.Lover says:


      You're comments about jilling right along with her are just as hot as the story. I was jerking along the way myself.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh I came as well mama. Didn’t even mean for that to happen lol. Started reading this with my panties on but had taken off my pants and I was extremely wet and by the time I slide my fingers inside I was cumming. Ahh I’m not done yet though 😉 great story for sure

  1. Sarge says:

    Neither my late wife or I ever wanted anything to do with anal sex, but that doesn’t mean others cannot enjoy it.
    That said, one of my favorite things my wife would do was to have me watch her masturbate. Once we both confessed to masturbating alone, the game was on. Now I knew how she made it through my deployments without me. And she knew how I could release while away from her.
    Mutual masturbation was so much fun, and even 9 years after her passing, I can still see her pressing her vibrator onto her clit, or just moving her hand in quick circles around it. Good grief it was, and still is a huge turn on. It’s also the vision I use to pleasure myself since she’s been gone.
    Carry on, and have fun. Great story.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story! My husband loves watching me play with my pussy. It never fails to make a certain part of his anatomy come to attention 😉. I also enjoy tickling and fingering my asshole occasionally when I masturbate. Such a pleasurable and erotic feeling. God bless you and stay horny!

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      horny GG ,
      Ah yes. Pussy play! And tickling fondling the asshole. We've done that. Drives me wild. Yummy

    • Ben G. says:

      Absolutely! I love it! So hot watching you pleasure yourself, and you're right, it definitely gets my attention. Love you so much!

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