Morning Sexy Surprise during COVID

Melodie woke me up today demanding sex immediately. This was surprising because we had had sex just two days before and lately we’ve been on an every three days sex schedule.

She kissed me to wake me and insisted that she wanted/needed sex. She kept kissing me and said she wanted to feel if it was doing any good. So she grabbed my fast hardening erection through my pajamas. I pawed at her breasts through her PJ top and I suggested she lift the top up. She did and proudly displayed her beautiful breasts. She cupped each one in turn as I gave my oral attention to each boobie. I slid my hand under her PJ bottom to find an already very wet pussy.

Soon she pulled my pajama bottoms down and my PJ top up and she began to pump my now hard rod.

I pulled her PJ bottoms down more, then she stood up by the bed and removed her PJs entirely as I removed mine. Then she began to strike sexy nude poses so I snapped some pics on our private photos app as I pumped my cock with my free hand. Then she slipped into an open cup & open crotch teddy. She posed some more in the ultra-sexy lingerie then she grabbed the vibrators and lay next to me.

Now that I was fully nude and she was in full-access lingerie, I petted her pussy & focused in on her clitoris as I loved each nipple more. (She has beautiful nips) then I kneeled up to do tip on nip as she buzzed her clitoris. We did this very pleasant activity for a while. I pump my erection while running my tip all over her nearest nipple.

“Go inside me!” she pleaded… after just a couple of minutes of tip on nip.

So I mounted her in missionary position. It was nice but we have COVID so I soon ran out of breath. I switched to our go-to X position – with her on her back and me facing her at right angles – and we went at it with her twerking her pussy for me and me thrusting desperately hard.

It felt so amazingly good that I cried out “I love f***ing your pussy!” (I don’t usually use that term.) But I was so turned on and amazed!

But I slowed down as the COVID lungs caught up with me. I slid out and up beside her and I was gasping. I asked and she had me slide a brand new bigger vibe we’d recently purchased into her pussy. Then she continued using her bullet vibe on her clitoris. I was loving on her nipples.

I pumped the bigger vibe in and out and Melodie said it felt good. But she still did not come. This was kind of surprising.

I slid the vibe out because she said that she wanted the Tom biological vibrator in there.
So we had more PIV sex but I just couldn’t breathe well today (a combination of COVID and asthma and heart failure). I was coughing profusely! In fact, she was coughing intermittently as well.

Finally, she suggested I lay on my side of the bed. She fondled my balls and sucked my nips and fingered my nips as I managed – with some difficulty- to pump myself to a very explosive orgasm. I sprayed cum everywhere!

She did not want to keep on trying for her big O because she was coughing too. She was a day or two ahead of me with her COVID symptoms.

But Melodie assured me that she was content. She WOULD have preferred for my cum (her present) to be in her pussy but she was fine. She said that she loves doing this for me. (surprise – unscheduled sex romp).

I asked what brought this on. She made me laugh when she confessed that she’d had a bad dream.

She said, “In the dream, I wanted to have sex with you but you only wanted to pray!”

“Like THAT’S ever going to happen!” I laughed. Yes, we believe in prayer but I never say no to my wife’s sexual requests.

Melodie took on a cute pouty face and said, “I wanted you SO BAD and you only wanted to pray! So when I woke up I had to have you!” She giggled – a little embarrassed.

“You can have dreams like that every night, as far as I’m concerned!” I said. “But maybe wait until we’re over COVID. That about killed me!”

We both laughed – & coughed.

I felt bad that I’d not come inside my sexy wife who lay there in that incredibly sexy lingerie. She loves the open cup/open crotch teddies. They are her favorites – mine too! This type of wake-up demand HAS happened before. It’s even happened in the middle of the night. She’ll have a bad dream and need the comfort of sexual intimacy with me, her husband. She’ll wake me up – often already nude. Often she doesn’t even want to use the vibrator. (She needs a vibrator to climax.) But after a bad dream my sweet, beautiful and sexy Melodie just needs to feel the love of my body on her and in her, and that’s good enough.

I still felt so grateful for this wonderful God-given wife this morning. Even if COVID had put a damper on things.


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6 replies
    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks King Arthur. Mornings are the best and safest times to have sex with a bad heart.

    • LovingMan says:

      I don’t think there is a way to post a photo of specific lingerie on MH… but my wife has one open cup / crotchless teddy in white with blue trim, one in red, and two in purple. Her favorite is one of the purple ones!

  1. Giants05 says:

    Super hot story! Was surfing marriage heat w my wife on a child free night tonight before bed and found this. The crotchless / cupless teddy got her so turned on she went in her lingerie drawer and found one from like 10 years ago she fit back in again and wow. Tried tip on nip and she freaking loved it. Did a naughty photo shoot …was super hot.

    • LovingMan says:

      Hey Giants05! That is great that our fun inspired yours. That is one of the blessings of MH! Isn’t it wonderful when our wife gets so into sex like that! My wife went there yesterday morning and it was a child-free day for us as well (grandkids for us). The lovemaking session was epic! So I wrote it up in my love journal and submitted it to MH last night. I’d love to read your story about last night! Your comment alone shows that you know how to write well.

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