Her Favorite Toy

Ann and I have a great marriage and sex life.  It was quickly obvious that God had brought us together by how we connected.  The analogy of a key fitting a lock couldn’t explain our physical connection better.  I have always enjoyed giving Ann pleasure from early in our relationship, and it continued into our marriage.  It was only a few months after we were married that I introduced toys to our sex life.  I surprised her with a couple of toys for her birthday, but that is a story for another time.  This is the story of getting her favorite toy.

I was away from home for a few days for work.  The job I had didn’t have me traveling a lot, but when it did happen, it was usually for most of if not the whole week.  This trip was one of the longer ones; I left on Sunday and didn’t get home until after midnight on Thursday.  By this time, we had been married for over a dozen years and had a couple of kids, but sex was still fairly frequent.  We averaged two to three times a week, so I was really missing Ann by the middle of the trip.  Our nightly phone calls were not making things any easier.

One morning, I needed to fill my tank, so I stopped at a gas station on the way to my business event.  When I went in to pay, I noticed that the convenience store was connected to an adult store.  It wasn’t what you might expect.  Unlike some sleazy, windowless places that have flashing “Open 24 hours” signs, this place looked like a mini-mall storefront.  There were floor-to-ceiling windows with mannequins displaying some sexy but tasteful lingerie, and the store was well lit.  I was short on time that day, but every day that went by, I couldn’t help but think about that store.

On the last day of my trip, I woke up wanting the day to be over so I could head home and be with Ann.  I had a 7-hour drive once my day was over, and I guessed that I wouldn’t be able to leave until after 5 p.m.  The day went as I expected, and it was almost five when I finished up and headed to the car.  I tossed all my stuff in the back seat and hopped in the car, then drove straight to the gas station, topped off the tank, and hurried into pay before slipping into the adult store.

The store was very well laid out. More than 50% of the store was clothing; 25% board games, lotions, and candles; and 25% toys.  Ann already had a small selection I’d gotten her, but most she really didn’t care for.  The girl working at the store came back to the toy area and asked if I needed any help.  Initially, I was embarrassed, but I thought: 1) I’m hours away from home and will never see anyone from this town, let alone this store again; and 2) I didn’t have time to waste, considering the road trip I had ahead of me.  I told her I was looking for a small, quiet vibrator, and she quickly walked me over to the wall of “personal massage appliances.”  She pointed out a few options, and I narrowed it down and purchased two of them.

For the next seven hours, I drove home thinking about when I would introduce my purchases.  It would be well after midnight when I got home, and I didn’t think that Ann would be up to anything.  I reluctantly concluded that I would have to wait for another day to try the new toys.  I finished my long drive, pulled into the driveway, and crept upstairs as quietly as I could, but Ann rolled over as I walked into the room.  I shed my clothes and crawled into bed, cuddling up against her and kissing her softly before going to sleep.

The next night, we got the kids to bed earlier than normal before Ann and I headed to our room.  It had been a week since we had had any time alone, and we were both felt the need to be together.  We started to kiss and make out.  In no time, we were touching each other’s bodies, stripping off our clothes, and depositing them into a pile on the floor.

My hands quickly found Ann’s breasts and began to squeeze and rub them while her hand ran down my body and eventually found my now hard cock.  We were both moving quickly, so I released my grip and rolled over to reach my bedside table.  I opened the top drawer and retrieved the two new toys I had prepared earlier in the evening.  Grabbing them both, I moved between Ann’s legs while keeping them out of sight.  The first toy was a small egg-shaped vibrator with a separate battery holder and controller connected to it by a small wire.  I placed the egg just below her navel and turned the dial to its slowest setting.  The egg began to buzz, which caused Ann to jump, and her hand reached for the one holding the device. Slowly, I moved the egg down so that the vibrations were close to her clitoris.

She moaned as the vibrations started to excite her rose.  I slid forward and pressed the head of my cock to her opening, and Ann reached for my leg with her other hand, pulling me deep into her.  I removed her hand from mine and put the egg into it and the controller into her other hand.  With both hands now free, I filled them with her breasts and began to squeeze them.

Ann slowly turned the knob on the controller and increased the vibrator’s speed while I focused my attention on Ann’s nipples, pinching and twisting them as she continued to buzz herself.  I could see and hear Ann get closer to her orgasm two or three times, but she couldn’t cross that point regardless of where she held the egg or how I stimulated her breasts.  When she once again couldn’t climax, she pulled the egg away and began to breathe heavily.  I also pulled my hands away from Ann to let her relax and recover.  She turned the egg off and set it on the bed next to her.  “It feels good, but it just isn’t enough,” she whispered.

As Ann’s breathing became normal, I took the second toy, a small silver pocket-rocket vibrator, turned it on, and placed it in her hand.  Although both the egg and the rocket used only one AA battery, the rocket’s vibration was much stronger.  As she moved it to her clitoris, I could feel the vibrations through her on my cock.  I put my hands back on her breasts and began twisting and pinching her nipples.

Ann’s breathing quickly became shallow, and her body churned below me.  Suddenly her back and neck arched, and she moaned loudly.  Her hand shot up and stopped my hands.  Wave after wave washed across her body.  She moved the rocket and let it fall to the bed, still buzzing.

I took the rocket, turned it off, and looked down at Ann, still gasping for air.  Once she caught her breath, she looked me in the eyes and said, “That one is a winner.  Now it’s your turn.”

That was the first of many times Ann’s little rocket has been used.  We’ve tried other vibrators, some much more expensive, others with more options, but they just didn’t have the power or were way too loud.  That simple little rocket that cost less than $10 has always been her go-to.  I’m sure we’ve spent more on batteries than what it cost.


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9 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Vibrators can be awesome. My wife (apparently like yours) needs a vibe with a strong buzz. We have found some great sex positions that allow her to buzz her clitoris as we have sexual intercourse. Her neurological disease has progressed …& so has my arthritis in my fingers… so now a vibrator is essential for her to climax. She’s had some great orgasms with a bullet vibe on her clit and a G-spot vibe in her pussy. She also likes to cum with me inside her as she buzzes herself with the rechargeable one of our bullet vibes. We actually have quite a collection of vibrators!
    Be aware that vibrators tend to wear out. When we had a favorite one die and went to buy a replacement, we found that it was no longer available. So you might want to buy an extra one if you can find it. (Not sure ya wanna drive 7 hours though.)

  2. SamtheMan says:

    My wife won't touch toys and says my cock is all she needs. Maybe we could have an experience that takes us to the next level and blow our minds with a toy. Good for you and nice story.

    • O-surfer says:

      Your comment made me wonder a few things. Does she read this site too? Or with you? Does she know you are on here? If she’s open to wearing a blindfold and letting you tease her, you could introduce things—perhaps starting with feathers or a silk scarf—that might open her mind up to trying new things. I understand her perspective because I feel the same way. I would be completely happy if that’s all we ever did. However, as we explored this site and some other things (StillLikeNewlyweds had written about them) I have learned that toys can be fun.

  3. SamtheMan says:

    My wife doesn't go to this site. She knows I'm on the sight but prefers I stay off as I've shared ideas and she doesn't agree that married couples should be sharing anything about their sex life for others to read so I've had to be discreet about where I get my "ideas". I've tried the blindfold approach but that is a definite NO and I've tried light bondage to tie her hands with a scarf but again a definite NO. She has come around to enjoying a massage and am planning to introduce a toy once she is totally relaxed after a 45 minute massage.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Sam, please take this in the brotherly love for you and your marriage with which it is given, but I am going to be blunt. You need to get off this site immediately, and at some point ask your wife’s forgiveness. This is no longer about you getting “ideas.” When she knows about the site, disagrees with the premise, and has stated she doesn’t want you reading it, you are not being “discreet” you are being deceptive. You need to find a godly counselor or mentor that you can confide in and that can help you love your wife the way she is and focus on caring for and pleasing her how SHE wants. She may grow into liking more things, she may not. But the air of dissatisfaction is obvious in your comments, and I am sure they are equally obvious to her. I will pray for you and your marriage, but please stop deceiving your wife and commit yourself to her interests wholly.

  4. JohnE says:

    My wife loves her Rabbit Vibrator. I don't view it as a competitor to my cock at all. When we make love, many times I'll cum before she is ready to cum herself. She'll roll over, grab her Rabbit, and usually have an incredible, spasming orgasm. Right after that, she either wants to cuddle or mount up again. The mounting up is great as she is super wet from her vibe, just slides straight down my shaft and lands on my balls with a nice thump. Nestles there a bit, then starts grinding. Love it, feels so good!! Usually next cum is in her cunt.

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