voyeurs in the woods

Accidental Voyeurs in the Woods

In this story, a husband and wife are out for a hike. They accidentally see sex happening between another couple. Aroused and inspired, they stay to watch and have some fun of their own. If this voyeuristic scenario is problematic for you, maybe you’d like this story instead.

“D’you think it was up here?” Camille paused with one booted foot on a rock for a moment, to catch her breath. She and David hadn’t been hiking that long, but that last scramble had taken it out of her.

“Just up around that outcrop,” David said. “I’m sure it was that way.”

“If you’re sure…” Okay, that wasn’t too much further. It had sounded urgent enough that they should hurry.

This was supposed to be just an ordinary hike, but that sudden cry had put them both on alert. Not everyone out here on a weekend was an experienced hiker. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d come across people in trouble. It ruined a hike, but what could you do?

“Are you certain you’re–” she was just starting to say when the cry came again. This time from straight ahead. It sounded even more desperate now. This spurred her on to match David’s boots up ahead as his strides increased in pace. She almost collided with him as she reached the outcrop they were headed for. For some reason, her brave husband–instead of charging ahead to help the people they’d heard–was standing as if frozen. Curious, she leaned around David to see into the clearing ahead.

“Ah,” she said. There were definitely people in urgent need. Camille started to giggle and buried her face in David’s shoulder.

“Don’t laugh,” David whispered. “What the hell do we do?”

Camille got control of her giggles and peeked again. The people–or rather the couple–were laid out on a multi-colored Mexican blanket. They were completely naked. Guess they didn’t think they’d be interrupted out here, she thought. From the cries earlier she would have thought they would be finishing up. But she saw the man still kissing a trail up his partner’s body. Realizing that all the cries had been female in tone and what was the likely cause, Camille blushed.

She does look flushed and satisfied, she thought. She was about to answer David when the woman pushed her partner onto his back, straddling him. From this angle, Camille could see the woman’s pert breasts rising high on her chest. The man was gazing with hunger on them. The woman ran her own hands up to toy with her breasts, teasing her nipples. A giggle traveled on the wind.

“Um, should we just creep away?” David whispered, and Camille realized she was still leaning against him. She’d been so transfixed by the couple she hadn’t even thought of looking away. “When did I become such a voyeur?” she thought.

“I guess so,” she said. She flicked a glance at David, then looked again. His eyes had also fixated on the couple in front of them. He was as fascinated as she was! Camille bit her lip and let her hand run down his side, managing to catch his attention.

“Or…we could stay here,” she said. Her hand traveled over his hip. “They look like they’re only just getting started.”

David’s mouth dropped open. “Camille!”

“What?” She grinned. “Don’t pretend that you don’t like it.”

Her hand reached his crotch. As she’d guessed, things were a little tighter pants-wise than they should have been. “We could stay…and watch, and make love, too.” She squeezed his bulge and David closed his eyes with a lust-filled groan.

“What if they catch us?”

“So what? We caught them first.”

David’s chuckle was low and dirty. He turned around against the rock and held her close, dipping his head for a kiss. “I’m so glad you’re my woman.”

“Show me how glad.”

He kissed her again, licking lightly at her lip until she opened for him. His tongue darted in to tease and tangle with hers. Camille felt her body heat up. Her skin tingled as her husband’s fingers gripped her hips tightly. He pulled back slowly and she held his lower lip between her teeth, reluctant to let him go.

“Lean against the rock,” he said, moving so that her front pressed up against the mossy granite. He immediately pressed his warm body against her back. The hard length of his cock dug into her and made her shiver. His hands traveled around to the front of her shorts, working at the zipper, as he dipped his head close to her ear.

“Keep watching them,” he said. “There’s nothing they can do that I don’t want to do to you a hundred times over.”

Camille moaned as David yanked the back of her shorts down. His fingers caressed her behind as he lowered his own zipper. In front of them, the woman had moved down to lick and suck at her partner’s cock. She ran a teasing pink tongue over the glistening head. David bit lightly at Camille’s neck, his fingers returning to caress the underside of her ass. They worked their way in until he was stroking her pussy lips and spreading the juices pooling there.

“God, what I want to do to you,” he said, easing one finger forward slowly. He stroked up between those wet lips and along her clit. “If that was us, I’d have you spread out on that blanket. My tongue would be in you so deep you’d be screaming eight ways from Sunday.”

Camille snickered. “I think they’d already done that-” she gasped- “bit.” David slid his finger further inside her, moving it in and out to fuck her gently.

“Hah. Not well enough.” His hot tongue flicked her ear. “I’d lick and suck your pussy so good it’d bring the whole state running.” He withdrew the finger, rutting his full, heavy cock where it rested between her ass cheeks.

“Hmm. You taste so good I’d have to go in for the second course.” There followed a sucking sound. Camille trembled to realize that David had licked her cream from his fingers. Deep sounds of enjoyment rumbled in his chest.

“Oh God, you taste good too,” she whispered. She pushed her hips back, desperate to have him in her now. “I’d love to spend a whole afternoon out here sucking you.”

“Mmm,” David groaned. He moved so that his cock pushed at her entrance while they both peered at the couple in front of them.

“Fuck, I’d love that so much. I love-” he grunted as he pushed in, “your sweet mouth-.” He pulled out halfway, thrusting deep inside her again and making her gasp, “-on my fat cock.”

“Oh!” Camille cried out before she could help it. The two of them froze for a moment. Luckily, the couple in the clearing didn’t seem to have noticed. Camille let her lower lip loose from her teeth. She gritted out, “Fuck me, David, please! I need you now.”

With that, David began pounding into her. His hands gripped her roughly around the waist, breath coming in grunts of effort. Camille wanted to look over at the couple in the clearing. But even they couldn’t hold her interest against the overwhelming feeling of David inside her. His thick cock was ramming into her with every hard thrust. She felt herself stretching around him so wonderfully.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the intense feeling building up. His glorious hard prick opened her up then withdrew, entered and withdrew, on and on. Meanwhile, her husband’s balls slapped against her pussy lips with every thrust, making her clitoris tingle.

She felt him speed up even as he began to swell inside her. She came to the edge and then over. Delicious spasms of her pussy clenched around his hard pole. He jerked and shot spurt after spurt deep inside her wetness.

“Oh, oh, fuck!” David said, still thrusting through the aftershocks that shook both of them. “Fuck, Cami!”

“Mmm…” It was all Camille had the energy to say as she felt one last, firm, final thrust deep inside her. She reveled in the glorious sensation of being filled so completely. Then David wrapped his arms around her, resting as they both caught their breath.

After a minute or so, Camille remembered to open her eyes and check that the couple in the clearing hadn’t heard them. She looked. On the blanket, the naked pair snuggled together. They were obviously finished with their romp – at least for now. Cami raised an eyebrow. Surely she could do better than that.

She helped David wriggle her shorts back up and generally clean up. Plans for their next hike began to form in her mind…

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59 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    Fantastic story. I’ve never had outdoor sex yet, but it’s one of those fantasies! 🙂

    This post illustrates my views on erotica quite well. I don’t think erotica is inherently good or inherently evil. All erotica (written stories, photos, in-person, videos, poetry) can draw some people away from their spouse and marriage covenant (which is why some people can’t engage with MH). And to others [like the story above] the sexually stimulating medium actually *enhances* the marriage and draws the couple even closer. I equally applaud those who know they need to exercise self-control, AND those who have the freedom to enjoy the “beneficial” side of erotica. Both are correct. After all, both Freedom and Self-Control are blessings from the Holy Spirit.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I agree! Watching another married couple enjoy the pleasures reserved by God for them alone is nothing but inspiring to me: true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute, excellent and worthy of praise and I am *commanded* to dwell on these things in Philippians 4:8.

      However, so little porn (to my knowledge) is focused on that kind of sex, in keeping with the meaning of the word (writings about prostitution – inherently NOT man and wife.) It's too tempting for me, wading through the garbage to find the pearl. I wish somebody would buck the "system" of porn to concentrate on the beauty, eroticism, and freedom of God-honoring marriages in film the way MH does writing!

    • ConstantLover says:

      @CrazyHappyLoved are you saying you have watched another couple before? 😉

      Or have you been watched by someone?

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Um, well…

      Rez and I were formerly swingers. Nearly killed our marriage. I've written about it on MH. So yeah, that and more. But I was talking about audio-visual erotica.

  2. LilaY69 says:

    This was very steamy! I'm assuming this story is fantasy, but either way, a monogamous couple enjoying the view of another monogamous couple while having hot marital sex is extremely erotic, beautiful, and very sexy.

    @CHL I can definitely agree, being able to enjoy watching another beautiful monogamous couple having hot sex is truly beautiful, erotic, and pure. A very honorable pleasure to have, and quite the inspiration (if you know what I mean ;)).

    It's for sure a go-to fantasy I've adopted, and love to play with! Watching and enjoying the beautiful view of another couple having hot sex while they also enjoy watching us. A fantasy that I would spare no detail to think about 😉

    I should definitely write out that fantasy in the future. I'm still in the midst of writing about another "sex-capade."

    Couples who aren't completely grounded in their marriage should probably reserve it for fantasy only, but it would be a very big turn on to be in the same room, watching another monogamous couple having hot sex while they watch us. Probably not something you should go out seek to do, however.

    • Hott4you says:

      Lila I'm with you. Would love to have someone a couple watch us as we watched them. But by accident, not seeking it out. Mmmmmmmmm…. Wild!

  3. hornyGG says:

    Crazyhappyloved I am right there with you. I think it would be awesome if someone made a film of monogamous love starring real married couples who truly love one another. It could be explicit but in a beautiful loving way..Not necessarily concentrating on just the cock/cunt connection, but show the beauty and true love of the couple as they make love. I for one would watch it. I believe there is a little voyeur in all of us. How else would porn be a billion dollar industry..
    A film directed by someone who believes in the same principles as MH would indeed be awesome!

    Lostinmtns, loved the story! It was erotic and really hot. Thank you for posting! God bless and stay horny!

    • lenos says:

      [From MH: This comment may be controversial for some. We post it for it's perspective on porn vs. erotica. If you disagree, please do so lovingly.]

      I totally agree. Though I'll go a little farther.

      My wife and I watch "for women"/"for couples" style erotic videos from time to time. Yeah, it's a bit of a stretch since the performers often aren't married. But you can't guarantee a couple you see doin' it in the woods is, either. And neither were Ruth and Boaz (that was totally sex, c'mon!), Esther and Xerxes (that was totally sex, too!), and maybe not the lovers in Song of Solomon (depending on who you ask). I do see a few more shades of grey in the Biblical sexual narrative than your typical fundamentalist….

      Anyway, we only select ethical erotica producers which treat performers well, and content which is loving, tasteful, beautiful, humanizing, realistic, and respects women and female pleasure. And we pay for it, not steal it.

      That kind of positive erotic content DOES exist. It's NOT porn. Enjoying seeing other couples' bodies and sex, together with my wife, isn't just hot, it's super vulnerable and intimate. And fun! And educational! (I agree porn is not educational, but erotica can be.)

      Getting to that point where we are completely committed and secure and not jealous has been pretty awesome for our marriage. For instance, I can be totally honest with my wife when I'm aroused by seeing a sexy lady out in the world, or vice-versa.

  4. Tulsa says:

    We have been watched before. Didn’t know about it until she told my wife that she had peeped on us. Sure not something we plan on doing again, but we both find it hot to think and talk about for some reason!

  5. lenos says:

    My wife and I are avid wilderness backpackers. This is definitely one of our top fantasies: both coming across a couple making love and lingering to watch, or being watched ourselves. We have sex in the open in the backcountry whenever we have the chance. We won't do it purposefully if folks are around, but the chance of getting caught in the act sure makes it hot and exciting. In truth, we kind of want to be caught.

    Another hiking/backpacking fantasy we've talked about is: either (1) hearing a couple having really loud energetic sex, (2) having loud sex ourselves and being heard, or (3) both at the same time, the couples' sounds fueling each other until the wilderness is echoing with sex.

    Ok, I got a little turned on typing that. 🙂

    • Loves2bthelover says:

      Lenos, thanks for the post! To your point about couples erotica and erotic videos for women, I agree! The beauty of love making can inspire a very hot time in the bedroom! Where do you and your spouse find the content that you referred to? Obviously Marriageheat would be one of those! 😉

    • lenos says:

      [From MH: After much thoughtful consideration, we are approving this comment with the disclaimer that we are NOT endorsing the use of any of the sites mentioned. While the enjoyment of visual erotica may be something that enhances your marriage, there are concerns. But if you and your spouse agree to include it in your love life, knowing about these sites may be of some benefit.]

      Thanks! I'm glad we're not the only ones who see that ethical positive erotica like we have on this site can involve visual as well. Finding appropriate stuff can be hard since most erotic content out there is unethical porney garbage.

      I'll just mention a few names rather than links out of respect for anyone who wouldn't appreciate or benefit. But I have put some research into this and I want to save anyone the trouble of wading through unsavory things. Hopefully this is OK.

      Just like MH isn't for everyone or every couple, visual content isn't either. You should pray and think about anything like this with your spouse first. You should communicate, not keep secrets, and touch base from time to time. Our policy is this kind of content is for us to enjoy TOGETHER, not alone. And it is an occasional spice, not something we need every time.

      The site we've been using is called FrolicMe. It's totally ethical from a human rights perspective. It's mostly just beautiful couples having good sex, filmed with high production standards in a "female friendly" style. There is some content that doesn't meet our moral standards, like girl on girl, which we don't view.

      Other similar sites that we haven't tried but are on my list are Bright Desire, and Sssh.

      There is another "genre" that folks here might find even more ethically/morally acceptable: curated amateur. Sites like Make Love Not Porn and Lustery are based around real couples filming themselves. Ethical standards are very high, all couples are real and loving, and many are actually married. MLNP has been around a while but Lustery is curated a little better.

      Continuing down the line, there's places like IFeelMySelf which removes the unmarried moral issue, and Beautiful Agony which removes even the nudity while still being super erotic. Then you have the Orgasm Library of Sounds, which is only audio.

      Last but not least, OMGYes, which has been mentioned here before. This is intended to educate, not arouse. However working through this site together as a couple is very hot!

    • PacMan says:

      My wife and I occasionally (a rare treat) are open to watching moral erotica videos to spice things up. I took a look at most of the sites you mentioned. I even did the free account on Lustery, but that basically only gives access to the advice columns. Sssh is quite a beautiful site design and has not just videos but also an image section and an erotic short story section. I think I was most impressed with FrolicMe. There’s definitely some videos that are outside the MH “morality” standards. But even just the short 1-minute trailers show the incredible production quality… on par with feature films or HBO. [Obviously this is an “at your own discretion” conversation.]

  6. ILoveSex says:

    As far as the pics posted with the stories, I liked when wives posted pics of themselves along with the story (no face was shown, just body parts…even bush). I thought it added some heat to the story. Just sayin'…

    • PacMan says:

      I’m sure several agree with you. I for one actually prefer the current MH approach. I’m definitely fine with it being a tad bit more risqué and erotic… but I really like that this site is committed to anonymity. To some folks, not showing faces keeps that alive. But to me, knowing what the female contributors tits looked like… while it would be (uhm) tittlating, I think it would remove the anonymity we now enjoy. So I like the more ‘professional’ photos that the MH admins find.

    • PatientPassion says:

      I would agree here with PacMan. The current pictures used offer a polished, professional quality in addition to the extra layer of anonymity that you're talking about.

      As for more nudity, I wouldn't mind it at all. However, I believe it's likely to turn away some potential visitors who might need the site's content the most. Perhaps down the road when more complex website programming is available, there could be a default "modest" picture and another "risque" setting that could be enabled manually.

    • lenos says:

      Agreed. Whether there's more nudity or less, the photos need to be professional! The site just doesn't look classy with cellphone selfies. 🙂

      Side note, speaking of classy. There is a little grammar issue on the front page in "Don’t waste anytime . . . Jump to your favorite category". "Any time" should be two words. 🙂

  7. Beachlover Guy says:

    My wife and I are nudists and enjoy being naked outdoors, and watching and being watched by another couple nude outdoors as we share passion with our respective spouses is something we've discussed. We don't want to stray into "swinging," but being nearby to another naked couple as each shares erotic love is a very stimulating scenario. That's as far as we've gone with this fantasy, although we did happen upon another couple in a nudist park while the man was fingering the woman's pussy. They didn't see us and we quickly left, but it gave us something to talk about later on!

    • SecondMarge says:

      The times we have glimpsed other couples making love it was a huge turn on. I would gladly watch and my husband would enjoy being watched. Videos don’t seem nearly as much of a turn on. Watching as you say without swapping would be very exciting but I doubt it will ever become reality because I wouldn’t want them to see me. But it’s great for fantasy talk during sex.

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      Yes, it is a fun fantasy and one that may be common. We exchanged artsy nude photos with another nudist couple we met, and they "accidentally" sent one that was more explicit. Wife and I were curious what they meant by it, but the couple quickly apologized by e-mail and we let it go at that. We might bring it up if we see them again at a nude resort this year. Their photo showed us they were open with their sexual relationship with each other and didn't seem to mind posing for the camera.

  8. Happy Husband says:

    I would have to say that I am a little torn on this whole issue. It is pretty much a moot one for me, as I am 1 million percent sure my wife would never willingly agree to have sex in front of anyone. With that said, I am not sure that anything in the Bible forbids sex between a man and wife in view of other persons. Perhaps admonitions about modesty do speak to this, but the practical reality is that only in the last 100 or perhaps 200 so years have our homes in modern western society provided for privacy. I suspect that it is for this reason that so many paintings in the 16th – 19th centuries involved landscapes with nudity. A garden or a meadow might be the only place where a couple had true privacy. At any rate, I doubt it would ever happen, but I think that couples making love at the same time in the same room or hot tub but obviously only between the married persons is nothing shameful or sinful. The issue would be whether the passion would remain only between them. I suspect that is the temptation that is too much for most to bear.

  9. 1blessedman says:

    I think the Admins of MH do a fine job with the pictures they choose for each literary work. They are neither risqué nor boring. The pictures adequately, professionally and playfully coincide with the stories. While they do display sensual beauty, the pictures do such in an evocative way toward blissful married heat! I firmly believe that displaying fully nude pictures on the headlines for the stories is tantamount to pornography. It seems to me that the mission of MH is to foster Godly monogamous covenant relationships. Nude pictures of random people just seems to me to be a porn presentation. Not sure how nude pictures would naturally direct one's thoughts toward their spouse. Such pictures would likely serve as a detraction from a marriage focus, especially for men, and violate MH's premise. Kudos to MH for their delicate balance in their presentations on this site!

    • PacMan says:

      I believe true porn can be harmful and addictive. But I think people don’t have enough categories in their mind to figure out how to describe a nude image. The same applies to sex scenes in movies. I have had people say “that movie [or TV series] is really pornographic.” They are only saying that it had more sex scenes than expected, and might have showed some breasts and maybe some ass cheeks. But in reality it’s NOT porn. Seeing nudity is not porn. But since nudity is involved in porn it complicates things. Before this site existed, someone might ask, “How in the world could the erotic written details of a couple screwing in a specific scenario help encourage folks to think upon their own spouse or marriage?” On paper it doesn’t make sense, but this MH community knows it works. 🙂 No one wants porn, but tasteful, professional nudity (more artistic) is definitely welcome, IMHO. One of the main reasons why I’m lightly advocating for it is that it is good for Christians to be strong in discernment and be able to see the benefits and “place” for artful erotic nudity without automatically labeling it as “porn.”

    • lenos says:

      I'm not Catholic, but I think Pope John Paul II said it well, "Pornographic images reduce the person being lusted over to body parts only. There is no dignity when the human dimension is eliminated from the person. In short, the problem with pornography is not that it shows too much of the person, but that it shows far too little."

      To me, visual erotica that humanizes, showing the whole person is not porn. So much porn is a disembodied male torso pounding a vagina. Where is the rest of them? It's clear we're meant to imagine ourselves in his place and not consider his or her humanity.

      Likewise, visual erotica should humanize the person beyond the body. It must be mutual, not just male pleasure. It should be relational, respectful, kind, and beautiful. When we see the whole person, body and soul, I think we get out of the porn space and into erotica that can be beneficial.

  10. 1blessedman says:

    Above there are some comments of fascination, fantasy or desire for voyeurism and exhibitionism with other couples close by, in the same room or in the same bed. My wife and I have some past experiences concerning such. I have written some advice on this topic, but I see that MH forbids stories of this nature. My work has a short recounting of a particular encounter that seems to be forbidden by MH rules. Maybe I can remove the short recounting of that evening with friends and simply submit the practical advice for others to ruminate on, if others, or MH, have a desire for thought and expression from someone who has had an occasion or two for such trysts.

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      We would love to read your story if you post it here, or if it's posted somewhere else, if that's allowed to be mentioned here. In short, was it a good experience or bad experience for everyone involved?

  11. snagd says:

    Removing her panties and showing it to *me* is great fun on for me. Sometimes my wife is careless and exposes much of herself, saying it’s just what she enjoys. She wouldn’t walk around naked though.

  12. tgrcpl says:

    Great story. I know the subject is controversial and each couple should know their limits. We have been in the position to hear/see married couples engaged in sex and found it quite arousing while others may find it embarrassing. We are all wired differently, as we should be. Just make sure you and your spouse are wired the same on this subject if you're going to enjoy the show or somehow become the show…. That's for another day.

  13. LilaY69 says:

    I personally think visual erotica can be beneficial to a married couple as long as you don't abuse it. My husband and I enjoy watching it together occasionally. I think a big thing that separates these sites [and a few other] from "porn" is the passion and also the classiness. It's more of erotic visual art and let's you appreciate their bodies in a non-degrading way and the pleasure they're receiving from each other. [But] they're not married. That's why it would be amazing to have a site similar to these where the people are married. With that, I think it would be perfect. I even think it would be a bigger turn-on to be able watch and enjoy another married couple having hot and passionate sex on camera.

    I personally recommend any married couple to try watching visual erotica together if they haven't yet already. If you have a 55-inch smart tv, that's a plus. If you're like me, wear some sexy lingerie (or nothing at all), hop in bed with your boo, cuddle up, and enjoy the sexy view together. This often leads to lots of rubbing and touching ourselves, as well as each other.

    This special time together is also especially good for fantasizing which I think is healthy, whether that means having erotic fantasy thoughts to yourself, telling your spouse about a fantasy, or using words in a fantasizing sort of way to turn him or her on.

    When my husband and I spend this time together, we're also focusing on each other and how we're reacting to what we're seeing.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Wow. Does anybody have the opposite reaction? I don't find that AVE causes me to lust after the people on the screen, but it does make me want to do what they are doing. So exposing myself to scenes of activity that God clearly (at least in my mind) says not to do can be a real stumbling block for me. That's what drew me to MH in the first place: people were writing about the purity of sex within marriage and not giving the impression that it has to be boring. But it also didn't trigger desires for activities outside marriage or involving a third party. I <em>so</em> wish there was an MH for AVE. Of course, for some people, even that wouldn't be healthy. We have to know our own weaknesses.

  14. A Better Pastime says:

    Our experience, and opinion, is an exact mirror of the comment left by LilaY69. We could not agree more with her thinking. Same to CrazyHappyLoved! Would love to have a site where erotic visual of married couples having sex was available.

  15. LilaY69 says:

    @CHL I can relate to what you mean by wanting to do what they're doing. I think most people would relate. When my husband and I do watch visual erotica, or even fantasize, we try to be conscious of avoiding getting sucked into the things that aren't completely moral from a Christian perspective. Obviously… most, if not all adult entertainment and/or visual erotica doesn't show just one man and one woman having sex. Much of it is threesomes, girl-on-girl, and group sex. I think at least for us, we can still be turned on by these things even if the activities aren't entirely "moral," from our view or from a Christian perspective. In reality, whether we like it or not, they are still big turn-ons. I think as far as visual erotica or adult entertainment goes –it's just that– entertainment.

    You do have to know your weaknesses. But at least for the couples who are like us… at the end of the day, even if the opportunity did come our way to live out a fantasy or do what's being done on screen, we would know it's wrong and we would know the pain and consequences that would result. I think pretty much everyone here (I would hope) would end up being faithful to their spouse even if the opportunity did arise and they were tempted. Temptation is one thing, but I think just thoughts, fantasizing, or watching other people enjoying the pleasures of sex is something entirely different. Whether or not how naughty it is.

    You have to look at the intention. Are you using it with the purpose of creating sexual friction solely between you and your spouse? If the answer is yes, and I imagine it is… why not? It's really no different from wearing a sexy pair of lingerie panties, or anything else that's a turn on. No different from using things like fantasies, thoughts, visual or written erotica that may or may not be completely "Christian" but very hot and erotic nevertheless.

    In closing, I thought I'd share with you a perspective that I think would help and is a fantasy of ours… One of many that arouse my husband and me, and is science-fiction. That in which we have our very own futuristic "cloning machine." We can and do play out many extremely hot fantasy scenarios with this. One most fav scenario of mine is having scorching hot sex with my husband but having 3 of him at once. Heck why not 4 or 5? But with at least three of him, I can have his dick(s) in every hole. Way more where all that came from, but I think you see the point I'm making.

  16. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    @LilaY69 I do see the point you are trying to make, but for me, there is a "why not." God says my prime directive is love; of Him, first and foremost, and of others as myself. And he defines love for me: in part, "It does not rejoice at wrongdoing (or in iniquity, at unrighteousness, in evil…)". So for me to understand that sin is a turn-on is one thing. And believe me, I do understand that. If it wasn't, no one would ever do so. But for me to take pleasure in watching other people engage in behavior that God says is wrong, I just can't see how that's okay with Him. You know?

    P.S. If my husband was a speedster… frequent fantasy material!

    • JAM777 says:

      Good points Mrs. Crazy!

      And lol, do you mean like the Flash?

      Also, I am launching a series of stories I'll be posting that is Sci-Fi genre. I'm still working out the kinks but look forward to it nonetheless! 🙂

    • A Better Pastime says:

      I actually, 100 percent agree with you CHL's comment here. The Bible and God's word IS the standard from which we get our morals, and our moral standard. Human beings wouldn't know what morals are without it. We must remember that our very nature and physical state, 100 percent of the time, is sinful and fallen: infantile. Who am I to understand without the word of God. Thank you CHL for your steadfastness… here.

  17. LilaY69 says:

    Well, I suppose you're right as far as watching other people having not-so-monogamous sex. Again, it's really an occasional pleasure for us. It would be best if they were married. I think it would be a whole new change in adult film or the visual erotic.

    And… you fantasize about your husband being a "speedster."

    ? What's that? Lol

    Did I miss something, lol…

  18. LilaY69 says:

    @CHL Oh, I've never seen it.

    Oh, I see! 🙂 So I'm not alone in having that fantasy! My hubby was actually the one who brought it up to me.

    @JAM777 That sounds enticing, can you tell us what it's about? Just a tease.

    I hope to soon see more fantasy on MH, it's definitely a favorite of ours. I think there are only a few fantasy MH stories, yet they are among the most hot.

    • JAM777 says:

      It starts out with a married couple who are agents working for a secret organization that battles terrorism and such.
      They start out as low level agents until circumstances throw them into a world that they could never have imagined!

      I'm not sure how far I'll go with it but I might create my own little mini-universe similar to the member lttlb did on here. His series is my favorite! 🙂

      Not sure how well I'll do but hope people will like it. I have my first story of the series in, which will be an Ignite story scheduled for May. I didn't realize how long it would be until I was stopped myself and decided to separate it into parts.
      I plan to send in the next part this weekend maybe. 🙂

  19. Stephen Lynn says:

    It is interesting to me that people talk about "porn" or "pornography" without ever attempting to define the term. For most people, "pornography" is what ever makes them "feel guilty." Obviously everyone's consciences have different triggers, so what is "pornography" to one, is not to another, if feelings define words.

    I think another approach is in order, that of an objective definition. The word "pornography" comes from two greek words: "pornos" which is the greek word for fornication, and "grapho"which is the greek word for writing. Thus, pornography is writing (in pictorial or written form) that portrays fornication. Fornication is sex outside of biblical standards, such as premarital sex, adultery, lesbianism, or group sex. (This list of biblically impermissible sex is not exhaustive) Therefore, pornography is the depiction of biblically impermissible sexual activity.

    What this means, is that depictions of biblical sexual conduct, or of male or female nudity, is NOT pornography, because neither nudity nor sex between a married couple are biblically impermissible, indeed, the Song of Solomon invites us to view both of them.

    We need a new category to describe the depiction of biblically permissible sexuality in written or visual forms, and reserve the use of the term "pornography" to describe depictions in written or visual forms of unbiblical sexual conduct.

    May I suggest the term "gumnography" to describe depictions of visual and written forms of biblically permissible nudity and sexual activity? "Gumnos" is the greek term for "unclothed." Thus, the term would encompass the depiction of nudity and sexual activity that is unclothed, but not sinful. (Someone else could possibly come up with a better term than "gumnography").

    I do not view or read pornography. I think it is wrong to do so. But I do view and read gumnography. I think that Song of Solomon permits us to do so. I think that is what Marriage Heat attempts to portray.

    This may help some to overcome the false guilt that the word "pornography" produces when it is applied to biblically permissible depictions in written or visual form of human sexual appearance and conduct.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I can even add to the conversation of original meaning. (I love words – and research!) Porne meant prostitute, related to pernanai "to sell". A porneion was a brothel. Pornographia referred to writings about (sex with) prostitutes. Greeks had a very different idea of permissible sexual conduct than Christians, so it would not necessarily have been a bad thing. Fornication – different idea and meaning, though inclusive of relations with a prostitute – comes from Latin, and we know not to do that. But the stories on MH don't deal with either (unless maybe you take issue with roleplay). They are, by my definition, Christian erotica, meant to arouse and inspire a hot marriage, not activity outside it.

  20. 1blessedman says:

    I am joyed to see my fellow Greek students here on MH. There have been many years since Bible College, but I continue to study Koine. I would just like to summarize the use of porneia (Greek) and fornicare (Latin). Both words have at their root meaning the idea of sexual intercourse. Both words originate with the idea of this intercourse being with prostitutes. However, that is the specific sense of the Greek word, while a more general thought is intercourse while not specifically being married. Another part of the Greek definition has in its origins the usage of the word pornos (Greek) to indicate anal sex with a male child called a catamite. CrazyHappyLoved stated correctly that ancient Greek, and other societies, did not hold to a Godly standard of sensuality. The words in the New Testament were common Greek words not religious words! Common Greek words were used by Jesus and the NT authors to tell the historicity of the New and Living Way. So, while the Greeks had one set of morals as they used their words, Jesus, et. al., used the same words with the same definitions with the difference being a moral code of conduct expressed by our Creator versus the code of conduct derived by the self-aggrandizing and self-relishing man. Unfortunately, sometimes our language evolves in a sphere of ambiguity. A broad label of pornography today means something vile and pernicious and we have to steer clear of it and define and re-define our positions so as to not be wrongfully misunderstood. Anything and everything naked or sexual has been cast under the banner of pornography without any good reason other than some hierarchical figure playing judge and jury. Here are a few words for your consideration to see how our language takes detours. Bitch, bastard, pee and ejaculate. Bitch comes from the French biche to indicate a female deer. We know it as a female dog. By the early 1800's it had become a derogatory word for a female. Bastard is an illegitimate or a child born of parents who are not lawfully married. While the term bastard was intended to indicate legal status, it evolved into a derogatory, hurtful word by its mean-spirited usage. Pee is to look through one eye! Now that you know the true definition as recorded by Noah Webster and published in 1828, you will never again talk about pee or needing to pee without think of the "one eye". Ha Ha Ha. Last but not least. Ejaculate comes to us as: to throw or dart out with a sudden force or rapid flight. It also used to mean to give utter a short sentence quickly or utter a short prayer. So, you can all go and tell your neighbors that your pastor ejaculated a prayer on Sunday morning…….or….maybe not! At any rate, my point here is the evolution of language and how it seems to not well support us English speakers sometimes! Let us be careful to rightly express our thoughts, intents and positions while not rationalizing poor behavior under any cloud of ambiguity.
    The above bantering about the validity of watching others have sex, whether via technology or in person, in its basic form comes down to whether or not the couple is in a covenant marriage relationship and the sex is consensual….not purchased, not rape, not same gender, not adulterous, not without expressed Godly commitment under His rules for marriage. As we go about a fair amount of latitude in our sex lives, we must be careful to not support websites that engage in clearcut abominations, sin, and otherwise, acts, actions and lifestyles offensive to our Creator. We should never consume and support others we know are in flagrant violation of God's rules for Holy (set-apart) living.

  21. 1blessedman says:

    I like Stephen Lynn's comments above on gumnography! I believe he identifies a problem. The problem that exists as all things are hurled under a single banner without clarification. Pornography has always indicated a lack of covenant commitment–not all things sexual/sensual. Our Creator created sensuality and told Adam and Eve to get after it. He then looked at all He created and said it was very good. The Hebrew word there is repeated twice which indicates to us to use the modifier "very". So, our sensuality He created is very good. We should not let others steal our wonderful gift. It is a gift to those of us who are married and we have a right and obligation to the context He established. While sex in general is erotic and visually stimulating, married sex is awesome and fulfilling. Acts outside of marriage are not for our consumption and we should steer clear of them. Joseph gave us an example of what to do when confronted with sex outside of marriage. May we stiff-arm the world's illegitimate usage and portrayal of the sensuality created specially for us. Let us embrace all of the good gifts our Heavenly Father has lovingly given us.

  22. SecondMarge says:

    What a fascinating discussion. Supreme Court worthy. With all due respect to our Greek scholars I see no relevance in the root words. A great deal of rationalizing. A lot of, if I enjoy watching or reading it, and it has sexual content, it’s acceptable. If I don’t its porn and bad. Some try to separate porn from erotica. Others by who participates. Simplest definition might be if it stimulates sexually its porn. From there we only attempt to excuse our own participation. Do we condemn all usage because some abuse it? Decide what is good for your relationship and try and refrain from thinking it’s the same for everyone is how I see things.

    • PacMan says:

      I agree with your assessment. Silimar to alcohol… some abstain from it because of health, addiction, image, strict upbringing, etc. And some partake with freedom because it enhances their life. Each person has to find what works for them, without flaunting their freedom or limitations. Thankfully, the vast majority here (I believe) share their personal experiences, and even why they drew those conclusions, without forcing it on others. I think with any “gray area” activity that isn’t explicitly in the Bible, if we see people who have been both helped and hurt by that action, then at the very least we proceed with caution… and a triple dose of discernment.

  23. SecondMarge says:

    PacMan we agree and I like the comparison to alcohol. The people here share some very special and often erotic experiences. Nothing wrong with getting turned on by what others do, write, or as in some stories here, see or hear. Perhaps as long as we called those experiences erotica instead of porn it won’t offend those with a different interpretation of some Bible passages. I’m not a user of porn, sorry erotica not because I think it’s wrong. But because it’s usually so poorly done. I have declined my husbands requests to record me. Again it’s not because of the act he wants to record.

  24. Hott4you says:

    You actually saw them? I applaud you for wanting to help…at first.
    But wow. Secret? I've always been overly curious about watching another couple . Extremely curious

  25. TexasCpl says:

    This is such a hot story. I would love to experience this the next time we go hiking I just don't know if I'd actually have the guts to follow through if it did happen… actually on second thought i totally would. 🙂

  26. SecondMarge says:

    Another great enlightening discussion. I wish my memory was better but I agree with recent comment that I will try and paraphrase.

    Erotica is sexual material we find comfortable admitting we enjoy. Porn is sexual material we feel we can’t admit we enjoy.

    My only problem with erotic material, written, verbal or video is that it is poorly done. Most books and movies are not very good either. Maybe if people were more honest about enjoying it, the quality would improve.

    As stated by others above I believe everyone is a voyeur. And research confirms that. Some people just feel guilty, or feel they can not admit it.

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