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Breakfast In Bed

Marriage doesn’t get boring when you turn routine moments into sensual surprises. Jamie and I have been married for six years, and we’re undoubtedly still in our honeymoon phase, constantly all over each other and definitely head over heels in love. We simply want to be together all the time and do kinky stuff to […]

The Perfect Marriage Proposal

Every relationship is unique, as is every marriage proposal. I thought it would be nice to hear from other MH couples how you and your spouse first met. Also, if you are the wife, how did your husband propose to you? And, if you are the husband, how did you propose to your wife? I […]

Period Sex

My husband, Jamie, knows that I get a lot more sensitive down there when my period starts—I get super turned on and need to feel him inside me. But when I woke up late in the morning with those first traces of blood staining my panties, I must admit that it wasn’t the best way […]

Husband Takes Me: The Awakening

I read a wonderful story titled Wife Takes Me, written by hardhornyhusband. I left a reply saying I should write a similar story from the wife’s point of view, and he encouraged me to do so. I write this for my husband foremost, but also for hardhornyhusband and all the remaining couples that wake up […]

Always and Forever

With COVID affecting everything and everyone this year, my husband Jamie couldn’t go in to the office. Rather than working from home, we decided in early June to permanently move to my parents summer cottage on the lake with our 2-year-old son, Jon. It is always soothing to wake up seeing the water so calm […]