Adoring Her is My Pleasure (A)

This post includes anal play (A).
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My wife is a gift from God. That’s all I can think of when I look at her. She is beautiful, with such kind eyes and a welcoming smile, and everyone that meets her is just charmed by her personality. She is so full of life, constantly emitting joy and a sense of wonder. And her body is right out of a magazine – petite, but with curves in all of the right places. Just looking at her has always turned me on, but she acts blissfully unaware of how stunning she is.

And her strength – during normal times she is the rock for our family, encouraging everyone and always acting the cheerleader, even as she takes care of us all. But recently, she has faced one of life’s great challenges, and gotten through it with her head high and her faith and joy strengthened.

And I have no idea why she chose me to share her life with, but I’m ever so glad she did. She is my life, my joy, and I thank God each night that He let me have her. Each day is a gift, one that I’m even more aware of as we’ve gotten through this past year, and I spend my life trying to earn that gift, knowing I don’t deserve the love and joy this beautiful woman shares with me.

This evening, as I find myself absentmindedly staring at her, I notice she seems a bit tired. She’s been carrying quite the load lately, with us all stuck in the house all day. Parent, teacher, planner, chef, maid, handy(wo)man, encourager, lover, and bringer of joy during these long, sad days. That’s her load, and she carries it with grace, style, and good humor. Like I said, what a woman!

So as I notice her attitude this evening, I feel my heart ache for her. I let her know that I’ll take care of the mundane items that fill her time, and spend the evening playing with the boys, cooking, cleaning, and try to give her a bit of a mental break. She smiles at me, but I know that these little things are only a temporary fix. Life for her is hard, constant, and draining, and I can’t completely remove those burdens, no matter how hard I try. So I start thinking of how to give her a nice, relaxing evening to help take her mind off of things.

Easy steps. Cook Dinner, check. Take care of the boys, check. Clean the house. Check. Finish a project I’d been putting off for her. Check.

Once the boys are in bed, we usually just watch tv and then go to sleep. But tonight I ask if we can just talk. I hold her hand and have a wonderful conversation. We talk about little things – how the days are going. We talk about the family, our fears, frustrations, and joys shared with the three kids. I’m not really good with words, but I try to let her know how much I love her, how beautiful she is, and how lucky I am to just be holding her hand in this moment. She smiles and calls me a goofy name, but I think she liked hearing that.

Eventually, she yawns and thanks me for the talk. I give her a kiss and turn off my light. She doesn’t turn off her light, but she rolls over on her side and asks if I can rub her shoulders. Usually, the lights are off for this, and I take this as a sign that I’m about to have some fun. But tonight, all I want is to give her pleasure.

I slowly rub her shoulders. She always holds all of her tension here, and it takes a good ten minutes to just loosen those muscles. I can tell she is enjoying this, as I feel her body start to relax. I could spend all evening just on her shoulders, and tonight especially focus on them as they are really knotted. She lets out a soft moan as they relax, and then she pulls off her top. With the light on, my breath catches as I stare at her. It’s rare that I get to just look at her beautiful body, and find it wonderfully distracting, looking at her while I intimately stroke her body.

I gently rub her neck for a few minutes, massaging the sides of her neck. My hands slowly wrap themselves around her neck, and I gently squeeze as my thumbs massage the base of her skull. Her neck goes limp, and I rub the back of her head as I place a few small kisses behind her ears and along the side of her graceful neck. She sighs, and I see her take a deep, slow breath as her chest rises and falls in the light. I smile, seeing her relaxing so completely.

Her breathing slows as I work my way down her back. Her chest gently moves, a glorious sight that begins to get me excited. But this evening is not for my pleasure; all I focus on is her body, my hands working out any stress remaining in her back.

As her back relaxes, my touch lightens, focusing more on bringing her body pleasure. I gently caress her sides and stomach, focusing on pleasure and trying to not tickle her. She sighs, and I see her hips move back and forth a little. I gently caress her chest for a moment, and then move down to her legs. I slide her bottoms off and can see every part of her sexy body. I stop for a moment as I remove my clothes, just taking in the sight. Her neck, her petite body, her tight legs, and her beautiful ass seem to be begging for my touch. She is still looking away from me, lying still and just letting me soak in her beauty.

I come to my senses, focusing on her, and reach for some body oil. I apply oil to her lower back, her gorgeous ass, and her legs before returning to her lower back. I work out her back, but I’m staring at those beautiful legs as they slowly move back and forth with my movements. Ever so slowly, my hands move to her cheeks. They feel tight, and tense a bit at my touch.

Gently, I rub them both, focusing on relaxing her. Slowly, I feel the tension leave her, and I continue my movements. I slide one hand between her cheeks and thoroughly rub one cheek between both hands, the oil helping my movements. As I massage her, I can feel her beginning to get wet, and she moans as I brush against her pussy. My one hand presses deeper, slowly rubbing back and forth, and she begins to grind against my hand.

She starts to roll over to me, but I guide her back. This evening is all about her, and I’m not done with her. I switch my attention to her other cheek, massaging it while continuing to press against her clit. I can tell she is enjoying it. My oiled hand slides back and forth, brushing against her pussy, then back to her ass, and I feel that loosen and begin to quiver. I gently rub it, and then move down to the back of her legs.

I can tell she is worked up, but I want to make sure her whole body gets the attention it deserves, and her legs are just phenomenal. I spend a good amount of time on each leg, gently working out the knots. But as I’m working on her legs, I am staring up at her ass, slit, and chest. I am surprised to see her slowly reach one hand down between her legs and watch as she slowly starts rubbing herself. Her breathing grows husky, and I focus less on her legs as I watch her slim fingers rub her clit, finger her pussy, and then press her ass. It slides in a bit, and she sighs before moving back up. Over and over I watch this… clit, pussy, ass, and she starts shaking a bit.

She looks at me, and I can tell she wants me in her, but I’m not ready for that yet. She starts to move towards me, but I have her lie on her back, close her eyes, and I gently pull her legs apart and sit between them. I just stare at every part of her gorgeous body as I continue to rub the front of her legs. My hand occasionally brushes ever so gently against her mound before moving away, and each time I do she shudders and her hands clench.

Slowly, I crawl up, kissing the inside of her thighs, and lovingly place my mouth to her mound, heavily breathing in her scent, as my hands explore and rub every other part of her before grabbing and pulling apart her cheeks. My thumbs rub the bottom of her pussy and ass, and she moans as she spreads her legs and places her hands on the back of my head, pulling my face deeper into her. She tastes delicious, and quickly she comes, a gentle keening coming from her mouth as her body tenses. I lap her up, and get more intense with my actions. My tongue swirls around her clit, sucking it as my hands pull apart her cheeks and rub her deeply. I finger her with two fingers as I suck on her, and smile as I feel her pussy squeeze them as she comes again.

Her eyes are begging for me to enter her, but I’m still not done. As she recovers and stops shaking, I pull her up so she is standing on her knees, straddling my chest. I stop for just a moment to stare at her beautiful body, and she smiles at me. I can tell she thinks I want to enter her cowgirl style, but I want to taste her for a few more moments before ending this evening. I slide my face down under her, until her mound is at my face, and then I pull her down to me, her sitting on my face and grinding against me. She squeals and arches her back as my tongue enters her deeply, and I am loving both her taste and the ecstasy I’m bringing her. She’s obviously enjoying this, as she rocks back and forth, pulling my hair so I can press deeper into her.

She comes again, and I am awash in her pleasure. Then, it’s obvious she is too sensitive to continue having me against her. I’m afraid she’s too spent to continue, but after a moment she looks down at me and smiles. Then she slides up further, and I find myself licking her her lower slit, and then she slides further and I lick her ass. It quivers and pulses, tightening and loosening against my lips. I slowly lick it, and am pleased to find it nicely lubricated with the oil and her juices. As my tongue gently circles her rim, she moans deeply and I can tell she is slowly rubbing her clit and fingering herself as I work.

I slowly lick around her, then gently press into her, and am happy to feel her ass open up to me. Soon my tongue has entered her clean, oiled ass, deeply penetrating her as it loosens while she continues to vigorously rub herself. My tongue works quickly, moving in and out as she loosens and tightens around it. From what I can tell, she is in another world of pleasure, and after a few minutes, she clenches tightly around my tongue as she comes again.

Her whole body tensed, and then she falls off me, completely spent. I can tell she is exhausted, but she pulls me onto her and pulls me into her. I am rock hard and only last a minute, I’m so turned on. I can tell she doesn’t care – she’s already had so much pleasure that she’s totally exhausted. I finish, and collapse on her, my dick still inside her. We both lie there, unable to move, just breathing and loving the touch of each other.

After a few minutes, I slowly slide out of her warm body, lie beside her, and take her into my arms. I put covers on her and just stare at this perfect woman as she smiles a small smile. I rub her head for a few moments, and my last thought is of how much I love her as we both drift off to blissful sleep.

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  1. SecondMarge says:

    You are such a tease. I am in serious need of a whole body massage including a tonguing. Rubbing myself as the tongue explores. Now I am wet with no one here to help.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      You and this pregnant woman with crazy hormones! I need a full body massage but if I got a professional one I’m at the point where I think I would be visibly wet and very turned on! I actually have thought about getting a pregnancy one…any thoughts? You should definitely get a full body massage! I hope you were able to make that pussy of yours feel so good it took your breath away. It is great to be able to use MH to get us nice and wet and ready to go….

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I definitely would! I’m sure he’ll be throbbing hard and leaking at the sounds of his mature sexy woman cumming and experiencing such pleasure

  2. sarah k says:

    I am imagining your wife reading this and doing to herself what the other ladies here are doing, including myself.
    You go to touch her, to increase her pleasure. She stops you. "No, I want to honour you the way the other ladies reading this are honouring you, thanking you for sharing the story of our love, your love for me. You can't see them masturbate themselves but are in a position to see me. Please, allow me to masturbate myself here by the computer as if you were not here. But texan, please stay and masturbate with me."not mutual masturbation, but solo masturbation together.

    Over to you, texan. Show your wife my comment, and share her enjoyment with us.

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