Period Sex in Shower

Period Sex in the Shower (L/A)

We were lying in bed, reading on our phones. The gentle thrum of my husband’s buttplug vibrator made the bed tremble and my insides ache. I threw my head back and banged it on the wall, groaning.

“What’s wrong?” Rez asked.

“Uhhggg. I just wish my period was over. I’m so frustrated!” I sighed. “I could get myself off, but I’m tired of masturbating. Why do they have to be so long?”

I’ve had crazy long periods my whole life. Even a normal-ish month will affect me for eight or nine days. But as I near menopause, I sometimes have up to 14 days a month that I’m ‘out of service’, so to speak.  Not fully out of service. I can still service him. But with all the mess, I loathe to ask him to return the favor. Still, that’s half a month where the only way I get an orgasm is by taking care of it myself. Sex is a way of connecting for me, even at it’s wildest. I really miss cumming with – and through the efforts of – my man.

“Hmmm. I wonder if there’s anything natural we can do to make them shorter,” he said. After a few minutes of research, he sent me some articles to read. They all suggested the same things: Herbal supplements, chocolate, exercise and menstrual sex or masturbation to orgasm.

“These pretty much all say the same thing,” I said. “Raspberry tea, ginger, and sex are the only things I don’t already do. Well, and the exercise… The tea and the ginger, I can try. But you won’t give me sex when I’m bleeding.”

“Who says I won’t?”

I was stunned. “But, but, if you don’t mind then why…”

“I never know what kind of mood you are going to be in when you are on your period,” Rez explained. “I don’t want to bother you when you’re not interested…”

“Yeah, but what about the mess? Those stains are hard to get out, you know.”

“There’s always the shower. Meet me there in ten minutes.”  He gave me a quick kiss and climbed out of bed.

Less than a quarter of an hour later, I was stripping off my clothes to join him under the hot spray. We kissed and touched and giggled a little. It reminded me of our first shower together almost three decades ago.

Soon he turned me around and bent me over. I rested my head against my forearms to protect it from the tiles. His is hardness probed around my entrance before finding its mark. As the head of his cock entered me, my pussy clenched so hard it nearly pushed him back out. The squirt was hard to notice through the shower spray, but there was no mistaking that feeling.

Over and over, Rez brought me to that clenching, squirting state. But the water flowing over us, while sensual and warming, was interfering a bit with viscosity. At one point, he handed me the massager head to move the spray away from our junction.

I adjusted the center stream’s hardness and aimed it at my clit.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Rez grabbed my shoulders and started pulling me back a little harder on him. “Is my little girl gonna cum?”

“Oh, I sure hope so,” I answered.

As he pounded me and I diddled my clit with the water stream, Rez’ hands sought my neck. As his fingers dug through the hair clinging to me, I stretched my head back to invite them around my throat. He wrapped it in both hands and gave a gentle squeeze.

Then he leaned forward and purred into my ear, “That’s my good girl. You opened your pussy to me. You opened your throat to me…”

A shudder ran through me as his fingers tightened then loosened again. I needed to hear that voice again, needed his words to escalate my pleasure. “What do you want to do to me?”

He growled, pushing harder. “Fuck your ass…”

I stopped him right there. “Oh, please. Please, yes. Fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass.” I wanted it so badly.

He stilled. “You sure? Right now?”

I reached back and pulled his cock from my pussy, aligning it with my asshole. I began to push back, adjusting my hips up and down to find the right angle. He gave me steady pressure but let me control his depth. Finally, I found the right position and began to rock back toward him. There was a stinging sensation at first, probably because we hadn’t spent any time warming up that part of me. He let some of his saliva drip down my crack to add to the wetness. (I am well broken in back there and pretty loose when I’m horny. That played a huge part in water and spit being enough. I don’t recommend it to others. A tiny bit of Dr. Bronners has been known to suffice for us, though.)

Oh, the sensations. His cock in my ass never fails to help me cum. That combined with the shower on my clit was driving me wild! I stood up a little straighter to push my pleasure button into the stream of water and came for him. He paused to wait for me to stop pulsing around him, then moved as if to pull out.

“Uh-uh.” I pushed back to get him started again. After an orgasm, my ass relaxes and he can pound me much faster. I know he loves that. I wanted him to fill me up.

But soon I felt something different, yet familiar. It felt like I was going to squirt. It was as if his cock found another g-spot that he could reach from inside my ass. (Maybe he was hitting the back of the part called the A-spot?)

I clenched so hard! I felt more squirt shoot out at him and suddenly he was moving a lot more freely in my ass.

“Oh, your ass just got so wet inside!”

“I came. I came in my ass!”

“Fuck, that feels so good. Now I’m gonna cum in your ass!” And he did, injecting his white-hot jizz into me. It gave me a full feeling that I adore.

As he softened and slipped out, I turned and said, “So… anal orgasms are a real thing!” I kissed him, thanked him, and told him how much I love him.

The next day, he went to the grocery store and got me raspberry tea and ginger capsules. Even though period sex in the shower was much needed and fun, we’d both much rather have more time between them.

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6 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    CHL, I just woke up a while ago – read your story. So hot! It is not opportune at the moment to have sex or masturbate. But, your story sure put me in the mood. I can't wait for tonight to come now. Great job in writing this. You two are on fire. God is so good. LH

    • Hott4you says:

      Loving husband.. I hear you. Wait. I feel you too! Boing. Haha. Period sex is great. Anal orgasm? Want it!!!
      P.S. sex or masterbation is always is in season for me.

  2. Starshine says:

    Oh wow! I've had period sex, and had anal, but never have I ever received an anal orgasm! This story is very good and makes me want to have good shower sex soon 😉

  3. firefly says:

    Enjoyed the story. I really like anal sex. My wife can take it or leave it, but I want in her rear pretty often. Although, she orgasms 2-4 times each time we have anal sex. She likes it once she is getting it, then orgasms quickly. So by the time she reaches the 3rd orgasm, I am usually ready to blow.

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