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We were on our honeymoon, and we were a very hot couple. Seriously hot. We were near Redding, California in late July and it was easily 105 outside. So everyone was hot! We had just come back from our first stop of a few days on the Northern California coast amongst the Redwoods and were going to spend a weekend at my parents’ home while they were conveniently away.

Beth (name changed) and I arrived on a blistering Friday afternoon, quickly got our bags inside, and turned on the swamp cooler. The shedding of clothing began, but this was not some sexual encounter. We were toasty and needed to cool off! Beth was in just a thin long t-shirt, and I wore loose-fitting Bermuda shorts and went shirtless. A huge weeping willow overhung the deck on the north side of the house, so we moved our chairs there and enjoyed some iced tea my mom had left for us in the fridge.

While we were sitting there in the shade, I dropped the hint that perhaps we could take off the rest of our clothes and be even more comfortable and relaxed. This was quickly refused as Beth rightly remembered that my parents has lots of friends, and if any saw our car in the driveway, they might drop in unannounced. So to save any embarrassment, she winked and said, “Maybe tonight instead, with the window open and a fan on.” You know it’s hot when the idea of a fan is extremely romantic!

So after warming up the dinner mom had left us (she’s sweet that way), we started to get undressed for bed. We used a spare bedroom because it felt weird to make love on my mom and dad’s bed. I started to fold back the sheets when Beth got a glint in her eyes and said, “Wait a minute. I arranged a surprise while you were showering.” With that, she took my hand and we strolled out the back door into the yard.

It was a clear night with a nearly-full moon. You could see almost like daylight. There on the lawn lay a thick picnic blanket and a couple of pillows. This was shaping up to be quite romantic! I turned back to express my approval just in time to see that thin robe fall to the ground. We had never been naked outdoors before, and I knew this was a big step for Beth. Mine followed and we embraced in the moonlight.

“Make me cum with your mouth. Now.”

She lay back with her head on the pillow, her knees bent and leaning to each side to reveal her nicely trimmed bush and wet pussy.

“I want to cum looking at the stars. Can you do that for me?”

I was pretty new at this, but with an invitation like that, I was sure going to try!

As my tongue began to flick at her clitoris, she started to wiggle a little. When I started sucking on it while stroking it with my tongue, she did a quick involuntary inhale and was unashamed to let me know how much she liked it. We worked up to a massive orgasm that sent shivers down her legs and throughout her body.  Then I changed positions and lay down beside her to look up at the summer moon and the stars.

Low in my ear, Beth said, “That was wonderful, but what about you?” No doubt she’d noticed how hard I was. “Let’s take care of that, shall we?” she whispered.

With that, she positioned herself on top of me and over my still rigid cock. Seeing that I was more than ready, she slid me into her wet pussy. As she lowered herself onto me, her eyes rolled back, and she let out a moan that makes me hard just remembering it. She slowly rose and fell on my cock and then leaned back with her hands balancing her from behind. I will never forget how she arched her back and pushed her breasts toward heaven. I still see them in my mind as she rode me with the light of the moon accentuating her nipples and perfect skin. Before long we both had orgasms that would remain in our memory for a lifetime.

We collapsed into each other’s arms and fell asleep under the moonlight. With the dawn, we rose and went inside to clean up. No one saw us out there in the country except a few mosquitoes. But a couple of bites were well worth the crowning copulation of our honeymoon. These and a host of other memories are what make me smile whenever I remember her and our 30 years together. For years after, whenever we visited my parents and were doing things in the backyard, we always smiled and exchanged knowing glances. She would try not to laugh when I would say, “So, Dad, are the mosquitoes bad this year?”

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