My New Husband (A)

This post includes a mention of anal sex.

My husband and I love reading the stories that you share on MH. I thought I would share with you how our life together started the day we were married.

I will always remember our wedding day and the day after Jamie and I were married. This is the story of my love and my surprise for my new husband.

The day before was still fresh in my mind: We were married in a lovely ceremony at a beautiful catholic church filled with our family and friends. It was truly the magical day that I’d dreamt of. When the party and dancing ended, we spent the rest of the night in our hotel room cuddling in the Jacuzzi, talking about the day and the beginning of our lives together. And yes, we did make love, but it wasn’t the first time; we had intercourse before our wedding. Before falling asleep, I dressed back into the white lingerie Jamie bought for me to wear under my wedding gown, and Jamie slipped into the white thong I had bought for him to wear under his tuxedo.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and I woke up just past six. I looked beside me and there was a beautiful man, sleeping. He was officially my husband. Jamie swept me off my feet from day one, and it was a no-brainer that we ended up here. He has the most attractive face and incredibly blue eyes. I looked at him intently and asked myself, “How did I end up with this perfect being?”

I gave him a very gentle peck on the lips so I wouldn’t bother his sleep. My hands ran over his chest, and I followed his sternum leading to his very firm abs which rose and fell with each breath. As my hands moved down his torso, I found his crotch was very tight, hugging his manhood quite firmly. His bulge was quite obvious, and I felt tingles of excitement all over my body as I looked.

He didn’t move when I lowered my hand to his pubic area, so I slowly pulled his underwear down. I wasn’t surprised when his erection sprang free. Lovingly, I grabbed his hardness and slowly moved my hand up and down. While stroking his shaft, I felt him adjust his hips towards me. This got me more excited. I moved closer and breathed soft breezes as I stroked it. I went closer so my mouth could touch the head of his penis. There I was, playing with my husband’s erection as he slept on the first morning of our married life.

I opened my mouth and licked his tip, and one of his knees jerked in pleasure. I continued this while glancing at his face from time to time, then opened my jaw as wide as possible and put his lengthy shaft into my mouth. A quiet moan reached my ears, and his hips moved a bit. I started moving my head up and down to please him more, and one of my hands caressed his balls while the other fondled his torso and pinched his nipples. After I played with his penis in my mouth a little while, I could taste a few drops of his precum. I licked his manhood from the bottom up and then made circles with my tongue as I went to the tip.

By this time, I knew that Jamie was awake because he was moaning in delight. His hands grabbed the sheets tightly when I put his length deep into my throat. I did gag a bit, but pleasing him is all I cared about at that moment.

When I picked up the pace of my sucking, I knew he would cum very soon. His knees shook as he grabbed my hair and started guiding me to bob faster. He begged me not to stop. I didn’t stop—I didn’t want to. After a few more minutes, his body shook while he emptied his semen into my mouth and straight to my throat.

I glanced at Jamie quickly while licking his love juice off the corners of my mouth. I then did a little strip tease and removed every piece of lingerie I was wearing. He pulled my nude body to his and gave me a very passionate kiss on the lips before we both dozed off to dreamland again since we had a late checkout.

I hoped and prayed we could make love again since we didn’t have to leave until 2:00 p.m. I wondered what my new husband would do when we woke up and he saw a butt plug in me? I just smiled to myself as I wrapped myself around my husband’s warm body, then closed my eyes… I knew he would take the hint. Though I wasn’t a virgin when we started a very serious relationship together, I thought I would let him deflower my virgin bum as we celebrated our first day together as husband and wife.

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5 replies
  1. CreamyPatty says:

    Sweet and creamy story!
    You need to write a follow-up so we all know if Jamie took the hint and gave it to you where you wanted it! 🙂
    I'll never forget my wedding night[…]

  2. SecondMarge says:

    Having one marriage as an untouched virgin marrying who I thought was a virgin, then a second marriage where neither was a virgin, I far prefer the second. In good faith and honesty, I would never recommend waiting if you feel you have met the right person. I too gave my anal virginity to my second husband. Don’t let anyone try and fool you; there is zero reason to believe not being a virgin makes you less of a loving suitable partner, or that you as a virgin should eliminate an experienced person as someone you might marry. The number of virgins over 21 that eventually marry is a tiny number and certainly not the only people that will end up in a happy Christian marriage. This doesn’t mean I endorse a new sexual partner every Saturday night.

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