Part 4

On yet another evening where we are separated by the miles….
Her: So, what’s up next tonight?
Him: My dick . 😆 😆 😂
Her: Well, that’s a huge surprise!
Him: Just getting ready to take a bath and soak my legs
Her: Sore are they?
Him: Yes
Her: You’ve been working hard. I forgot to mention earlier that those panties are also crotchless. (referring to a picture she’d sent wearing them)
Him: Mmmmm, they are very, very sexy. Made me wake up this morning
Her: And the bra has a row of buttons from top to bottom on each cup.
Him: Mmmm, well fuck me
Her: I wish! Are you in that bath, yet?
Him: Actually, going to get out soon starting to look like a prune
Her: Don’t shrink too much I’m in bed now, in other news, I’m naked.
Him: (Sends pic) Funny, so am I.
Her: Glad to see it didn’t shrink!
Him: Oh no, water was hot
Her: Well, you know getting all wrinkled up like a prune…
Looks suckable and fuckable.
Him: (sends pic of hard cock)
Her: Damn! Nice!
Him: Go for it
Her: Ok 👄👅
Him: Mmm that feels so good
Her: Ooooh, fuck
Him: What?
Her: Tastes good, too. Just enjoying it.
Him: Mmm suck it That was a moan
Him: You are good. That feels amazing
Her: Got it all in there up to your balls
Him: Mmmm fuck
Her: Yeeeeessss! Tight lips and tongue against the roof of my mouth.
Hoping for some precum
Him: Mmmmm, fuck yes
Her: Then I run my teeth lightly Along it.
Him: Mmmm
Her: I’m going to want it in my pussy, too, it’s aching to be filled, pounded. and creamed.
Him: (sends picture)
Her: But first, let’s take good care of you, I’m sucking your balls now. One, then the other, trying to get both at once
Him: Oh, I love that a ton
Her: Aaahh, I love doing this, I love giving you pleasure! Now licking behind those balls.
Him: I’m very lucky with your abilities.
Her: Mmmm, does that feel amazing? And, then back to that beautiful cock.
Him: Mmm, YES!!!!
Her: In and out, up and down sucking and swirling my 👅! Such nice sensations going on in my pussy!
Him: You mean that bald pussy I’m eating
Her: Mmmm, cumming!
Him: Stroking fast
Her: Mmm, sucking hard, trying to get it all
Swallowing it and loving it!
Him: Aaaahh, fuck!!!!💦💦💦
(At this point, we were interrupted)
Ok sorry I’ve got to leave so abruptly. I will focus on you tomorrow
Him: 😐 Sorry
Her: It’s ok.
Him: 🥰
(Next morning, he starts sending sexy gifs)
Her: You’re killing me with those gifs!!
Him: Oh, gee I’m sorry. Hehe! Good morning
Her: No, you’re not! You’re just naughty!
Good morning
Him: Maybe just a little
Her: 😂👿👿👿
Him: Who me?
Her: But also 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I cannot stop watching it!
Him: Sends another gif. I thought this one was very erotic!!!
Her: I’ve been awake pretty much since 4:00.
Him: Yeah, I’m thinking about trying to doze for a bit.
Her: Then, go do that while you can.
In other news, I just put the dildo in my pussy…
Now to finger my clit
Mmmm, feels good
I got a good picture of it
Him: Sorry I dozed off. I’m going to chew on your clit in a bit
Send me the pic
Her: I figured you dozed off.
Been working my clit. I’m taking a break, getting overstimulated and that will lead nowhere. Just going to lay here with the dildo in for a bit. I need an expert!
Him: Now I want to be where that dildo is. Giving it to you all nice and hard. Making you squeal!
Her: Hmmm, oh,yes, please!! Maybe that would work better than my fingers trying to make this happen!
Him: Oh no, do I need to munch on that clit for a moment?
Have my goatee tickle the inside of your thighs
Her: Probably, I’m just a mess, need to cum and can’t! It’s ridiculous. I thought maybe if I left it alone for a bit, it would be better.
Mmm, that sounds nice, suck on these nipples, too while you’re at it.
Him: Maybe I need to play with it a bit and pull the hood back and then flick it with my tongue
Her: Oh, yes!!
Him: Oh yeah I will suck on those delicious tits and nibble those long buds
Her: You’re better at taking it easy on it than I am.
Him: (sends pic of hard dick)
Her: Damn, that looks so much better than the dildo!
Him: I’m still rock solid ready for some action again
Her: How do you do that?!? Incredible!
Him: Oh, I’m gonna slide that right into that wet fuck hole of yours
Her: Yes!!!! I need it SO bad!!
Him: Sliding that tip right across your clit right now and going to thump it with my cock
Her: Mmmm, making me squirm again!
Him: Teasing that pussy a little bit while I suck on those tits and suck on your neck
Sliding it past your hot wet lips, entering you now, I make him pulse just inside to make you feel it grow more
Sliding him all the way down to my balls.
Oh, I’m gonna fuck the shit out of this poor little pussy! Take that meat. Mmmm, fuck!!
Suckling your neck and pinching your left nipple while I’m buried in that slit of yours
Fuck you’re wet
And tight
I can’t resist hammering that cunt of yours.
Pre cum is flowing
I’m gonna pull out of that pussy so you can taste your juices off my fuck tool
As you are sucking me I get into position so I can eat that deliciousness
Your pussy tastes so good as you start sucking on my nuts
You’ve got both of them in you wet, warm mouth . What great pressure on both of them.
Her: Mmmm, fuck yes!!!! Yum!
This is all sounding so good! Making me squeeze down and it feels great!!
Him: (Sends pic with precum)
Her: I want to 👅👅👅
Licking just behind those balls, too!
You should feel this pussy squeezing down right now!!
Him: Yes!!!!
Her: You wouldn’t last long with it, I bet. Squeezing you so hard! It feels so good!!
Can you feel those pulses?
Got my fingers back on my clit
Him: Oh that feels so good

Her: Oh! You’re making me cum!!! Making my pussy twitch and not stop!
Him: Fuuuuuckkk! Take this load and swallow it!
Her: Oh, baby! I love you! Hurry home!

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