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Cuffed and Stuffed (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and partial anal penetration (A).

Cuffed and Stuffed: Our intense newlywed breeding session.

Finally! I’m watching through the front window as my husband pulls into the driveway in his shiny new cruiser, my tight pussy throbbing and wet under my thin dress. I’ve been waiting all day, and he knows it, too. I see his handsome smirk through the windshield as he chirps a quick blast of the siren at me.

I jump a little and hop back from the window, and James laughs. “Silly!” I say, even though he can’t hear me. “Silly…”

Sex is still new for us, but I find that I’m something of a nymphomaniac with James. While we’ve been apart, I’ve been daydreaming about the things I want to try with him. Today, I want him to cuff me, and not with the fuzzy ones! I want those metal cuffs at his waist to dig into my wrists and for him to take me from behind, push himself so far up into my tight pussy that—Oh, I need him, need my tight pussy around that amazing cock… NOW!

I’m biting my lip as he gets out of the car and walks toward the front door. He’s been thinking of me too, I see. His growing member struggles to burst free under those tight uniform pants, and his lean, athletic form turns me on even more.

“Baby, I’ve missed you, and I need you.” I run up, and his arms instantly wrap around me. His throbbing cock presses against my mound as he cups my ass and kisses me deeply, his tongue swirling around mine.

“I know. I’ve been waiting all day.” He struggles to spit out the words between deep passionate kisses.

I drag him inside and instantly drop to my knees, looking up at that handsome face and figure, so attractive—and strong. I see his lean abs through his thin uniform shirt. No vest? Ah, he knew this was coming.

He gathers my hair up and behind me as I drop his heavy belt and pants down, and his cock springs forward in a wide throbbing arc, slapping me on the cheek heavily and dripping with precum. My hands wrap around his thick shaft, and I start twisting and slowly stroking, warming him up as he throbs and stiffens even more.

“I’ve thought about this all day,” I say softly.

“Me too, babe,” James says with a groan.

I’m twisting and stroking faster, my soft hands full of the steady little stream of precum and spreading it all over his shaft. I kneel lower and let some fall into my mouth—a delicious snack!

“Fuck, you’re so full of it! I can’t wait to feel you fill my pussy.”

James moans louder; he loves it when I talk like this to him. “Mmm-hmm, you’re telling me.”

My grip tightens as I stroke him and put that gorgeous head in my mouth, sucking the precum out of it while I milk him. I gag a little but squeak out, “Best lollipop ever. But don’t cum yet, Officer; I need to be cuffed! I’ve been bad.”

“Oh, have you?” His eyes go wide. “Let me just get—”

“NO! Use these.” I retrieve the ones on his belt around his feet, the ones of cold, hard steel.

“Absolutely not! I used those toda—” James tries to tell me.

“I want to feel what it’s like,” I say, starting to cuff myself.

James pulls me up off of my knees. His dick is oozing all over my dress and pulsing. He wants this; I know he does.

“Not yet.” He says it quietly as he unties the bow of my cute sundress and pulls it down. My nipples are hard and cold, but his mouth is on them in seconds, sucking hard as his cock throbs against me.

I can’t take it; my clit is on fire. I start unbuttoning his uniform shirt as James feasts on my mounds. His tongue swirls around each little tip in turn while his hands cup my bum.

I run my hands down his lean chest and over his hard abs. “Take me,” I moan. “I need you.” Taking a handful of his balls, so heavy and full, I tug insistently.

The handcuff I managed to attach hangs from my right wrist. James pulls my arms behind him and closes the cuff around my left wrist as my hands meet behind his back.

“But I wanted it doggy…” I protest.

“You’ll get it doggy—after I fuck you so hard and deep that you’re begging for more,” he whispers aggressively into my ear.

“Fuck,” I stammer out as he lifts me. My cuffed hands dig into his lean back and feel his muscles twitch under the pressure as I wrap my legs around him. He’s not able to kiss me like this; I’m too short, and we are too close for him to bend down to me. But it doesn’t matter because I feel his kisses on my forehead as he forces his mushroom head inside me. My tight pussy grips his throbbing shaft as he pushes up into me, and I arch back, eyes closed in bliss.

“F- F- F- F-… Oh, my God, baby. Yes, yes, yes, fill me, please!” I beg him. My hot pussy stretches around him, and it feels so good, so sexy! His precum mixes with my fluids as he pulls my hips toward his. “EEEEEEEEEEE!” I squeal. His thickest portion is in me now, hitting my G-spot. The head jumps and throbs, and I am out of this world.

My handcuffed hands still dig into his back as he holds me up, his muscular thighs supporting me as well while his strong hands spread my cheeks apart. He squeezes tightly, and I feel him pull out some before pushing his way back in forcefully, the way I like it best. I rub my clit on his lower abs as he proceeds to pound my tight, eager pussy.

“Fu – uh – uh…” I see stars. The cold steel restricts my wrists, and the intensity of the sharp sensation heightens my pleasure. James grunts as he pounds me, and I’m breathing hard, kissing his body where I can as I take it in. With my pussy wrapped around him, he stretches my tight walls, and it feels so good I can’t contain it. His balls slap against my ass, stroke after stroke. Finally, his speed picks up until I’m bouncing so hard and fast that the handcuffs scratch his back, back and forth, up and down.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” He thrusts against my back wall with each deep stroke. His heavy balls feel so good hitting my ass, and the cold cuffs press sharply into my skin. I’m losing it. My pussy convulses around his long shaft, my clit going crazy on his abs as I unleash a waterfall all over us.

James pulls out while I coat us and then re-enters my still-convulsing pussy. I throb and grip him, and I’m shaking from the pleasure by the time he withdraws and tries to ease me to my feet. I collapse, and the handcuffs run down his back and cut into him. I hear a grunt of pain as he drops too, and we lie in a tangled mess on the floor.

Finally, he wrangles the key from his belt beside us and gets me upright again. The cuffs come off one wrist, and he uses them as a handle to whip me around, then pulls me abruptly, thrillingly against his chest.

“Still want doggy?”

“You know it. You feel so good from behind.” And I mean it. I can feel every inch, every vein, when he takes me from the rear. His thickness spreads my cheeks apart as far as they can go, and he reaches so far up inside me that it puts me on another planet. My pussy aches for more, as exhausted as I am. “Fucking breed me, baby,” I beg him sternly.

“I fucking will.” He bends me over the couch and makes my hands meet at the small of my back, the steel digging into them as he refastens the cuffs. While one of his hands rests on my ass, the other slips between mine, and I squeeze it tightly as his mushroom head parts my cheeks, followed by his thick shaft.

“This is gonna be goo-ood.” I think.

After he gains an inch or two, he lunges forward abruptly. I gasp; there are those stars again. His balls slam into my clit, and I lurch as his weight falls against me. His cock head pushes against the deepest wall behind my cervix, my A-spot, just holding it there and contracting the muscles that make him pulse. Then he pulls out slowly, rams back in forcefully, and holds—stretching me. Just when I think I’ll tumble over the edge into orgasm, his hand delivers a sharp slap to my ass cheek.

A wash of pleasure suffuses the deepest part of me. I’m panting, and everything goes fuzzy. I can’t believe everything I’m feeling: James filling me, stretching me while the cuffs dig into me, and jolts of electric shock shooting straight to my clit as several smacks fall on my rapidly warming bottom. Then, his grip on my cuffed hands tightens, and he begins to move again. While he pounds into me repeatedly, gentle kisses rain down on my back and neck. Oh, the sweet contrast of those tender kisses and his hard, long thrusts.

I squeal, pushing back as best I can to meet each forward drive of his hips. His kisses grow more intense with his pace, his entire length slamming into me so fast and deep I can hardly process one burst of pleasure before the next one hits. I feel his balls slamming into my clit as he fucks me, harder and harder.

“BABYYYYYYYYYY! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.” I convulse on his shaft again.

While I’m still quivering, I feel him slowly pull out and start running his cock between my cheeks playfully, spreading them apart. He teases my other hole with the head, pushing against it as if to enter a tiny bit.

“Honey, you know that’s on my wishlist, but I’m too tight. You’ll destroy me.”

“I know…” he responds softly, still teasing my ass. “But I won’t go inside. Let me just push against it. Tell me if it’s too much.” His hips flex, and my tight hole numbs and relaxes with his repeated probing, allowing just the tip inside the ring—not the head, but maybe an inch of it. As I open to him, I feel him tense and shudder. He presses hard against me, pulling a deep moan from me as he empties his cum-filled balls, dumping what feels like a gallon of hot cum into my barely opened asshole and down my pussy. I feel him throbbing wildly at my tight entrance as he fills my neck with his kisses.

“Thank you for letting me finish there. You’re so amazing. We’ll take our time and get all the way one day; don’t worry.”

“I know, baby. I love you. And I love the feeling of your cum dripping out of me, no matter where you dump it.” I grin at him over my shoulder.

James hoists me up and uncuffs me, then starts helping me clean our mess. His cock drips with our juices, throbbing proudly from our intense breeding session. It still maintains some of its former glory.

“I could go all night with you,” he whispers, noticing my stare.

“I know you could… and maybe I want you to,” I look up at him out the corner of my eye. “But not until after dinner, please.”

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13 replies
    • MonsterCock23 says:

      Yes it happened 😀 This is a joint account owned by my husband and myself, we got married recently and it’s been a whirlwind love! And very special! Not sure why MH Mods have this under fictional, nothing about it is. He’s a wonderful protector, and lover. God bless you all and enjoy!!!

  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Super hot! We occasionally use handcuffs, mostly just for fun. I have handcuffed Lauren in doggy-style position (with her hands cuffed near the small of her back) and hammered her as hard as I could. She loves it! Funny side story: Once I pulled out and came all over hands and the handcuffs….. BUT, the one issue with being handcuffed in doggy style is that she can't then use her hands to masturbate her clit. For us, it's more for fun and an occasional thing. We do like using handcuffs for oral sex.

  2. jwdmccarty2902 says:

    Wow!!! I remember when we were newlyweds. We literally had sex every single day. We couldn’t be too adventurous because we had my 4 year old son. We are now beginning to be more adventurous as our kids get older and my wife becomes more comfortable with sex and her body. Our kids are going away for a few days soon and we will be naked the whole time unless I am at work or going out for some reason.

    • MonsterCock23 says:

      I always take his huge cock good! I love it!!! So much!!!! He instantly takes my breath away every time he stuffs himself inside me <3 it feels amazing to be stretched and filled that much, not just that but he knows HOW to use it, how to play with my lovebutton as I throb all over him! Feel that giant shaft so far up inside me it’s like he’s in my tummy pounding away! So much cum!!! Ugh getting soaked just thinking about it

  3. Devoted2You says:

    This one was super sexy to read!! Dirty talk and the sweet tenderness of his kisses on your skin is a wonderful combination! It has me thinking of having some “Me-Time”, soon. May y’all enjoy many more adventures and the overall blessing from God!

    Much love and blessings!

  4. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story! Couldn't help but touch my wet pussy while reading. Keep writing!
    Your story was probably put under "fictional " because the author is listed as " Monstercock" which is of course male oriented. Perhaps you should consider creating a separate account from your husband. Anyway, stay horny and God bless the two of you!

  5. LovingMan says:

    Wow! This is a TRUE story! That is just awesome! Keep on enjoying each other. We aren’t into any kind of bondage so no cuffs for us but we have had some rip-roaring lovemaking sessions! This was very well written! And the media implies that married sex is boring. This was anything but boring!

  6. 20sophiemarie00 says:

    Id love to be cuffed and stuffed. My husband and I are coming into our own lately. he has come a long way in his forgivness and acceptance. My past is my past and is not who I am as his wife. We have talked about him cuffing me and restraining me in some way and having his way with me. He sees it as being abusive, but when done mutually, it is far from that with all our love and trust. He will have his way with me anytime anywhere. I just long to feel restrained by him.

    • MonsterCock23 says:

      He may be uncomfortable doing it if you’ve done it before with others! Could be a huge turn off for him because then he’ll be thinking about where it all started, and that it’s not new for you! The joys of waiting till marriage is everything is new for both of you and there’s no previous sexual baggage to damage the relationship, you just start and grow. Everybody grows at their own pace, keeping it in so long, it was wild opening up and the fire kept burning. We always are trying amazing new crazy things <3 and there’s no baggage attached, just our love. Praying for you both! If he’s uncomfortable don’t force him too! You may be hurting him emotionally by putting your physical desires first.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I have a slightly different response. I think it’s GREAT that you are talking about your sexual desires and allowing hubby to warm up to the new idea. I don’t think you should feel any shame for your past. If hubby is bothered by your actions with past lovers, he needs to work that out himself. You are not to blame for his mental roadblocks. And I don’t hear you putting your sexual desires first, and I definitely don’t think that’s hurting your husband. Having kinky desires is normal and can be VERY sexy when it’s mutual. If he’s “hurt” that’s on him to figure out why. Your desires and marital wishes are not the thing to blame. Sometimes it’s just being patient for the right time.

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