Christians often question what is acceptable within their faith, especially when it comes to sex. After all, the culture around us sometimes makes it seem like we should have all the sex we want before we get married because marriage sex is boring or non-existent! And our upbringing in the Church sometimes leads us to believe that sex is dirty, and that if you have to do it to have kids, you probably should try not to enjoy it too much.

But is that how God designed sex in the beginning? Or did God create sex as a deeply bonding experience that meets deep physical and emotional needs? Can it even foster spiritual growth? Does our fallen nature mean sex has been tainted forever? What does the Bible actually say about sex between a husband and wife?

Here are a few topics that some have discussed within the MarriageHeat community. Do you have thoughts or comments on them? Would you be interested in gleaning from the understanding of other MHers on a question of your own?

Can good Christians masturbate?

What if I have a dream about someone other than my spouse?

What does the Bible say about sex during her period?

Can we use strong language in the bedroom?

Is it wrong to want to marry someone much younger than myself?

Is it okay for a couple to fantasize about things they’d never actually do?

What about anal stimulation or penetration for wife or husband.

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