Okay, so actual anal sex (penetration) aside…how about having your asshole licked? Does it feel really good? Do any MH women love it and want it on a regular basis (as often as having your pussy eaten)? Does anyone cum from having their asshole licked? Is it safe for your hubby to lick both ass and pussy at the same time (going back and forth). My hubby wants to lick me there very badly, but I’m still uncertain and uncomfortable about it just because of what it is and what it’s used for (and the whole “smells like ass” thing, haha). How did you gals get over your hang-ups and get comfortable with having your ass licked?

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  1. EroticUT says:

    I love to play with my wife's ass. However, she does not! I have been able to slide a finger in 2x and, wow, what a feeling! So tight. We tried anal beads, but she did not like them. We have a small plug, but only use occasionally. When we do, she has great orgasms; not sure why she doesn't want to use it more, but she doesn't. I think its a mental block she needs to overcome.

  2. King Arthur says:

    I've used a finger on her ass before, but she said DO NOT put it back in her pussy. She is a Dental Hygienist and knows a lot about the body and germs.

    Then, when I kissed her asshole a few times, she wondered what I was doing.

  3. LovesHisHotWife says:

    I don’t think as much as you tried, that place is going to be clean enough for licking. If you’re not prepared to lick the inside of a toilet don’t head for the anus. Some things are better left unlicked.

  4. PatientPassion says:

    I can only offer a male and unmarried perspective, but I have an anal interest, so I've given some thought to this. First, I applaud you for being open to forms of pleasure that many are understandably hesitant to participate in. In my mind, a wife's willingness to explore is almost more important than the exploring itself!

    If your husband is eager to give you analingus, he probably doesn't have the same worries you do, at least not to the same degree. But I think it would help ease your concerns (and promote a better experience for both of you) if you took a shower together and cleaned back there first. Methods of cleaning may vary depending on exactly what kind of analingus you and your husband want to do. If it's just rimming, some soap around the outside should suffice to keep things clean and smelling nice. If he wants to penetrate you with his tongue, it might be good to do a little internal cleaning too. This can be anything from a soapy finger an inch or two inside, all the way to several rounds of an enema followed by that soapy finger to be extra thorough. It's probably best not to bring the tongue from anus to vagina, but a good backdoor cleaning would reduce the risk of any issues. With that said, I'm not a medical (or sexual) expert, so I'd definitely do research other places too before taking my advice.

    Hopefully that gives you a starting point! I can say I've read many accounts of both men and women who find that anal stimulation definitely enhances the sexual experience, so I'd encourage you to give it a try! Being unmarried, I've never received analingus myself, but I can imagine a warm, wet tongue would feel heavenly down there, especially when coupled with other stimulation! Give it a shot and write a story about how it goes!

  5. Sarge says:

    My late wife and I discussed anal once and we were both turned off by the thought. So I’m a bit confused about the “why” when others do use it. I believe that every couple should choose for themselves what they want or don’t want, and that a spouses aversion to anal or anything sexual should be respected.

  6. Lustfully in love says:

    My wife has never agreed to anal sex so I haven't pushed the idea. I have licked her asshole while eating her pussy many times, but she only allows it after she's had a long bubble bath. She is open to almost anything sexually but she does not want my cock in her ass. She just thinks it would be too painful. So that is one adventure we stay away from.

  7. Hot Tamale says:

    Great topic, Booty! I've also wondered about this since I've read that it's a pretty common practice among couples. I've read (might have been in a Cosmo magazine?) that rimming feels really good because the anus has so many sensitive nerve-endings, which makes it incredibly pleasurable. If a pussy feels really good being licked, it makes sense that an ass would too. Hope to hear from some of the MH ladies who enjoy this practice! Thanks for the question! Would love to hear more from others!

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Hot Tamale,
      I remember when we were getting HoTT..and my wife gave me a very amazing surprise. As I licked her, she somehow came around and pushed her 2 fingers in my ass hole. And wow! She moved it aggressively in and made me so hard. She wouldn't stop!!
      And..I really pounded her for that.
      Can't describe how animalistic it was. I loved it!

    • LoveMySexyWife says:

      Both my adorable wife and I love anal play in all forms. We keep the back door clean constantly – not only by showering properly but we've had a bidet in all our bathrooms for over 15 years. The back door has the most nerve endings – second only to her gorgeous clitoris. There's a reason why God designed our bodies in this way. But absolutley keep it clean!!! We both enjoy analingus, plugs and dildos; they enhance the level of orgasms. My adorable adores "blended orgasms"- it's so beautiful to give her such pleasure … it's a spiriual act of worship. By blended I mean when she orgasms in two places at once. For example, I'm eating her pussy/clitoris while stimulating her anal passage with my fingers. Or I'm pounding her cunt and she has an anal plug, or my fingers in her back door – it enhances my pleasure too as her pussy is that much tighter. She reciprocates with me … perhaps she's on top, cowgirl, while we have a vibrating anal dildo in my back door that's stimulating my prostate simultaneously. Still crazy in love and creative in our 60's … that's MarriageHeat!

  8. Sadie says:

    I just have to say that I find rimming to be a mind blowing sensation. That said, I only want to do that right after I've had a shower, and if he ever wanted to penetrate my ass with his tongue–I wouldn't say no (it would also probably feel amazing, and the prospect of him being that lustful of me that he would do such a thing is a turn on), but I don't think I'd want to kiss him or have cunnilingus very soon after. So I'm certainly not aiming for tongue penetration.

    Don't let yourself be pressured into simething your don't want to do, but if you are truly willing to be open minded and explore this (maybe little by little), that's awesome, too. Good luck. 🙂

  9. Frankie says:

    You asked "how about having your asshole licked?" Please be very careful. Feces have e-coli – a bacteria not normally a problem in the colon but which can be very dangerous in other parts of the body such as the upper digestive tract.

  10. Suzyzz says:

    Although I had my asshole penetrated many times by my hubby, rarely did he lick my asshole. For one it felt very… I wouldn’t say dirty. but according to him a very sour taste. Secondly, I didn’t feel any sensation as the ring around it was, to me, not so erotic. If need be (and it proved to be rather sensational), he would first tease me with his erection and if we both felt the need, I would just relax and let him do a full anal. At times (because of the tightness), he would ejaculate deep inside. The drawback is that semen flows back out, as it has nowhere else to go. Hence, for hygiene reasons, we mostly use a condom, and in exceptional circumstances, we’ll go without a condom and just clean out afterward.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      I think ( I know ..) that licking the ass hole is primal. It's filthy and dominant. It makes me a wild man and in [an extreme roleplay] scenerio, can be quite animalistic. We like it.

  11. firefly says:

    My DW and I are in our 60's also. We started discussing rimming about a year ago, then tried it one night after she got out of the shower. She shuddered at the thought of me licking her anus, and said, "I just don't see why you want to do this". She lay back on the edge of the bed, legs open and feet on my shoulders as I knelt beside the bed. I ate her pussy for 3 good orgasms back to back, then I went down to her anus licking all around and tried to get it inside, but too tight, she instantly orgasmed once, then twice, then a third time. I asked, "how did that feel?" She blushed and said, "amazing, just amazing". Now she asks for it when she knows we are going to have oral sex, but only if she has just showered and cleaned thoroughly. She likes getting on the bed on all fours just after a shower and says, lick me please. We have anal sex about twice a week. Anal for her means she orgasms shortly after I enter her, and multiple orgasms normally. LOL, she refuses to lick my arse, I just laugh and don't press the issue. But I love her rear and everything we do with it.

  12. AJ89 says:

    Ugh. I don't like anal at all, let alone licking… there. Once my husband tried anal (without me knowing that was his plan). I said to him, "Um… that's not my pussy." He said, "I know." I pulled away and said, "Then what are you doing?" We didn't try again after that.

  13. Captain says:

    Just discovered this website and there are very interesting topics in here to say the least. I am 55 and she is 53, both trim and fit and in very good health. She is 5’2, blond, blue, 114 lbs, and petite. Sexually she is more conservative while I am more of the ‘push the envelope’ type of guy. I introduced her to anal play by using my fingers while my tongue would slowly stroke her clitoris. At first she was very uncertain as to how she felt about it. She would push my fingers away but they always seem to find her anus again. I am now and was then very gentle by carefully placing my finger at the entrance of her asshole and only put a little pressure on her there. At same time I would make my tongue soft, like as if I were eating a melting ice cream cone, and softly stroke her pussy lips and clitoris. This would really arouse her because I was gentle, soft, patient, loving, etc the whole time. It should always be about the man providing pleasure to his wife and recognizing that in many, many situations, less is more. Over time our love making does now include me going down on her and licking and tonguing her anus. First I am usually sucking and licking the globes of her ass cheeks. I’ll suck the entire flesh into my mouth and suck on her as if giving her a hickey at that spot. Then I will work my way into the crack of her ass and gently swirl the tip of my tongue around her asshole while she lies on her stomach. To help with access I’ll slide a pillow under her hips (belly) to expose her more. Eventually I part her cheeks with my hands and devour her anus. I’m not rough nor do I move fast. I take my time and if she truly is not in the mood, I’ll stop and not go any further. But more often than not she is gently grinding back into my mouth. I do push my tongue into her as deep as it will go and slip it out again only to shove it back in. Over and over. If I need a small break I’ll use my fingers and softly probe her. Every so often she wants my entire finger in deep but mostly I only go in to the first knuckle. Anyways I am sharing this with you all because she loves it, I love providing that kind of pleasure to my incredibly hot, beautiful wife. And she is the very last person on Earth who’d you expect to be a woman who desires that kind of touch and attention on that part of her body.

  14. 1blessedman says:

    During covid, while we were both recuperating, we were refraining from passionate kissing and cunnilingus just in case we had other opportunistic invaders. So, the wife decides to allow me to indulge myself. I was in the mood to gobble her up but she blocked my advances toward her cunt and offered her rosebud. Both of us having just showered, I slowly and tenderly started with the back of her thighs and advanced as she offered her ass to me. She is normally not so much into it but that particular time she let herself go and surprised herself with how good it felt. And recently, she let me use her rosebud to pleasure myself as I worked my cock head back and forth. Full penetration is not the norm….a couple of times years ago but not now. Cleanliness is the key! Let’s realize that eating a gal out puts one’s chin right onto her rosebud. All of the variety of sexual iterations and one is bound to at least bump into that cute little spot. I think the consideration is how deep one goes. We are okay with the exterior and no more than the outer sphincter. As for past that line of demarcation, we had a tryst some years ago whereby my wife encouraged me to fuck her ass hard, and I was balls deep. Amazing! Risky business but can be managed to be safe.

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