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Other Sex Discussion Forums Besides MH

I’m curious what other sex-positive discussion forums members of MH might be on? I’ve learned (from MH) of Songs of the Believers. Are there any others? Which other forums do you belong to and recommend?  While MH is great for stories and group discussion, I would love to have further, one-on-one chats with others on […]


Okay, so actual anal sex (penetration) aside…how about having your asshole licked? Does it feel really good? Do any MH women love it and want it on a regular basis (as often as having your pussy eaten)? Does anyone cum from having their asshole licked? Is it safe for your hubby to lick both ass […]

Pussy Pumps?

Hi, MH family! I’m just wondering if anyone on MH has tried a pussy pump before (Like the Doc Johnson one, which seems to be the most popular)? Wondering if they work really well, increase sensitivity, make orgasming so much easier or faster (maybe even give you more?) and the feelings of sex that much […]

Pubic Hair Styles

Hi MH crew, I was wondering: what is your preferred pubic hair style? No hair at all (totally shaved or waxed, smooth as a baby’s bum)? Lips shaved but hair left above on the mons? Lips smooth with a landing strip above? Big landing strip or little? Or maybe just a little Charlie Chaplain moustache? […]

Sex Toy Question

For those of you who have tried a variety of sex toys over the years, have any of you ever tried a pussy pump before? They also make a smaller version just for the clit too (a clit pump). The idea behind these pumps is to vacuum suck the genital area, thus, drawing extra blood […]

Another Bootylicious Challenge

Okay all you MH fans, how ’bout another Bootylicious challenge. The recent “car sex” story inspired me. Your mission should you choose to accept will be to get naked and masturbate and/or have sex in an unusual place or location, some place you normally wouldn’t even consider doing such a thing in.  It is always […]

October Shave Challenge 2014

Hi y’all, Just curious: for all of you who took the shave challenge back then, how many of you are still keeping yourselves bald today? How many of you loved it so much that you will never go back to bush again? That’s me, for sure! How ’bout you? Booty

Do You Love Being Naked?

Hi MH family, Just wondering: how many of you love being naked around the house? How many of you shed your clothes as soon as you are home from work?  How many of you generally walk around the house naked all day? I know having kids around will curb that activity, but when you have […]

Best Vibrator

Hi MH, I’ve been looking at purchasing a vibrator. I’ve heard that the rabbit vibe is a “must have”.  Do any of you own one? If so, which brand (there are so many to choose from!). Would you highly recommend a rabbit vibe or would you have another recommendation? Thanks y’all!   Marriage Heat has […]

Favorite Position

This one is for the gals. What’s your fav position to be in when having your pussy eaten?  My hubby and I have used every position imaginable! Depending on the time of the month, some work better than others (it’s weird, one position will work really well one time and then not as well the […]

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

  Just thought this might be a really interesting and fun topic. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done with your spouse?  Or even by yourself i.e. masturbating. Ever pick up your husband from work totally naked? Ever strip naked in the car and start masturbating while your hubby was driving? Ever have sex in […]