Husband Takes Me: The Awakening

I read a wonderful story titled Wife Takes Me, written by hardhornyhusband. I left a reply saying I should write a similar story from the wife’s point of view, and he encouraged me to do so. I write this for my husband foremost, but also for hardhornyhusband and all the remaining couples that wake up in the morning with their spouse.

I love the mornings, especially the weekends. I love waking up to the smell of tea (I don’t drink coffee) because my husband Jamie is an early riser and always makes sure I get a cup before I step out of bed. Sometimes, I wake up to see a buffet on the bed along with his smiling face kissing me awake and inviting me to have breakfast with him. One unforgettable birthday, I woke up and had my face licked by a little puppy with a pink bow on her ear. Each morning with my husband brings something exciting.

One of the best mornings was when I woke up to his tongue licking my clitoris and felt two of his fingers buried inside me. He sucked me like my juice was the only morning refreshment in the world. His open mouth feasted on my now swollen clitoris and even cried out when I dug my nails into his back. I loved it when he woke me up like this; my entire body was so excited under his hands and mouth.

His kisses found my navel and then my neck. Next, he kissed behind my ears, his breath stirring my desire for him. Finally, his mouth found mine and devoured me. He pulled my slip off my body and bared me to himself. His eyes seemed glazed as he said, “You’re so beautiful.”

Jamie climbed higher on my body and stuffed his erection into my wet mouth while his returned to my vulva. I held his bum and guided his erection in and out of my mouth while my tongue flicked up and down its length. When he moaned, he quickened his pace, sometimes hitting the back of my throat with each stroke. I could feel the sheets under me grow wet while he licked and loved me. Jamie worked my clit, then pushed a finger inside me. I raised my hips off the bed to meet his finger and mouth.

At last, Jamie moved between my thighs. Reaching out, I held his erection, guiding him into my wetness. He went slowly at first until he was finally buried all the way. Then, he began to pound hard, lifting my legs and wrapping them around his waist as he rode the sleep from my body. Every thrust caused me to see stars. He moaned while pumping me, and I could see drops of sweat on his brows.

Jamie muttered something like, “You’re so tight, I can’t hold it anymore.” His hand went between our sweating bodies and stopped at my clitoris again, which was now a very swollen bud. My clit throbbed as he stroked me while keeping time to his constant strokes inside me.

Then I shook almost violently, an orgasm controlling my entire body. Now I was fully awake.

Jamie slammed into me four or five more times; then he went still. I could feel his wonderful semen pouring into me as I saw the first rays of the morning sun light up our bedroom.

“Good morning,” he whispered in my ear while nuzzling my neck.

“Promise to wake me up like this forever?” I asked.

“Promise,” he said.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Lori D… this is so well written and very sexy! It sure is obvious that your husband is kind and loves you passionately! This is an amazing wake-up call! Thanks for sharing this incredibly erotic example of married love.

    I went back and reread your story “Always and Forever.” It is fantastic too! We’d love an isolated place by a lake where we could privately make love outside!

  2. hardhornyhusband says:

    Laying here in bed reading, getting aroused, stroking my cock as I picture your husband taking you, his beautiful wife, as I take mine. Many think we are wrong, having our way with our wives. But they are the ones that totaly understand our love and enjoy every moment as much as we do, if not more. My cock aches, throbbing in my hand as I wonder what your husband is thinking and feeling as he slams into you, knowing he will be filling your pussy with his cum soon. My wife's sleeping beside me. It's our time now.

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