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Our 21st anniversary fast approached, and my husband and I talked about getting away for a day. We had looked into staying the next town over in a lake cabin; I wanted the opportunity to create secluded outdoor memories with my guy. Of course, life happens, and not only were the cabins booked that day but my husband had to work too. He was able to get home in time to spend some of the beautiful afternoon with me, though.

We recently started geocaching again, and it has given us the opportunity to explore our surroundings and find places we never knew about. I researched some caches ahead of time that would take us on some short hikes, hoping to get lucky and find a spot nestled in the woods for my husband to bend me over. And I planned my outfit accordingly.  I wore a tight black cupless and crotchless bodysuit which I covered up with a long button-down flannel. From the sides, it looked like I was wearing black tight shorts, and the flannel was long enough to cover my exposed rear and plumped-out pussy lips in front. But when I heard my husband in the driveway, I unbuttoned the shirt and let it hang open.

When he saw what I picked out to wear, hubby’s jaw dropped—just the reaction I was hoping to get! Seeing me made his dick throb beneath his shorts. He grabbed my breasts and sucked my nipples. I am his girl, and he shows me.

I was dripping with moisture before we even left the house. Just in case, I took an extra pair of tight black shorts that I could pull on quickly. But I never needed them. My pussy and boobs stayed out for most of the car ride to the geocaching site, and the sun felt so good shining on them. My husband would grab handfuls of my breast or stick his fingers inside me for a drip test whenever he could.

Our first find took us to a beautiful little hidden gem of a park with lake access. It was just crazy how perfect this place was. We parked and began the short off-trail hike. Coming to a large rock, we found the cache. The rock was oddly shaped, and the tree stubs near it made it perfect for me to spread out and get my pussy “dug out.”

That’s exactly what happened too. My husband’s fingers raking along the front of my vagina made me squirt almost instantly, and the sound of my juice hitting the dry leaves turned him on. He unzipped, and I sucked on his dick until it was really thick and hard because I wanted a good ramming. With no one in sight, we stayed awhile and enjoyed all the views and positions time allowed us.

I loved that day with him. I love remembering that moment. I love being his girl.

We drove around to some other places that day and made them “our spot.” My husband dug me out and licked me so much that day that my pussy stayed dripping. I hadn’t really been letting him go down on me as much as he wants, but being so relaxed and in heat, I fully let loose and got real wild with him. I ground, humped, and bounced on his face to open up wider the deeper he went. His love for giving me oral is next level and turns me on so much.

My crotchless shorts were perfect for the day, other than the scratches all over my legs. I decided I’d need to make some crotchless pants to wear for our hikes in the future.

We are still in love after 21 years and are so blessed to have learned to communicate our likes and dislikes. I love that he understands my pleasure in outdoor sex under the sun and with the wind blowing on all the right spots.  One day, we will have our own private secluded outdoor area, and we will sunbathe naked together.

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2 replies
  1. CreamyPatty says:

    I'm feeling the love sweetie, and your story is hot and very sweet – as sweet as the creamy juices I'm tasting right now! I love your clothing choices and understand how you can now make small alterations yourself in order to ensure that your next outdoor sex experience is more comfy. I have a couple "go to" outfits I wear when Jim and I seek such "hot spots" (usually semi-private beaches) and feel the need to feel the sun on our bodies.
    And as you mentioned, half the fun is playing on the way to and from our destination. My pussy stays creamy the entire trip and when his fingers aren't in my hot cunt, mine are. Once in a while, he will give me the signal "truck coming" and I will remove the small blanket covering his naked lower region and swallow his cock. This makes the trip and the anticipation of things to cum even more exciting!
    Happy anniversary guys!

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Well, looks like I need to get into Geocaching! The body suit sounds hot. Wife used to have something similar and when she would get wet….OMG….amazing to feel her in that suit and to bang her wet hole while feeling her silky curves!

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