A Wild Weekend (L/A)

Last Thursday, I had an appointment for a very “personal” exam. Due to the current public advice to avoid unnecessary social contact, I hadn’t been for a professional waxing in quite some and felt a bit self-conscious about the state of my regrowth.

My darling hubby agreed to use the home waxing kit I purchased to get all the areas I couldn’t see or reach easily, which took him a couple of hours of bent-over labor. He wise-cracked that he deserved a day of sex for all his efforts, and after seeing the results, I heartily agreed!

So on the following Saturday, curled my hair and put on contacts and a little lip-color. Then I dressed in a long-sleeved, thin, black shirt without a bra; an above the knee, black-and-floral couderoy skirt (sans panties); and black, over-the-knee socks with a little frill at the top. For about an hour or so, I teased him, letting him get bent-over flashes and upskirt touches while I started a load of laundry and made up the bed. Then I snuck away put on my harness underneath the miniskirt, tucking the dildo between my legs. I added my wolf tail to trigger some new investigation on his part. The next time he went for a feel, he got a surprise!

My attention to Rez began with light oral, then I rimmed and tongued his ass for a while. Next, I tickled and lashed him with the flogger, running my fingertips or palms over each area between bursts. When he was very relaxed, I fingered him a little bit, but I could only graze his prostate; it’s deep.

After a while, I got him to suck “my dick” and lick my pussy through the straps of my harness at the same time—well, back and forth—which was wildly stimulating for both of us. I think he now understands the physical pleasure I get from sucking him.

We tried to do some pegging, but it wasn’t working out well. After a few minutes, he decided to stop. He said his extreme self-pleasure with his Hugo a few days before had left him a bit tender and he’d rather wait for another day.

I felt bad that I didn’t get to give him prostate orgasms, especially since this was supposed to be a thank you for the wax job. But then, while he was rinsing off, I got out my biggest dildo and was riding it in front of the full-length mirror when he came out.

He played some of the kinkier songs on our playlist and stroked himself to hardness while I bounced on the “big bopper” and fingered my clit. Then he stood me up, bent me over, and pounded me until he made me squirt—Yep, we’ll be paying for carpet replacement when we move again.

Next, I asked if he’d use the flogger on me, too. He also got out the feather tickler and the riding crop—I was thoroughly pink by the time he finished with me!

I requested my small vibe and used it to cum while he strapped on the big dildo I had been riding and oiled it well. (He has a harness with a hole for a dildo and one for him so he can dp me all by himself.) Then he pushed it into me and fucked me with it. As he thrust, Rez asked if he did a better job than the floor, and he did, but I wanted him to feel it; I wanted the real thing.

Man, Rez loves it when I’m all stretched out and slippery. He hit it from the top and the side, then I took a break to remove my tail (I was getting a little sore after having it in for hours.) When I came back, he put me on the bed on all fours and fucked me like crazy. I *soaked* the side of the bed below the sex blanket (and I had just changed the sheets!)

Finally, Rez crawled up beside me and spooned me, fucking me slowly until he filled me up. We turned the music down low, and he held me tight, running his fingers through my hair and massaging my scalp as I fell asleep.

The next morning, Rez made sure to give me another pussyfull of his cum—he says there’s nothing better than his sloppy seconds!

I know Rez enjoyed the sex day, but I feel like I still owe him. I *hope* he thinks so too!

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    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      😻! Thanks, GG. I sure miss stories from you and Ben! Your passion has been inspiring Rez and me since we found MH in 2017!

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