More Than We Expected

Before the pandemic, my husband and I often traveled for work. When possible, we’d arrange to spend a night together in a hotel. It was sex to the max, from foreplay to intercourse. But in the past year, we have been working from home. We’ve also discovered more of each other’s sexual needs—more than either of us expected. We didn’t schedule more lovemaking, but it began to flow between us and might occur any time, day or night.

One day, I dressed in a skimpy, strappy top and tight shorts that accentuated my pussy lips. He wore just a thong that packed his cock and balls. The sight of him aroused me and wetted my swollen pussy lips, making it difficult to focus on my work. When I managed to ignore his distracting presence and concentrate, he stood and came behind my desk chair without me even noticing.

All of a sudden, I felt the tip of his tongue trail up my neck. I shivered and told him with a weak voice to stop teasing, but he would have none of it. Instead, he teased me more, letting his hands slide into my loose top and lower the straps. As he palmed my heaving tits, my breathing grew heavier.

“Oooohh,” I moaned as he twisted my nipples, bringing me to orgasm. Then, I turned in my chair to see him in his full glory with a hard erection. I leaned towards his luscious cock and teased him with my tongue before I sucked my darling love into my mouth. When he finally ejaculated his juices, I had fulfilled his needs of the moment.

As time went on, we developed a pattern of waking in the morning, making love, sharing breakfast, then beginning our work. But at some point in the day, our sexual needs would usually overwhelm us. We’d do it everywhere in the flat. He’d take me from behind, or give me a loving spanking, or we’d do 69 or even some mild S&M. It sparked up our lives.

Now things are changing; no work travel yet, but there’s one day a week in the office for each of us. I have taken some risks by not wearing panties, something my husband now insists on. It keeps him aroused to know that I’m going bare at work just for him.

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  1. sccpl says:

    When my wife worked in an office environment she always had to wear skirts and dresses. She would wear also wear pantyhose a lot. I loved seeing her dress up for work as I have always been turned on by the business look. One day she came home from work and whispered to me that she had not worn panties all day. That was all it took. We had extreme sex right there in the kitchen. I then told her I would love to see her wear her pantyhose all day with out panties. Two weeks later I noticed the pantyhose she wore that day seemed to be much more shiny and smooth looking compared to her normal look. Much to my surprise she told me she wore her pantyhose all day without panties. Then when I pulled her dress up I found they were seamless pantyhose. She told me she was so horny and wet all day feeling the slick nylon rub against her. She said she loved the feel and how it sent tingles through her body all day. She now wears mostly seamless hose without panties when she dresses up. Even to church.

    • angela40 says:

      I believe if a wife can arouse her husband especially after 20 years of marriage that's pure love and sexuality.

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    I absolutely love this! I think it’s great to hear how couples have made the best of the lockdown situation. The very first (I think) lockdown story on MH ( ) was about a couple that reconnected and reignited their intimacy because of sheltering in place. It gave me a great perspective on the ordeal; that this whole thing was going to bad or good depending on what we made of it. Keep it up! Oh, and I really love how you two intentionally dressed provocatively (or didn’t dress, as the case may be) at home for your work day.

    • angela40 says:

      Since my husband and I travel for our work and are close in location we meet at a hotel for pleasure. All the best to you both.

    • angela40 says:

      You are so right. For us a bit of S&M takes us over the top. Another is a teasing flash with my wardrobe being the culprit 👗we enjoy most of it.

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