You’re His Only One

Ladies, I felt called to encourage you all—and myself—to embrace our role as sexual partner.  In most countries on Earth, there’s only one person with the right and responsibility to meet your husband’s sexual needs: YOU! (The same goes for him, of course, but that’s not my topic today.) Unless you make it you mission to discover and fulfill his wants, they aren’t going to be, at least not in a God-honoring way. And is it not our priveldge, even our purpose as wives, to support our husbands efforts toward honoring God with their bodies? (1 Cor 6:18 – 7:5)

I think of it this way: my husband has other friends, and other people could clean his house, raise and educate his children, and contribute to his income. None of those activities does God restrict to a wife. But sex—be it soft, gentle, and emotional; or lighthearted, fun and experimental; or hot, kinky, and animalistic—is the only activity designated as exclusive to the marital relationship.

So, be sexy with your husband every day. Let him know that you respect his sexuality—his God-given urge for you—and encourage it. And don’t just “find time” for the culmination of that sexiness; prioritize it!

If your husband wishes to honor the Lord, he can only have sex with YOU! I hope this post stimulates all of us women to provide as generously for our husband’s desires as our Lord promises to provide for our own. (Psalm 37:3-4)

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  1. JuicyForMyMan says:

    The same is true in reverse. Husbands should reread this one and switch the words “husband” and “wife”, “he” and “she” around.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Hey CHL that was beautifully said! Also, I read through all of Psalms 37 and it gave me great comfort this morning. I think all believers should read that chapter on a regular basis.

    To the men I would say read Proverbs 5… especially verses 15-19.

  3. FunJames says:

    I certainly have nothing but high praise for my spectacular wife! She goes from prim and proper domestic caregiver to a horny cumslut with the drop of a hat! She might be a little overactive sexually but it’s a real blessing. If she does a little cock teasing move to a stranger at the grocery store and sees the results showing in his crotch, she will look down blatantly, smile, then go home and tell me about it while I’m at work and she is masturbating. She craves the cream she generates and tastes herself almost as much as the semen I generate that she swallows with joy!
    Awesome wife!

  4. oldmarriedcouple says:

    Your advice is really accurate and true. In a Christian marriage we each have an obligation to submit to each other, but there are human frailties that get in our way. Some of your comments(and therefore mine, since I agree with you) may seem "sexist" but they really are not, if you look at our roles as spouses. Many men desire sex at the end of the day (and after a hard day's work) and besides fulfilling our desires, it is a "release" for us. On the other hand, a wife may be tired and has worked hard herself, so getting in the mood, performing the act may not be as much of a release but may even feel like a 'wifely duty." But I really believe the reality is that any little problems that can occur can be overcome by a good wholesome sex life. I don't mean boring or "plain vanilla" all the time (just read my accounts), but wholesome in that it is only reserved for us as man and wife. But each spouse can "keep the sparks" alive and in fact, it is our duty to the other.
    So besides your great advice and wisdom, I would add that men need to be understanding and not demanding. Sometimes your wife will just not be able to be in the proper mood. But with patience, two people can come to a good sexual relationship. Men should help out when you can, do the little things (open doors, offer to fix snacks, snuggle up without always trying to do more). I always find little ways to touch my wife during the day, even if its just our backsides bumping or brushing against each other in the kitchen. I like to watch my wife change clothes or take a shower without hovering all over her like a panting dog. But I want her to know I only have eyes (and hands) for her! And I almost always give her a nice back rub at bedtime, 'no strings attached.' It doesn't always lead to sex, but it doesn't ever prevent it, either. And when it does, whooo boy! I absolutely cherish her act of giving her body to me, whatever the outcome. I have the 'short man syndrome', so having a beautiful wife indulging my pleasuring of her body is a huge boost to my ego, and that's why I could be satisfied by the enjoyment of her physical attributes and giving her an orgasm even if I could not have the same end result. You're right that sexual relationship is the one thing we can't do without the other. My wife said for years I married her for her cooking (great cook), and I said for years we could always eat out, but………

    • CreamyPatty says:

      Your comment is sensitive and sweet. I have a feeling she is a lucky woman to have such a thoughtful and respectful hubby!
      On some days Jimmy will notice when I'm stressed out and he will often stop me wherever I am and whatever I'm doing and strip my lower clothes and make a meal out of my creamy pussy. I SO love his desire to service my needs!

  5. O-surfer says:

    Yes. I think if newlywed folks realized that it would benefit them both to team up to prioritize sex, marriage wouldn’t be as commonly seen as the end of sex. Both would know that tackling household and family responsibilities together would make it easier to reserve energy and time for each other. Building or balancing the budget together, cooking together, caring for children together, tackling chores—all of these things can lead to ‘tackling each other’ 😉! It will definitely lead to building emotional, intellectual, and sexual intimacy. As believers who recognize that God designed us to have an all encompassing relationship with HIM and that He designed marriage as a reflection of that relationship, it should be easier for us to see the ideal of total intimacy in all forms as the goal of our marriage.

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