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Period Sex

My husband, Jamie, knows that I get a lot more sensitive down there when my period starts—I get super turned on and need to feel him inside me. But when I woke up late in the morning with those first traces of blood staining my panties, I must admit that it wasn’t the best way to start my day. Cramping, house cleaning, and other things were on my “to-fix” list. But first, after a wash at the bathroom sink and a change of underwear, I joined Jamie in the kitchen for his morning coffee and my morning tea.

“Hey, sweetie,” he said while sipping from his mug at the table, “how are you this morning?”

I just rolled my eyes and told him it was shark week. Jamie offered his hand to me, waiting for mine. When our hands touched, he looked at me as he kissed the back of my hand. He asked again how I felt. “My cramps are killing me, and the tea isn’t solving my problem.”

He pulled me into his lap and asked if he could help relieve my pain. I just smiled and said, “There’re a few things I could think of, but the most effective one isn’t possible right now.” I could see he knew exactly what I meant. As I bit my lip, one of his hands tightened around my hip while his other rested on my back. We hugged, and I could feel my hard nipples pressing against my shirt as well as his penis slowly pulsing and growing against my body.

Putting my arms around his neck, I giggled and said, “Wow, it seems you know exactly what I need. But we shouldn’t because I’m having my period.” He brought my lips to his, and when our tongues found each other, our kissing grew more urgent.

My hand traveled down his chest and under the elastic waistband of his shorts, stopping only when I gripped his cock. He gave me “that look” through his blue eyes and said he likes making love when I have my period.

My body responded with light vibrations. I stood and slid my panties down, flushing when I saw the streak of pink staining the pad in my underwear. But the urge inside me seemed to drip out like a sweet liquid; how I wished my husband could devour me, but at least I would have him inside me. My heart beat faster, and I felt more honey condense and trickle out from the opening between my legs, further diluting the already light flow as I met his hungry gaze.

Without delay, Jamie lifted me to the kitchen counter. I took off my top to expose my swollen breasts and extra hard nipples, which now needed to be touched and licked, and like a little boy at a candy store, he filled his hands with them. I moaned when he grabbed my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Then, dropping to his knees, Jamie’s face came opposite my red-velvet vagina.

“May I?”

My eyes opened wide, but I just nodded and guided his head into the crevice. He showed no fear or disgust, his silky tongue licking every part of my vulva. Desire coursed through my body, and the urge to feel the fullness of him inside me grew. After a few minutes, he stood and slid his pants down, and his big hard dick fell out. I shivered, as ready for him as he obviously was for me.

At the entrance of my vulva, I could feel his member pulsate and grow bigger. I felt his wonderful cock rub past my clit and urged him to go deeper. With one swift stroke, his balls slapped against my ass, and I groaned in pleasure. My eyes rolled back in my head when I felt his cock rubbing the inside walls of my canal.

As arousal coursed through my body, Jamie took my boob into his mouth and began to nibble my sensitive nipple, making me cry out. His free hand slipped down and found my clitoris, which he began to rub with his thumb while my hips bucked against the pressure. Finally, I got what I wanted: period sex with my husband.

“Cum inside me,” I demanded.

His pace increased while the pressure of his hand held me in place. “Look at me as I cum,” he said. Jamie moved faster now, and I groaned in delight at the warmth of his semen filling me up.

An orgasm flooded my now sweating body, and for a brief moment, everything went white. As the end of our climax approached, we rested our heads together while taking deep breaths to slow our heart rates. As we settled down, we looked up to catch each other’s eyes and started to laugh at the beauty of this experience.

“Want to continue in the shower?” I asked with a glint in my eye.

“Definitely,” he said and pulled me off the counter.

Having my period turned out to be one heck of a ride. What happened next in the shower is a story for another time.

I love you, Jamie!

Always & Forever


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5 replies
  1. starlight says:

    OMG you are one lucky lady! I'm super turned on during my period as well and find the idea of period sex incredibly erotic! I've never known any man who would actually do it, let alone enjoy it, but the idea colours many of my dreams and fuels many of my self-pleasure sessions, particularly during 'that time'. You have one heck of a special Heaven-Sent man their, hold on to him and stay blessed and hot for each other. This is so erotic and truly beautiful!

  2. LovingMan says:

    Period sex never bothered my wife, Melodie, & I. Of course at 70 she is well past having a monthly period. I know that some people don’t care for the mess but we just put a towel under Melodie and had a second hand towel standing by for me to clean off and a third hand towel to clean off Melodie. So, we didn’t get any blood on our sheets. We also kept baby wipes by our bed. In fact we still do.

    Some people may just not like something about sex during the menstrual period… or it bothers them psychologically and so they abstain. We never abstained during Melodie’s period. But if others do that is their prerogative.

    For some women an orgasm can relieve menstrual cramps. For some women an orgasm can help decrease the severity of a migraine or cluster headache. Of course everyone is different. But there is no medical reason for a married couple to avoid sex during the wife’s menstrual period.

    A few years ago we discovered microfiber cloths and hand towels. We use those now for sex cleanup.

  3. 5Osromantic says:

    I always enjoyed period sex with my wife. It never turned me off, in fact just the opposite as this time of the month defines the femal person, the woman God has blessed me with, whom i am so fortunate to enjoy life with.

  4. Sexlovers says:

    I’ve always been extra horny during my period. After a few years I discovered it didn’t bother my hubby. I’m thankful for a man who didn’t care. Your story is so hot!! I don’t have periods due to a procedure but loved the memories your story brought back to my mind!

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