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You’re His Only One

Ladies, I felt called to encourage you all—and myself—to embrace our role as sexual partner.  In most countries on Earth, there’s only one person with the right and responsibility to meet your husband’s sexual needs: YOU! (The same goes for him, of course, but that’s not my topic today.) Unless you make it you mission […]

A Wild Weekend (L/A)

Last Thursday, I had an appointment for a very “personal” exam. Due to the current public advice to avoid unnecessary social contact, I hadn’t been for a professional waxing in quite some and felt a bit self-conscious about the state of my regrowth. My darling hubby agreed to use the home waxing kit I purchased […]

Half-Day Marathon

It had been a rough Saturday morning. Despite the thrill of my husband waking me up by enjoying his “sloppy seconds” from the night before, things hadn’t gone well from then on. The trouble culminated in an overflowing toilet while he was out on an errand. By the time the repairman left, I was wondering […]

What a Mouthful!

  Ladies, does your husband like having his balls pulled? Guys, do you enjoy it? Rez does. He even wears a one-pound ball weight sometimes and tells me I can’t possibly pull too hard and hurt him. So, because of that, we discovered a very interesting trick recently. I’m probably not the first wife to […]

Moving In

“You have to anoint your new home,” my friend Sandy insisted. “Anoint? You mean like with Holy Water or oil or something?” “No, silly. I mean you need to have sex in every room. God blesses sex between husband and wife. It’s holy in His sight. So go home and “anoint” the whole house with […]

🔊 Slippery Hand Job

I was reading a great story on MH about a wife giving her hubby a blowjob in the car on their drive home. Just about halfway through, I heard Rez come out of the shower. So I hustled my youngest off to the bathroom and stopped in to kiss my man goodnight. He gets up […]

Period Sex in the Shower (L/A)

We were lying in bed, reading on our phones. The gentle thrum of my husband’s buttplug vibrator made the bed tremble and my insides ache. I threw my head back and banged it on the wall, groaning. “What’s wrong?” Rez asked. “Uhhggg. I just wish my period was over. I’m so frustrated!” I sighed. “I […]


‘Tis the season for resolutions! What changes are you planning to make? Last year around this time, my husband and I decided to focus on heating up our marriage. One thing that came out of that was starting to submit stories to MH! But another was that we took a sex compatibility quiz. There are […]

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Dear Jesus, I remember when my family’s tradition was that each kid got three Christmas gifts just like you did from the Wise Men: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. For us, that meant one expensive gift, one gift with a worship theme (usually a devotional, but one year it was a musical instrument), and one gift […]

Call Me Peg (A)

My first experiences with anal sex were neither godly nor pleasurable. So it might surprise you that I’ve enjoyed being fucked in the ass by my husband for most of our 27 year marriage. It’s only in the past year or two, though, that I’ve been willing to explore anal sexuality for my husband’s enjoyment. […]