Embarrassed at the Airport

I was reading through old MH stories and saw that I missed the story “Embarrassing”  so I just commented on it today… over 3 months later.   MarriedToAHotBabe and 2nd Marge mentioned in comments that they had an uncomfortable experience with a TSA agent.  So did we.  So I commented too but this is a more complete story.  This happened many years ago… about 20 years ago or so.

We were at our local international airport – leaving for a cruise. So we brought our pink rechargeable small vibrator in my carry-on bag. It was wrapped up in 3-4 microfiber cloths that we use for clean-up after sex.  So thankfully the vibrator did not get turned on in the jostling of the bag.  (When we use it during lovemaking it definitely turns on my wife!)

So the vibe was not running, however, the TSA agent saw it on the X-ray & made me open the bag. Then HE rummaged through the bag and kept asking me what was in there.  The vibrator was wrapped snugly in the microfiber cloths so the TSA agent couldn’t find it.

I finally reached in and unwrapped the small vibe. I held it in the bag so as not to embarrass us more.

But the TSA agent took it from me and he pulled out the small vibrator that was about 4-5 inches long & bullet-shaped. The TSA agent did not know what it was so he demanded that I tell him.

“It’s a vibrator,” I said in a quiet voice.

(My wife was standing on the other side of the conveyer belt & she was mortified.)

“What?” said the agent as he turned the vibrator this way & that and held it up to his face to get a good look at it.

(Everyone was watching.)

I said, still in a low voice, “It’s a vibrator, you know, for sex.”

“Speak up,” he insisted so I had to say loudly, “It’s a vibrator for sex!”

It dawned on him and he broke into a grin and then looked at my wife & grinned & maybe winked at her. She was now REALLY embarrassed.

He handed me the vibrator and I wrapped it back up in the microfiber cloths it had been in and returned it to my bag.

I suppose I could have turned it on to demonstrate what a vibrator does – but we were already embarrassed enough.

I still wonder if the TSA agent really didn’t know that it was a vibrator or if he just likes messing with people who carry vibrators when they travel.

We laughed about it on the plane and on our Alaskan cruise.  That little vibrator got quite a workout on that cruise because we discovered that cruises are really sexy times for us.  It was our first cruise.



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4 replies
    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks King Arthur! We consider a vibrator a blessing and never travel without at least one.

  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Funny story. It happened to us again. We were traveling over spring break (I have a story about our trip soon posting) and on the leg out TSA opened my wife’s bag and there on top were her bras, some naughty lingerie…and her wand vibrator. They said nothing but still…..

    • LovingMan says:

      MarriedtoaHotBabe… I’m glad they didn’t pull everything out and embarrass you two!
      Thanks for your comment. For me I appreciate the feedback we get in comments.

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