Corona-cation 2020

On Sunday morning, I woke up to little feet digging into my side. I rolled over to see little hands patting my husband’s back. Little miss thought it was time to get up. This Sunday was very different from most. On Friday, our governor had asked us all to “Shelter in Place,” so we would be attending church online in the living room.

We got up and made the kids breakfast. Slowly the rest of the crew rolled up and out. We had been home since Tuesday (a RARE thing for us) and sweats and work clothes had been our theme. I asked the older kiddos to keep an eye on the little one and motioned for husband to come with me. For a day or so now, I had been teasing him, ever since I cleaned out our closet and found several sexy pieces. While the kids were playing outside yesterday, I washed them all and hung them on his side of the closet. We hadn’t had a chance to use them yet, so he willingly followed me to the bedroom. I just wanted to shower before church and to spend some time with him.

He reluctantly got in the shower with me, knowing full well it wouldn’t take much convincing to pull off a morning quicky. The best thing we did when we built our house was put in a double shower head! Something about a steaming shower and a hot husband go well together. We kissed briefly, and it didn’t take long before I could feel him getting hard. I grinned at him and went down to give him a good morning suck. We took care of business and hustled around to get ready for online service.

Let’s keep it real here… As soon as we got out of the shower, I heard, “Mom! Sarah needs her diaper changed!”

We got everyone situated and listened to an awesome message online. We love our church and our church family. It was a little strange being home under a suggested quarantine, but we made the best of it. After the service was over, some of our family rolled in—farmers don’t quarantine well—and the house got a little chaotic. My husband, who is always flirting, kept finding ways to touch me, pin me up against the wall to kiss me passionately, and send me flirtatious messages throughout the day.

Finally, things calmed down and some of the family left. The ones who were still there were pretty engrossed in playing a game. I raised my eyebrows to my husband. His blue eyes twinkled and off we went to the bedroom. In nothing flat, I had my pants off. I sat down on the bed,  pulling him to me and giving him his second blow job of the day. He did his best to keep quiet, and when he started to get loud, I flipped around giving him the go-ahead for my favorite position.

He started out nice and slow so we wouldn’t make any noise. When he couldn’t keep it slow, I fell to my back pulling him on top. I pulled his shirt and mine up ( we were so excited for some “us time” that we forgot those). He began kissing me all over, and I had to fight to stay quiet. He put his hand over my mouth and went to my nipples. He took turns with each, paying careful attention to maintain his stride. I was already struggling to stay quiet when he bit my nipple! That makes me crazy! So crazy that I cummed hard and fast. His eyes lit up and he dropped down and licked and licked until he came up smiling. He lay there and grinned, then pulled me around to finish from behind.

We grinned and giggled at the mess we made and how crazy my hair looked. We finished just in time before “Mom…..” was called again.

***My husband and I will have been married for 21 years this year. We have always had a great relationship, but recently have found ourselves meeting coming and going. Demanding jobs, kids’ athletic schedules, church commitments… you name it, we’ve got it. The past two years have literally been a whirlwind of activities.

A few months ago, following a “discussion,” (we all have them right???) he opened up and told me that I really wasn’t making our sexual relationship a priority. I snapped back and asked him where in the world it was supposed to fit in? We were both dog tired every night. I mean when midnight is your bedtime, it really means sleep!! I could tell that my remark hurt him. I knew it did, so I promised him I would do better.

And better I tried to be, but of course, that busyness took over. Again. We had a few good lovemaking sessions, but I knew it wasn’t where we needed to be.

Fast forward to last week. Schools, businesses, and all sorts of things started to shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are both blessed to have jobs in which we can work from home. God has truly blessed us with having time to spend with our kids and has kept us healthy. He has also given us time to rekindle some of that romance we had been missing. It’s amazing how rested you become when you are home!

Stay healthy, stay prayed up, and make some memories during this Corona-cation!

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6 replies
  1. HappyHubby says:

    What an honest, incredibly true-to-life, hot and sexy story. And it teaches so many great lessons.
    Thanks so much for sharing, I hope you will consider many more!

  2. LovingMan says:

    This story or post is a nice reminder that during our quarantined time (or semi-quarantine time) we can reconnect emotionally and intimately with our spouse.
    We find our sexual intimacy that we share with each other in our marriage bed very comforting.

  3. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    That's a great story. On Sunday, as we were (of course) at home, we decided to make the day a naughty day. Not easy as we have kids. My wife likes to say naughty things and the day started with, "let's see if we can make you run out of cum today." Three sessions later, I wasn't out but getting close to it. Make the best of it.

  4. Southernheat says:

    Love the story! I hear so many people complaining about being stuck at home with their spouse and children. We should enjoy time with our family our children grow up so fast. Enjoy the intimacy with the spouse God Blessed you with. Make the most of a tough situation. Enjoy the time of rest and relaxation before we are back in the rest race! I’m certainly making the most of it with my husband !!

  5. Maxlove says:

    I love this story, as we just celebrated our anniversary yesterday, and it reminds me of some of our more passionate sessions.

    We don't have kids of our own; she has grown ones from a previous marriage. Even so, we have had the challenge of keeping it quiet with others in the house. Two of the three now-grown ones were still at home when we first married.

    I can hear echoes in this story of my wife's sexy, muffled, female lovemaking noises. They drive me wild as a man! Thanks for sharing!

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