Something New (L/A)

This story contains anal play (A).
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I found MH a few weeks back and shared it with my wife for the first time tonight.  I showed her two of the stories, and I am so glad I did;  before bed, we turned off the TV and read them together. When we were done, she went into our master bath to freshen up for bed.  After I had gotten comfortable and ready to sleep, she came out and crawled in beside me.  I turned around to kiss her goodnight, and to my surprise, found her completely nude!

My wife apologized for taking too long but said she was shaving down below.  That put a huge smile on my face, which made her smile, too.  Seeing that I could not stop staring at her huge tits, she told me she was soaked below at the thought of me sucking on them.  My cock throbbed more than it has in a long time as I nibbled on her nipple.  She moaned in pleasure as she played with the other one, and her free hand slithered to her swollen clit.

I got on my knees to watch her pleasure herself.  As I had no more room in my pants, I removed them and my shirt. Then I let her keep playing with herself as I ate out her pussy. After a little while, I got the lube and wiggled my pointer finger into her tight, hot ass as she moaned with delight, her smile beaming.  Then I slicked and inserted a second finger.

My wife moaned, “Oh, my God.”  She massaged her tits and came not once, but twice.

Afterward, she looked up at me, grabbing my super erect cock. Then she took the bottle of lube and slathered it all over her asshole.  She said that the thought of me fucking her asshole made her super horny.

I massaged around her tight sweet ass and then inserted one finger again.  She moaned with superb pleasure.  When I slid the second finger back in, she groaned loudly and started rubbing her clit. She came three times in a row, with the third one an entire-body orgasm. Then I ate her wet pussy out as she lubed up her nipples—I have never experienced her this wet in 20 years.  She yelled, “Holy shit!” and came again.

“I need to be fucked so hard right now,” she told me.

So I slid her to the edge of the bed and stood up to tease her clit with the head of my dick before I shoved it deep inside of her.

“You have done so much,” my wife said.  “Lay down, honey.”  She rode me cowboy-style.  It was so hot watching her tits bounce up and down and her facial expressions.  There was no way I could last. I asked if I should pull out.

“Nahh,” she answered, “fill me up this time.”

And that I did.



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10 replies
  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    Holy moley! My cock is throbbing! This was my favorite post this month… and I added it to my “favorites”. The hottest and horniest thing in the world is a wife who enthusiastically celebrates a step forward sexually!! The way your wife took initiative and enjoyed several orgasms… it has me so horny now! The fact that she wanted to be filled with your cum….. uhhhhhgghhh. 🍆🍆🍆 I need to go stroke it. HOT AF! You seem like a couple I WISH I was friends with. Love your positive vibes and overall sexiness!!!

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Great, great story. Thank you for sharing. We recently ventured into the territory of full-on anal sex, which then led to double penetration territory. It has been quite interesting. I would say for me it's OK–it feels good but I'd rather fuck her pussy. My wife, though, loves it. It has been quite fascinating seeing how she responds to anal penetration and full on anal sex. Never in a million years did I see this coming. May you both make this leap. Sounds like your wife wants it?

    • sheisthebest60 says:

      " It was so hot watching her tits bounce up and down and her facial expressions." You nailed it with this one! There is nothing hotter for me than to see my wife with her big tits' on full and glorious display bouncing up and down, side to side when she's (as she puts it is) "riding her pony."

    • Giants05 says:

      Actually just got done doing full blown anal, and it is amazing. My wife loves it. Got a room this afternoon while the little one was at an event (another story to come).

    • Giants05 says:

      Since this story, we have ventured into full-blown anal and double penetration. It's hot as hell and drives her nuts, but I'd rather let her ass get the toy while I fuck and cum in her pussy.

  3. SamtheMan says:

    My wife has been able to come 5 times in a session with no toys and no shaven pussy. Just think if she were to shave (my fantasy to bring my wife with a slick pussy), use a toy and let me touch her hiney. After 40 yrs I've been able to touch her hiney but still fantasizing about that. You're one lucky hubby. Will share this story with my clients as an example of a submissive wife the reacts to the Holy Spirit's leading.

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