Always and Forever

With COVID affecting everything and everyone this year, my husband Jamie couldn’t go in to the office. Rather than working from home, we decided in early June to permanently move to my parents summer cottage on the lake with our 2-year-old son, Jon. It is always soothing to wake up seeing the water so calm on the lake. And with few friends visiting because of covid restrictions. It was just us: my loving husband, our beautiful son, and myself.

After house cleaning, I asked Jamie if he would mind putting Jon down for his afternoon nap while I went for a swim. He said it wouldn’t be a problem as he had work to do as well. I gave him a big hug and kiss and thanked him, then ran to our bedroom and changed into a bathing suit. As I headed outside, I heard a very familiar whistle of approval from Jamie. I giggled because I knew the two piece yellow bikini I was wearing was his favourite.

After a long refreshing swim in the lake, I lay on a chair and began tanning. I felt I would like to get rid of my bikini tan lines, so I took my top off, then the bottom. Coating my hands with tanning lotion, I applied it all over my body, including my breasts and between my legs.

I was getting excited while touching myself, and knowing I was alone, I rubbed my pussy and masturbated while on my back. I thought I heard a noise but ignored it as I continued. I think I managed one orgasm before I heard a noise again. I was slightly embarrassed when I opened my eyes and saw my husband, Jamie, standing over me, dressed in a bathing suit that showed his very tanned and muscular body. I was embarrassed and covered my breasts with one arm and my pussy with the other hand.

He just laughed and told me to relax, that he’d seen me masturbate many times. Jamie moved himself down to his knees between my legs and spread them far enough apart for his head to fit. He pulled my hand to the side to gaze at my my pussy. He took it in for a second and then turned his eyes to look at me.

I stared straight back at him. I couldn’t wait. I thrust up my hips ever so slightly to let him know that I wanted him.

He took the hint and leaned forward to put his mouth over my pussy. I felt his tongue dip into my wet hole, tasting my juices. He sucked me as dry as he could, and then put his tongue on my clit and began to really eat me out. I was in heaven.

I couldn’t tell you how long he ate my pussy. But it went on for a long time. He knew exactly how and where to touch me. I just had an orgasm before, so I knew what was happening again when I came two more times from his tonguing my clit. It was nothing like the orgasms I had when I masturbated; these were beyond intense. I had to bite on my hand to keep from yelling out, and I swear my eyes rolled back into my head.

When I eventually pulled away from his mouth, he looked at me with confusion.

“I want to suck you,” I said. He smiled at that.

I sat up, and he stood and moved next to me. I pulled down his trunks, which hid his erection because of the netting inside. When I got them down, I was literally stunned. His cock was unusually massive at that moment. It almost hit me in the face when it sprung free. Normally it is almost 8” long, and very thick, but now it seemed longer and thicker.

He grabbed my shoulders and moved me so that I could kneel on the patio with him sitting. When I was in position, I looked at him.

“I’ve never sucked it when it’s been this big before.”

“That’s okay,” he said, “let me help.”

He gently grabbed my hand and placed it at the base of his shaft. Jamie was so hard that my fingertips were not even close to touching when I grabbed his cock. I could feel the blood pumping into it, and it was warmer than I expected.

He moved my hand in a motion that I recognized. “Stroke it for me, Lori. It feels so good, baby.”

So I did. I sat there, stroking my husband’s cock in the sun. Instincts began to kick in again, and I started to read his body movements as I jacked him off. I was tightening my grip a little, speeding up and slowing down as he pulsed in my hand. It felt good. It felt right.

I paused my hand at the base of his shaft and took in the sight. He was massive—thick and long. I wanted it.

I leaned over and placed my mouth over the tip of his throbbing penis. closing my lips around him. It tasted a little salty from pre-cum. For some reason, this made me a little proud that I could make Jamie this excited.

I made sure to use my free hand to take care of my pussy while I sucked him. My hubby put one hand on top of my head and started to push me down. I could only take him three-fourths of the way, though; his cock was so thick and long that I started to gag on him. He felt me begin to choke and pulled his hand away. I pulled off slowly, looked him in the eye, and said, “You are huge today!”

“Thanks,” he said. “It feels good to be in your mouth.”

I gave him a sly smile at that and went back to work. I went down on him once more, this time taking my time and sucking him slowly. He told me to use my tongue, so I did. It felt good to have his thick, rock-hard cock inside my mouth. He tasted amazing, all warm and salty. I could feel his blood pulsing against my lips, and it turned me on.

I began to speed up, and I could feel his body tightening. I knew what that meant, but I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth—not yet at least. So, I pulled my mouth off and started stroking him.

“Are you going to cum?” I asked.

He only nodded, biting his lip.

“Cum on my tits. Cum all over me. I want to feel your cum on me.” I stroked his shaft harder and harder. Faster and faster. Finally, I could feel him swelling up. His cock stopped throbbing for a split second, and I leaned forward.

Jamie grabbed his cock out of my hands and aimed it as his hot, sticky load of semen shot across my chest, dripping down my stomach. After the last stream had come out, I leaned forward and took his cock back into my mouth. It was a lot saltier than the pre-cum and a lot warmer, but it felt right because it was for me. I sucked him until I was sure he was dry.

He started to go limp in my mouth, and I knew that he needed some time to recover. We laughed like little children as we both put our bathing suits back on.

“That was fun,” I said.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up and against him. “I don’t think the fun is over yet.” Then he kissed me hard and led me inside.

I was so turned on still that I just blurted out, “Make Love To Me!” Only a few seconds passed before Jamie bent me over and his still-stiff cock enter my pussy…

I’m so excited to share wonderful news. I’m pregnant! We’re expecting our second child in mid March 2022! I love you, Jamie!

Always & Forever
Lori xoxoxo

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15 replies
    • Lori D. says:

      The photo was chosen by Marriage Heat for this true story. I'm glad they decided on a yellow bikini. My bikini doesn't have strings though.

  1. RockyGapMan says:

    Great story…

    So hot!

    But, I over analyze everything. I’ve got to ask. Your husband just emptied himself all over your chest/abdomen and then you took him back in your mouth and sucked him till you were sure he was dry. (SO HOT!).

    Then you say he said:

    “I don’t think the fun is over yet”

    And you came back with: “Make love to me!”

    And that now you’re pregnant.

    Was there some sort of time lapse here? Was he still erect enough after that orgasm to penetrate and inseminate you immediately after “being sucked till he was dry?”

    Just curious if I’m misreading something here, or if the session was just somehow that HOT and that your hung husband is that much of a Superman?

    Turned On, but Curious!

  2. Lori D. says:

    My husband Jamie is a wonderful loving and caring husband, and a super awesome dad with our son. Since day one, I found out what an incredible man he is when we make love. Jamie has the ability to remain erect many times after one orgasm. I soon found out he also has the rare ability to have multiple orgasms. This doesn't happen very often, but it does happen and I love it, he loves it, we love it. I'm not ashamed of performing oral sex with my husband. I'm not ashamed when he performs oral sex with me. Just like making love, it's a wonderful way for us to bond. Afterwards, when I found myself on the floor feeling sick, I did a pregnancy test; it was positive. Using a calendar and looking at my cycles, it didn't take long to figure out this is when I became pregnant.

    • Lori D. says:

      Thank you Lucky Guy, I enjoy sharing my love for my husband. I'm happy to hear that your lady enjoys getting in and out of bathing suits as well. Have a wonderful day.

    • Lori D. says:

      Hi Naughty Spice 🙂 You don't really have to go somwhere warm to wear a bikini. Wear something sexy for your husband in your home. I love wearing bikinis, nice clothes and even lingerie. My husband usually comes shopping with me because I always like his opinion and approval before I buy anything, especially when I let him know I want to go to la Vie en Rose or if he and I shop online at Victoria's Secret. He knows my measurements and many times he will pick something he likes from a rack or sees online. When our son is asleep I love changing into something he bought for me, I love modelling it for him, I especially love it when I do a little dance and striptease to excite him. Many times he can't control his urges and he will undress me.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      Wow Lori! This sounds so sexy!! I love ogling my wife if she has on something sexy, or if her nipples are creating some major pokies action. Makes me want to rip her clothes off and jump her body! Mmmmmm

    • Loving Guy says:

      I love the story too! It makes me really hot! The photo is really sexy and makes me ready to jerk off!

  3. Loving Guy says:

    Oh Lori! Victoria's Secret! What guy can resist that! I have always enjoyed the sight of a lady in pantyhose or stockings! Both are very sexy. However, my favourite is stockings. There was also a university teacher that I had a crush on. She often wore thigh-stockings with a short skirt. What a sight! I hope my wife will dress like that for me.

    • Lori D. says:

      Hi Loving Guy. Rather than wait for your wife to dress up for you, I suggest you buy something nice for her, or just take her shopping. Let her pick something out whether its a dress, tight jeans, leggings and a top or even some sexy lingerie. Whatever she decides on, tell your wife she looks beautiful and also looks so sexy you can't wait to get home. My husband always complements me on my looks, even on those days when I feel awful and I know I look horrible.

  4. James and Lori says:

    I remember that day well. You're simply an incredible woman, wife, mommmy and my best friend.
    I owe so much to you. And I can't wait to welcome our child into our family!

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