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Sexual Compatibility

“Don’t you ever think about sex with other people?” “No way could I ever wait. You need to test drive first.” “It’s such a shame you waited. How do you know what real sex is like if you’ve only had sex with one person?” “Sexual compatibility is important. Waiting until marriage leads to divorce and […]

Ovulation Day (L)

One of my fantasies is having a “wedding-night baby.” I don’t know why, but there is no hotter thought than getting pregnant that first time with my husband. Imagining our first intercourse having resulted in conception—his sperm reaching my egg and creating a baby—is so hot to me. When my sister announced her pregnancy, she […]

Sex Isn’t Shameful or Dirty

Sex.  Society sees sex in one of two ways. Shameful or you must have sex with a lot of people to know what you like. Many times, parents and churches teach that sex is a dirty secret or something to be ashamed of. I want to say that sex is beautiful!  It’s healthy. It’s love. […]

The Waiting Game

How long have you gone without sex? For me, it’s been five months. Yes, five months. My poor husband had a nasty injury at the time. I don’t think we were prepared for it, especially so early in our marriage when we tried out new things and made discoveries. However, the wait was worth it. […]

Waiting is Worth It

My husband and I waited until marriage. Many might see a young Christian couple and think we married for sex or that it’s dumb to wait until marriage. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A marriage is more than sex. God brought my husband and me together as one. When you’ve found the one, […]

Quick Morning (L)

My husband’s breath quickened as I licked the tip of his penis and then the shaft. I tried to take him all in my mouth at once, but I couldn’t. Instead, I put half of him in my mouth and sucked. Through my lashes, I saw my husband’s eyes roll back. When I went down […]

“Our” First Orgasm (L)

This post contains strong language (L). I posted about this here before: As a Christian couple, my husband and I know that God created sex for both people in a marriage to enjoy. But I struggled to have an orgasm. I never even knew what they were until some time after I got married. My […]

Christian Husband Here

This is primarily my wife’s account but I decided to hop on. You might even see a few stories from me. My wife has posted some incredible beautiful stories. We love reading the stories here.  They’re hot and we sometimes stop reading mid-way to create our own stories, if you know what I mean. It’s […]

Not Yet

My husband and I decided we would wait to  start our family; we were young when we got married. We felt God call us to marriage but not kids yet. Our friends and family gtt married and had kids—my sister got pregnant on her wedding day! Nine months after she married, my twin nieces were […]