Note Under the Door (L)

This story contains strong language (L). 

It was difficult enough to contain my hormones when she stepped out of the shower to towel off. Looking in the hotel bathroom mirror, I admired her long, firm curves and ample breasts. My cock hardened under my towel as I shaved, marveling at my naked 5’10” wife.

But then, when she turned around and bent forward, giving me a deliciously graphic view of her ass, I felt a nearly uncontrollable sexual urge that, alas, would have to wait. When getting ready for an event like this, she is meticulous and particular in her preparation—no time for sex.

Now done with my shaving, I stepped into the main hotel room and began to dress. With my cock still hard, I played with it for a few seconds, deliberating over a quick self-pleasure session as Lauren got ready. She wouldn’t mind, but I decided to save it for later and, in the meantime, allow myself to get really worked up.

After getting dressed, I watched from the room as Lauren dropped her towel to the floor, once again exposing her toned, naked body. Then she started to dry her long, wavy, blonde hair, giving me 10 minutes to relish the sight of her nudity as she stood in front of the mirror. My Nordic beauty, the textbook definition of a MILF at 46 years old, then put on her black garter belt, to which she clipped the black thigh-high hose she slid into. She put on her black satin bra, which lifted and pushed together her breasts to create the most delicious cleavage.

After applying her makeup, she gave herself a good look in the mirror and then reached for the dress hanging on the bathroom door behind her. I hadn’t yet seen her in the dress but was excited to admire my Scandinavian beauty in the long, tight get-up. She unzipped the dress and stepped into it.

When I saw her in the garter belt, her pussy freshly shaven and smooth as could be, I had a feeling she’d go panty-less. She rarely wears panties anymore unless she’s going to work (she’s a surgeon who is often in scrubs) or it’s that time of the month. And it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing—tight yoga pants or a short skirt; the panties usually stay in her dresser drawer. Her outlook now is that, if someone sees her pussy… whatever. (She’s told me an increasing number of women, including friends of hers, skip the panties and don’t fret if someone catches a glimpse of their pussy. I myself have caught a few views.)

Now watching her slide into the dress, which hugged her slender waist and delightful curves and showcased her splendid breasts, it was clear panties had no role in her attire tonight. She turned to face me, sporting a very revealing slit in the dress that went up her thigh, barely showing her garter belt and potentially providing a full-on view of her (as she sometimes calls it) “hoo-ha.” This was an incredibly sexy dress.

She saw me watching, turned back around to face the mirror, and then applied her lipstick.

“You look smokin’ hot, baby,” I announced from the other room.

She giggled.

“Does that slit show your hoo-ha?” I asked.

She smirked and turned around to face me, opening the slit enough for me to see that one could not see her hoo-ha unless she also lifted the dress, though her garter could indeed just barely be spotted.

“No, silly. No one can see my hoo-ha,” she quipped.

“Are you gonna wear panties?” I teased.

“Maybe I should?” she teased back.

“Or maybe you shouldn’t,” I retorted.

She laughed and went back to her makeup. (Side note: she hadn’t even packed any panties.)

And she did look dynamite, especially with those rosy cheeks and wearing a dress that begged for me to fuck her. I wanted her.

But not yet…..

The gala was fun enough, but it couldn’t end too soon because all I could think about was how badly I wanted to fuck my wife. All night long, women had come up to her to comment on her dress and how beautiful she looked. She had caught many looks from men who tried to play off their attraction.

We both had had enough glasses of wine to feel buzzed, but that was OK—our hotel room was only twelve floors up via the elevator.

When dinner ended, our eyes met, and it was clear that we shared the same intention: to go upstairs to our hotel room and make love. We kissed on the elevator up to our room. I asked her what she wanted once we got up to our room.

“Take control of me, baby,” she responded, looking deeply into my eyes the way only a sensual, northern European woman can. The elevator door opened, and we stepped out and onto the twelfth floor having collected ourselves just enough for the short walk to our room.

When we entered the room, no sooner had the door closed than I started to unzip the back of her dress. The dress fell to the floor as we kissed. After removing her bra, I cupped her breasts and then rubbed my hands down her silky-smooth sides, over her hips, and down to her firm, round ass cheeks. I then fingered her pussy, discovering that her vagina was both warm and extremely wet.

She moved quickly in removing my suit and pulling down my boxer briefs, leaving all of it and her dress a crumpled mess on the floor near the door. Kissing and with our arms around each other, we approached the king-sized bed and fell onto it. I sucked on her large, pink nipples, driving her wild. (She has very sensitive nipples.) She moaned and spread her legs so I could give her pussy all the attention she wanted it to have. I swiftly settled between her legs to devour her clit with my tongue. She was dripping with wetness, and I savored her delicious taste.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah… eat my pussy, baby,” she whimpered as she started to cum, not even three minutes after I’d began devouring her box. Rarely does she say, “Eat my pussy,” so I knew at that moment she was really in ecstasy. She came hard, and it was obvious that the stage for this mind-blowingly intense orgasm was set well before we even got into our room; she had gotten wet and worked up downstairs in the ballroom.

I tasted her flowing juices and licked deeply as she orgasmed, paying special attention to her swollen clit. As her orgasm subsided, I could see she was overwhelmed with sexual pleasure and wanted me to fuck her. But she knew what I liked and licked her lips to invite my cock into her waiting mouth. On my knees, I got up next to her, and she took my incredibly hard cock into her mouth. She took me deeper into her mouth than usual—almost to her throat—and wanted me to watch her as she looked into my eyes.

The way she sucked my cock, there was no chance I’d last for sex, so I made the difficult decision to take my dick from her mouth. Not even batting an eye, Lauren got into doggy-style position and dropped to her elbows.

“Fuck me hard and deep,” she whimpered. She reached for her wand vibrator (she never leaves home without it), and ran our trusty friend on her clit as I slid my seven inches of hardened flesh into her still-warm, soaking-wet pussy.

She moaned as I entered her and gave me several oh-yeahs as we started to fuck. She was being quite loud—far louder than usual—and it occurred to me that anyone in the rooms adjacent to ours, or perhaps in the hallway, might be able to hear us. The hotel was at capacity, and surely we could be heard. But I didn’t care. I cupped her ass cheeks and hammered her as hard and deep as I could. She moaned even more loudly, and now the bed was squeaking. I spanked her ass cheeks and called her some dirty names, which only got her even more turned on.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me….oh yeah. Fuck me hard, baby…. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…YES, YES, YES,” she expressed over and over again.

I’d never heard her moan this loudly and she mixed in a few instances of “fuck my pussy hard, baby” for good measure. If anyone was in the rooms on either side, they could surely hear us unless these were soundproof walls. I began spanking her again, occasionally stroking her asshole for the extra pleasure I knew she wanted from me.

This was a deep, hard, intense jackhammer fucking, and the harder and deeper I got, the more Lauren liked it, the more she wanted it, and the louder she was. I knew my wife relished intense sex, but she was now showing a side I’d never seen, er, heard… I’d never heard her moan like this (probably because at home, with a son, we have to be on the quiet side). And I got into it, too!

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” I offered as we made love.

“Me, too,” she whimpered, now breathing hard and grunting.

“Oh, yeah, lemme feel it, baby,” she added between moans and whimpers.

I slapped her ass cheeks again, this time quite hard. “Yes,” she exclaimed, as she began to orgasm. I could hear the buzz of the wand vibrator working its magic on her clit as she came and as I inched toward what would be an explosive ejaculation.

The timing was too good to be true. As Lauren came, I jammed my cock as deep into her as I could and pumped her with my sperm… spurt after spurt.

“Oh, yeah, baby. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she exclaimed as I filled her insides, holding her work-of-art ass cheeks in my hands.

The cum just kept pumping out of me, and then I shot my last drop.

“Oh my,” she whimpered as I softened in my bride.

I felt dizzy, likely from the intense sex but also from those glasses of wine.

Lauren fell over on her side and started to laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked incredulously.

“We were so loud,” she said while giggling.

And we were.

I spread her legs and watched my cum ooze out of her pussy. I fingered a little bit of it and offered it to her. She licked it from my fingers and smiled at me.

After straightening up our clothes, which we’d left on the floor, we took a shower, where we proceeded with round II: more doggy-style, but this time, I had the pleasure of cumming in her mouth. Then fell asleep in each other’s arms—in the bed, of course.

The next morning, we awoke early to get in our workouts before heading home. Sipping on my coffee, I saw a piece of paper on the floor, right in front of the door, and assumed it was the bill.

As I got close to it, I could tell it was no bill. I picked up the paper.


I showed Lauren the note (which we have kept). She stared at it and gave me a look of embarrassment, realizing that we’d taken things too far with our moaning groaning, etc.

“Relax,” said. “They have no idea who we are.”

She smiled.

After a cloak and dagger exit from our room, so no one would see us (since they’d heard us the night before), we checked out and drove home.

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14 replies
  1. Salcpl says:

    Outstanding story. I hope it’s all true. We love hotel sex, snd the thought of being heard and/or hearing others is a huge turn on. I’d really like to have a time like yours at the same time another couple is doing the same in an adjacent room. We all get turned on listening to each other and increase our volume. When all is done, perhaps we walk out onto the balcony and give each other a toast.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Thanks! We aren't usually loud because of our son but in that hotel room it sure got wild. I will say that it's really fun being loud during sex!

  2. Giants05 says:

    This tops hot that's for sure. So inspiring. Happened to stumble upon this. Can't wait to go home and fuck my wife hard tonight after reading this . Keep 'em cumming!

  3. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Great story! Hot story! Had so many of my favorite things. Watching my wife get dressed; sexy clothing; teasing during a night out; and of course, hotel sex—LOUD hotel sex. When it’s just us going away—no family or anyone else that knows us—my wife really turns it up to 11 during hotel sex. Loved the note. I’m am extremely surprised that in over 30 years we have never had a comment or response of any kind, positive or negative, from anyone.

  4. alwayswet101 says:

    Your cock hardening under your towel is where you really got me…and the rest just got better and better. Anyone who doesn’t NEED to cum after reading this is very strong because this story made me wet and weak. An erection under a towel is like an orgasm for my eyes and anytime I have seen this I become instantly wet. Hotel sex is something special and being heard is even better.

    Did you have a boner all night at the gala lol? Sounds like you would have and my husband would have most likely! Especially with the suspense and how beautiful your wife looked and you knew she had no panties on and was wet!! Yikes I would have been leaking down my thighs lol.

    Also speaking of time of the month does your wife just want to jump your bones then? Because before pregnancy (haven’t gotten my period in a bit obviously lol) I used to get super horny and want lots of sex while I was bleeding. My amazing hubby never minded it! Just was curious if she’s similar in this way?

    Being heard is absolutely amazing and I hope everyone who heard you went and had some amazing sex because of it! Being caught whether by sound or sight is such a turn on because the people caught in the act (whether it be masturbation or sex) were so horny they couldn’t even help it…and they just want their orgasmmmmms.

    Thank you for working me up and glistening my lower lips…off to give this pregnant lady’s pussy some much needed attention! 😉

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Thank you! So flattered by your response and how the story got you hot and wet. We were super horny for each other at the gala/dinner. I managed to keep my cock in check, but I was oozing with pre-cum, and fucking her was basically all I could think about.

      When it's that time of month, typically Lauren and I won't do much. Her hormones don't seem to rage too much when she's bleeding, but they do at all other times!

      When she was pregnant, we found that daily sex involving semen being "injected" inside her, whether in her pussy or in her mouth, actually helped with her morning sickness. Thank you again!

    • 5Osromantic says:

      @alwayswet101 I agree with you about this story. HOT HOT HOT! Are you on SOTB? I think you would enjoy and appreciate the discussions and conversations.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      It—that is, I—got rock hard when I was reading ( visualizing)…butt when I saw that note? Woah.
      That wood have made me pay an extra day and fuck for the new guests another night!

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