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My husband and I have been married ten years, have two young children, and both work outside the home, so we rarely get time to indulge in amazing sex. But on our anniversary, we planned a short trip to Goa. It’s situated on the Arabian Sea, and the tropical climate makes it a popular state for vacations in India. While the main reason for the trip was to have a peaceful break, in the back of my mind, I was dying to make passionate love with my husband.

We had booked a guesthouse near the beach, and soon after our arrival, we were on the beautiful Goa sands. My husband ran into the waves, and as I watched his shining, bare body splashing in the water, I just melted.

I ran to join him. The sun shone high overhead, and deep under the surface, my hand crept inside his underwear. (Men in India often swim in their briefs, while women wear clothing at the beach and in the water, not swimsuits.) As the low whitecaps tumbled into us, I jumped on him and started to kiss his bare body.

He understood what I had on my mind, and he had amazing plans too. He lifted me in his arms and started smooching me passionately. The high waves ensured no one on shore could see anything going on below our shoulders. Slipping his fingers under my floating skirt and inside my knickers, he started rubbing my clitoris. Before long, I ached to have him inside me. The relentless waves of the sea along with his pressing of my boobs rubbing with his strong finger between my folds drove me crazy.

Soon he gave me a long kiss and said, “Let’s go to our guest house.” We immediately left the sea and returned to our quarters, but we found we couldn’t continue the action because of the sand we’d accumulated in uncomfortable areas. He scurried to the bathroom to shower while I waited my turn, fidgeting with excitement.

My husband called through the door to ask me for a towel. When I reached in to provide one, he pulled me inside the bathroom and under the spray with him. My man was crazily passionate and strongly erect. Without wasting any time, he undressed me and pierced my hole with his penis.

He kept the show going in multiple positions inside the bathroom and, later, on the bed till both of us were exhausted and blissful. I am amazed and blessed to have had this time with the love of my life.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Good story! Those child rearing years made us so busy that there were many times my wife would take my hand and say we needed to go into our bedroom and pretend that we were married… AKA make love. Since there had been a break between sex sessions often those were intense and wonderful experiences! We also both worked outside the home. So that does make you both pretty tired.
    As empty nesters then as retirees we made love & still make love a lot more often! You sometimes just have to MAKE the time to have sex during the child raising years. Those vacations or even weekend getaways with just your spouse are important too! It helps you reignite that flame.

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