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This is a fantasy and actually a suggestion that a member here emailed to MarriageHeat: Write a story about the conception of your child. My husband and I don’t have kids yet but we would love to, maybe even sooner than we’ve planned. So this is my fantasy of our child’s conception.

My husband and I are both virgins. Our wedding night would be the first time we came together as one. Our wedding was on the beach at sunset. Getting married on the beach was wonderful. As I walked down the aisle, I could feel my heart pounding. When my husband and I finally had the okay to kiss, our lips met for the first time. We heard cheers in the background. We were now official.

After the wedding reception, my husband and I were both tired. However, we couldn’t wait to settle in as husband and wife. We got in the car as one now. We kissed again before driving off to our hotel. This was the start of our new life together. I couldn’t wait to find out what surprises were ahead.

When we got to the hotel, we were exhausted but managed to do just enough to get things started. It felt weird being alone with my now husband. My heart raced; it was just me and him. We didn’t know what to do. Our hotel room was beautiful: rose petals on the bed, flickering candles, and a nice walk-in shower and spa bath with strawberries, chocolates, whipped cream, and champagne.

My husband and I decided to drink some champagne on the bed. We were still in our wedding attire but not for long. We finished off the whole bottle and turned to the delicious strawberries, and as we fed them to each other, we began to kiss. Then my husband started kissing me more passionately, his hands roaming to once-forbidden places that were now his to touch.  My mind raced. Was this really happening? I felt so scared, and my husband could sense it.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I told him, “Yes, just nervous.”

“Me too,” he said. “If you don’t like this, we can do something else.”

My mind immediately went to the shower.

“I wanna take a shower,” I said.

“Cool. Me, too.”

I thought, “Great! I can shower and relax.” However, my husband wanted to shower with me! I was stunned. I’ve never, ever showered with anyone, never seen anyone naked, and nobody has seen me naked. I was scared. I wanted to shower alone, but before I could say something to that effect, my now-husband had joined me in the bathroom with me as I was undressing. As soon as he got undressed, my eyes went wide. “OMG, I see his penis,” my mind screamed. “He’s naked.”

Instead of a shower, he ran us a bath and waited for me to undress before he climbed in.

“Are you okay?” he asked again.

“Yes, just still nervous. Ummm, I’ve never seen a man nude before,” I said.

“Well, I’ve never seen a woman nude before,” he said. “You’re beautiful.”

I wanted to remove my clothes but it felt awkward. My husband came over to kiss me. I looked into his eyes, his penis only inches away from me.

“It’s okay,” he said. “You’re beautiful, and I love you. You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

His words set me more at ease. I unhooked my bra, and my breasts fell out, uncovered to another set of eyes for the first time since puberty. Then I took my panties off, and both of us stood naked in the bathroom.

“Wow, you’re very beautiful and sexy,” my husband said.

I giggled and said, “Thank you.” I kissed him and felt something on my leg. I realized it was his penis, growing, hardening. I’d never seen anything like this before.

“Omg,” I said. “Your penis. It’s big.”

My husband laughed. “Yes, thank you for the compliment.”

“How did it do that?” I asked.

“Well, you’re beautiful,” he said. “My penis likes you.”

“Well, I like it too,” I said.

We both laughed and continued kissing. The bath water was ready and warm, but we ignored it for the time being. Then my husband started sucking on my breasts. I was stunned. My mind was going, “OMG, I can’t believe he did that.” It felt good, though. I felt a slight tingle in my private area, something I had never felt before. It felt weird, like a thumping. I couldn’t stop it.

My husband sucked my breasts and then rubbed my privates. Oh, the sensation!

“That feels good,” I told my husband as he rubbed me.

Only a few mintues ago, being naked in front of my husband felt weird and scary. Now, I didn’t care; he was making me feel so good.

“Do you want to get in the bath?” my husband asked.

“Ummm, sure,” I said.

We both got into the bath and started touching each other. For the first time, I saw a penis up close and touched it. Then my husband started rubbing down my body with soap, relaxing my muscles and my mind. After he rinsed me and we toweled off, my husband and I sat on the bed, surrounded by candles and rose petals. There was a light glow in the room.

“You are so beautiful,” my husband said, his eyes glazing.

“You are too… Handsome, I mean,” I said.

We started kissing, and the thumping in my vagina was so intense that it scared me. I had never felt anything like it before.

“Let’s eat some chocolates,” I said, killing the mood.

My husband sighed. “Sure,” he said.

We fed each other yummy chocolate hearts, but I kept thinking about my husband’s penis, staring at it. I mean, it was right there! As a joke, he balanced a chocolate heart on the tip of it.

I have noticed you like my special friend here, my husband said as he laughed. Do you want to touch him?

I nodded and touch my husband’s penis. It felt so soft yet hard at the same time.

Would you like to kiss it? It does not bite my husband said to me.

I kissed my husband’s penis. Kissing it felt even better. I started kissing it all over. I even kissed the chocolate heart on his penis he placed there. I pulled back.

Do you want to lick it? My husband asked.

I could not believe it. I could lick his penis? In my mind, just yesterday I could not do this but now I could.

Yes, I would love to I said.

I gently licked my husband’s penis all over. Like a candy pop. My tongue made contact with his most delicate areas. I started from the top and worked my way down to the shaft. I felt my husband eyes on me as I licked. I felt his hand on my head. I decided to explore. What can I do with his penis now? I took all of him in my mouth. My gag reflex responded.

You ok? My husband asked me.

Yes, this is just new for me. I said

It is new for both of us. He said.

Hey, what about some whipped cream? my husband asked.

Ok. I said.

My husband grabbed the whipped cream and laid me back on the bed. He put whipped cream all over me. My lips, breasts, stomach, arms legs, my vagina. I felt like a sundae.

He got on top of me and started licking me all over. My body responded by melting away. I did not focus on anything buy my husband’s mouth licking and sucking me all over my body. I felt my knees weaken and my delicate areas asking him for more. My breasts grew harder. My vagina thumping got harder. I never felt like this before. My husband did not leave any whipped cream behind.

Then I felt my husband’s mouth on my clit. I could not do anything but moan very loudly.

OMG, I said. I am sorry I just did that.

Did what? My husband asked

Umm, moan like that it just felt good. I said.

I love it when you moan and make noise. My husband said.

Really? It is not weird for you?  I asked?

No. It is a turn on for me. I love it my husband said.

My husband went back to licking down there.

I felt my body respond. I could not help but enjoy this. I never felt this before and it felt so good. I could not believe we were doing this right now. I closed my eyes and threw my head back. My husband just licked and licked.

Then I was surpised I felt something in my vagina. I opened my eyes and saw that my husband had his fingers inside me. I was shocked. He was eating me out and fingering me and it felt so hot.

OOO, OOO, OOO, I moaned very loudly. That feels so good and I pulled on my husbands hair.

A few minutes later, I felt something build inside me. Then something happened. It scared me that I got up and screamed.

OMG, I screamed. I think something is wrong with me.

What happend? My husband asked concerned.

Well, I just felt something like my heart raced and my body did something weird. Like it felt good and scary at the same time.

My husband smiled. I think you just had an orgasam.

Really? I asked

Yes, really? Your very first one. He smiled.

OMG, I said.That felt good and scary but it mostly felt good. Can we try it again? You gave me my very first one.

Yes, my husband said.

I laid back on the bed. My husband finished where he left off. He licked and fingered me until I had screamed and wanted to rip his head off because it felt so good. After he was finished I was left shaking.

Are you ready for more? My husband asked? To be one? I want to feel you inside me.

I nodded. Yes. Me too. I said.

My husband kissed me all over before grabbing his penis. I could feel it just at the entrance of my sweet virginal hole. I held my breath and closed my eyes because I was so nervous.

You ok? My husband asked.

Yes, just a little nervous I said. Don’t be. I will never hurt you.

Ok, I said.

My husband got in between my legs. He found my sweet hole that would no longer be only mine but his too. I could feel his erect penis inch its way inside me. I felt myself stretch and a a little pinch. I think my husband noticed my pain face.

You ok? My husband asked?

Yes. I said. It just hurts a little.

Do you want to stop? My husband asked. We don’t have to do this.

I shook my head no.

No, don’t stop I said. This will seal us forever, for life. I want you inside me. All of you. I want our bodies to meet as one.

Ok. My husband said. I will be gently. If it hurts too much we will stop.

I nodded.

My husband continued to inch his way inside me. His penis got deeper and deeper. The deeper he went the more the little bit of pain went away. After 20 minutes, all of him was inside me. I could not believe it. Our bodies were one and we were no longer virgins. Our bodies now belonged to each other.

My husband pumped very gently. It felt good. He leaned forward to pump more, checking to see if I was ok. Soon, nothing else mattered. We were one. Making love as one. Just yesterday this was forbidden but now it was encouraged by God. I felt  his penis move in and out of me. My body melted away and our moans filed the room. I wrapped my legs around my husband to bring him closer to me. Beads of sweat started to pour from our bodies. When my husband thrust out, my body thrust him back in. After the sixth thrust, I felt my husband fill me up with his semen.It was hot. His moans and grunts got louder as filled me up deep. He lasted a few minutes inside me but it felt longer. As soon as my husband pulled out, semen leaked out of me onto the sheets. We kissed and cuddled aamazed what we just did as husband and wife.

5 weeks later, I started throwing up. I thought I had the flu or ate something bad. When I went to the doctor she told me I was pregnant. It was a shock to me. Our due date would be exactly nine months from our wedding day. Our first night as husband and wife and losing ourselves in each other. I told my huband and he cried. He said this baby is special. Our baby will always be remembered as our wedding day baby. The first time my husband and I came together resulted in our baby. Only God would want it this way.

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8 replies
  1. jasonrose says:

    Honeymooners, thanks for sharing this hot fantasy. Lovemaking that leads to conception is extra special and memorable. I have shared a few of our conception stories. May you and your husband experience this blessing from God soon. In the meantime, it is definitely fun fantasizing and practicing for the special moment. Keep sharing your sexy and new experiences as Newlyweds.

    • Honeymooners says:

      Thank you. It's very special. We aren't exactly Newlyweds but we are still learning and having fun

  2. Waiting Hardly says:

    The one conception I am able to definitely pin down was after coming back from deployment. What I did was to orally stimulate my wife to orgasm with a combination of tongue while using my hands to lightly rotate around her nipples. And the way up to the second orgasm I bring her to completion by penetration with my cock so that we can conceivably (pun intended) cum at the same time. The muscle spasms from her orgasm seem to aid it helping my swimmers to their goal.

  3. SecondMarge says:

    I had one successful conception and a few others that failed. It was a special feeling as if I knew the sperm had found my egg. Sex for the purpose of conception is a different experience. Sex with no chance of conception is just fun. Not that giving and receiving pleasure isn’t a great thing. Neither is watching a great movie, listening to a great symphony or eating a special meal.

    • Annewin says:

      We agree that sex for the purpose of conception is a different experience, especially for Christians.

  4. Annewin says:

    There was a lot in your story that reminded me of our experience. We were virgins, and although we hadn’t seen each other naked, we did kiss a lot. One day he showed me his erection because he wanted me to see how big it is. And once, when we were sitting in front of the fire at his mother’s place, I showed him my breasts. I felt terribly guilty for weeks, but I just couldn't wait to let him see them.

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