Pubic Hair Styles

Hi MH crew,

I was wondering: what is your preferred pubic hair style? No hair at all (totally shaved or waxed, smooth as a baby’s bum)? Lips shaved but hair left above on the mons? Lips smooth with a landing strip above? Big landing strip or little? Or maybe just a little Charlie Chaplain moustache? Full bush? Wild, untamed, forest? Full bush but trimmed short?

Men, how do you wear the wig? Do you do some manscaping? Do you take it all off? Do you just shave the sack and shaft but leave hair above?  Is the hair above long and bushy or trimmed short?  Do you shave your stomach (the area just above your pubic hair…you know, that furry treasure trail that leads to your delight?)

Me? I’ve been shaved bald for about 15 years now. I LOVE being completely hair free and smooth. I would have all my pussy hair permanently lasered off if I could afford it. I will never go back to having bush of any kind.  My hubby shaves all of his hair off too: chest, stomach, entire pubic area, shaft and sack. We both love being completely bald. Smooth skin is so nice to play with! Nice to lick! Nice to look at. We are baldies for life for sure!

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102 replies
  1. Deane says:

    Wow, it seems you've very resolutely made up your mind, Bootylicous! As I said in another thread a moment ago, it's all about what gives you the maximum pleasure with each other. From the way you and your husband are "wired", the "baldness" takes away the last layer of insulation – which, for you both, would get in the way. For my wife and me, it's the opposite: I LOVE her hairy pussy – i just LOVE getting my face brushed with it and "treasure hunting" with my tongue through her long "grass" to find that secret cave with all its delights … And I'm a hairy man, too. I don't shave downstairs; in fact, I don't really shave upstairs either (I have a beard, although I keep it neatly trimmed. I grew it 21 years ago; I did shave it off once, but I felt so undressed that I grew it straight back on). I have a hairy back, too – and Mary loves it that way!

    • Deane says:

      P.S. At the end of the day, it comes down to the beauty of two individuals and the way God has wired them. There's one thing God never created, and that's clones. I take that to mean that He doesn't like clones very much. Instead of clones, He's made 7 billion unique individuals – all with different tastes, too. We're not all the same – and one of the beauties of marriage is finding and sharing those things that make each of you unique. It's a real blessing that your husband loves seeing your "unshielded" pussy, Bootylicious, just as I love seeing my wife's hairy one!

  2. martinez2582 says:

    Great topic Bootylicious. Matter of fact my wife is going today to get waxed. She use to keep a thin landing strip but now she loves the look and feel of being bald. Plus she thinks it's kinda naughty to be bald.
    As for myself, I shave it all off. I too like the look and feel of being smooth all over. My sack feels amazing after a nice shave. Plus the wife Ioves it as well.
    We won't ever go back to having hair. Just feels so naughty and amazing to be bald together!!!

  3. youngtxhubby says:

    My wife and I both prefer completely bald for each of us. Makes oral more fun that way without having to worry about hair getting in the way. I keep my pubic area and balls completely shaved most of the time, and my wife recently had a full Brazilian laser treatment to go completely bald, along with her legs. We both love it! 🙂

  4. Happy Husband says:

    My wife shaves it all off during the warm months, and in the winter she keeps shaving everything other than a little "patch" above her clitoris, maybe the size of a silver dollar. I shave my balls and shaft all of the time, as my wife loves to provide oral but does not like dealing with hair in her mouth. As for the rest, I will vary from totally bald to a "man patch" or letting it all come in around above the shaft. The biggest reason for manscaping it back is that I tend to work out a lot and sweat, so anything to reduce the amount of hair down there helps with hygiene in terms of reducing the capture of odor. I would shave it bald all of the time, but my wife prefers the appearance of some hair, so I keep it for her. As I say, my cock and balls belong to her.

  5. gcms - great christian marriage sex says:

    I am not a big fan of hair. I am glad that I was not born real hairy. I LOVE being shaved, my balls, above my genital area, all the way to my belly button. Plus, I love my ass shaved or at least with not much hair on it. I am not sure why, but it just feels sexier to me. It seems to feel more naked.

    I prefer my wife shaved, or with a landing strip only. VERY NICE.

    I appreciated the article. gcms or

  6. Care Free says:

    Such an intriguing question… Every month I make sure that I have some alone time to tend to my garden. First I grab nice hot shower, as I find it helps eliminate razor burn. Once I have dried off I then stand at the end of the bath and rest my one foot on the side as it helps with access. I then apply a healthy amount of shaving gel to my cock. The anticipation of what I am about to do always makes my cock so hard, not to mention the thrill of seeing my cock in all its glory. I then generally start at the base and shave a little at a time, ensuring that I rinse the blade in warm water every once and again. I find that the warm water heats the blade in such a way that the process creates an amazing hot/cold sensation all over my already hard throbbing cock. Once I've finished shaving my sack and shaft I then rinse the excess gel off and then douche my cock. It is such amazingly sensual experience that most times I cant help but lie down on the bed with some lubrication and masturbate myself to release all the sexual tension. After that I always look forward to parting my wife's moist lips with my cock as it feels so smooth and sensual. I find it definitely heightens the pleasure, especially if you're going bareback!

  7. Hubby34 says:

    My wife shaves completely most of the time. I shave my cock and balls bald but leave a small patch above and trail to my chest hair. If we could afford it, we would wax completely or have it all lazerd off. The best pussy to lick is the soft and smooth bald one. I hate prickly hair. Perhaps soon we will start doing home waxing 🙂

  8. Art says:

    I shave my sack and balls. It feels so good. I also shave the lower part of my shaft and I to get hard and want to masturbate – Care Free.

    I also shave the inside of my legs and put powder on to help with the skin on skin contact and rubbing.

    My wife doesn't shave at all, but it is no problem with me. I love her smell and taste and love to give oral.

  9. Alicia G. M. says:

    Shaving ones private play area can be a fun and erotic experience, especially if you have never done it before. Trey has pubic hair. I have mentioned to him about shaving it, but he just rolls his eyes and shakes his head no. Oh well! Later MH peeps!

    • Bootylicious says:

      Yes! My hubby loves when I ask him to shave my pussy. Always gets him quite hard and I always get a good licking afterwards. Works for me! 🙂

    • Mr.Lover says:

      I have pubic hair myself. I prefer not to shave as I am worried about hurting myself accidentally. If my future wife wants it then she would probably have to help me, and we can have some fun ourselves. I have been a fan of hairy pussy ever since I saw it in the movie Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone with some high school buddies.

  10. Juicy says:

    Personally I like a bit of variety and I don't think I would ever have my genital hair lasered off because tastes and preferences change. I have had a range of everything and being caucasian with dark hair, my pubic hair is thick and very noticeable so I take that into consideration. I have just shaved outer sides and the little bit on my upper inner thigh to taking it all off! Personally, I like to have it short and neatly manicured, no matter how much area or style of bush I have. I find it sexy to switch it up and it is one of those things that make me feel very feminine. With at least a little bit of hair, the scent of woman is easier to "trap" and that is always a turn on for a guy.

    I have used all sorts of different methods to remove hair – waxing, shaving, personal trimmer, depilatory cream. For me personally, waxing is the least effective method. I don't mind the pain of the waxing itself, but it doesn't stay smooth very long and grows back withing a week or so. So it isn't worth the trouble and mess but all other methods work well for me. Dealing with razor burn, bumps, rashes and ingrown hairs has been the biggest learning curve for me. Using a loofa daily, moisturizing with body oil or cream and just keeping on top of it keeps the bumps and rashes away and I hardly have any trouble now. Personally, I like a little hair on my man – the treasure trail is sexy to me! But manscaping is great for oral so keeping it neat and trimmed, or bald is fine with me.

    Taking into consideration what our partners like is important but I know my hubby says that it is also my personal preference and what I am able to maintain on my own body that is equally important. It can be time consuming to maintain a bush, or lack thereof! I try to keep a balance of what we both like and what is easy to maintain and what method is effective. That is why I like to switch it up – there is an element of excitement and surprise!

    • LoveHogs says:

      We have been converted to baldies. We had dabbled with shaving for sometime. A few years ago in our mid-thirty's we decided that our family was big enough, so as I was going to to have a kidney stone removed I would get the snip at the same time. My wife works at a beauty salon as a receptionist and arranged with the manager (unknown to me) for me to be waxed. So when I went to collect my wife a few days before my operation, my wife said that she had a treat for me and took me to the twin treatment room at the back of the salon where, to my surprise, I was given a full Hollywood wax, so I was totally hairless. To her surprise, my wife was told to get on the table where the manager waxed her as well. The next day we were able to try out our new bald look with several oral sessions before I had to go to the private hospital for my operation.
      When I came back from the hospital, I had arrange a surprise for my wife with the surgeon! While I was out he had preformed a circumcision converting my cock from a hoody to a polo neck. My wife had in the past confessed the reason I did not get much oral was because she did not like my foreskin. She loved the new look, even though she had to wait to try it out for a few weeks.
      The good news: the manager at the beauty salon uses us as models to demonstrate waxing to students, so we are permanently hairless. She has asked if we want to be models for the salons Laser hair removal, which would render us both hairless forever. Still thinking about that. Meanwhile we are both enjoying lots of oral, hairless and foreskin-free.

  11. MajorMajor says:

    I might be in the minority but I definitely prefer a natural, hairy, bushy pussy. There is more mystery, things to explore and discover and the musty smell of the pussy seems to be more pronounced when left natural. Plus I'm quite visual and I love the contrast between my white seed and the black hair of my wife's bush/

  12. Lovinghusband says:

    My wife is trimmed tight and I'm smooth to the hilt!

    I love the regular almost daily regimen of maintaining my total smoothness – not a chore at all! In fact, it is a fun foretaste and reminder of the joys that will be cumming!

    I have excellent equipment to do the job – and believe me – I shave my balls with maximum carefulness and attentiveness!

    About every 2 weeks I use an excellent mirror to shave any hairs in my ass crack. My wife never has her face and tongue touching anything but smoothness – as she glides over the areas like they were butter😊

    My wife has no hairs on her ass crack – as I tongue fuck her ass hole! Nothing but smoothness!

    She has no hair in and around her pussy lips – as I'm licking, sucking, or French kissing her cunt – there is no mustache kissing me back!

    This is our preference – and it is hot! LH

  13. MB says:

    We went from recently being a silky smooth couple (great for oral) to full on garden. The friction caused by her bush when she rides me reverse cowgirl is incredible, brings us both to a massive orgasm. Try it, you'll like it 😉

  14. Lovingcouple920 says:

    I prefer to change it up based on the season and my mood. In the colder months, I tend to have a fuller bush but always keep in neatly shaped and my pussy lips smooth shaven. Then as it gets warmer, I start shaping my pubic hair into a landing strip. On special occasions, I will shave my pussy completely. My husband has fully shaven his pubic hair before but I like to see him mix it up as well. I think there is nothing sexier than seeing his big hard cock surrounded by a small patch of neatly trimmed hair shaped into a triangle.

    • Mr.Lover says:

      That is great that you prefer you're hubby with pubic hair. As previously stated, I have pubic hair myself.
      Therefore, I hope that my future wife would prefer pubic hair.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised to read how many men are fully shaved. At the gym, I am one of the few men who I have noticed that are shaved. Do women prefer a man to be fully shaved? I am still waiting to find my bride and go back and forth on the idea of shaving. I started shaving because I read in a magazine that women prefer it and it helps men, like me, who are smaller than average look bigger. I don't want to send the wrong message to my future bride when we finally meet.

  16. Bootylicious says:

    Anonymous, I certainly do! My husband is as bald as I am and I LOVE it! I think a smooth cock is really sexy!! It's really nice to suck, that's for darn sure! And nice to stroke and fondle and play with. Smooth of smooth is definitely the way to go in my opinion. Hubby and I are both sold on it! 🙂

  17. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @ladygarden, I have noticed the same thing. Also noticed that more older women are fully shaved than young women which use to be the other way around. It is kinda sexy to see the different styles.

  18. ladygarden says:

    Lovingcouple920: We work out at the local Planet Fitness now which attracts ladies from all ages. In our case, I am seeing significant pubage on women of all ages. Most of the women my age display some significant bush and probably half of the 20-30 year old ladies are no longer clean shaven (a couple of years ago nearly all that age seemed to be bald). And a surprising number of the young women are not shaving their pits either, which is a major departure.

    Yes,I find admiring the bush parade rather enjoyable and have to be careful not to look too close! ;-D


  19. Happy Husband says:

    it is rather funny. I used to have to beg my wife to shave bald. She would only do it in the summer. Recently I asked her if she would be interested in going back to a landing strip, and she said "no, it is just a lot easier to shave it all off." We are in our early 50's. I keep my cock and balls totally shaved, but after shaving bald recently I am letting the rest of it come back in. She loves to give oral sex, so the cock and balls will stay shaved no matter what. As for the men, I have never seen another man shaved other than me, but I don't spend a lot of time in locker rooms.

  20. leenoos says:

    I use an epilator on my balls. You've never felt anything so smooth and soft as epilated balls! 🙂 And it lasts a week plus. Bit of pain getting started but worth it. I prefer the Philips model with ceramic roller.

  21. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @ladygarden, I go to a Planet Fitness as well. I can't say that I have seen any unshared armpits, not sure I would ever do that, but agree that more young woman have pubic hair than in the past. I don't mind if others look, I shared a picture on here, lol. I figure if you take the time to maintain it, you might as well admire it 😉

    @happy husband, I was surprised how many men commented that there are always fully shaved. My husband has shaved before and it was hot as a change but I prefer when he has a neatly trimmed triangle of short curl hairs. Though for some reason the image of a huge shaved cock is thrilling, maybe because it is a naughty idea.

  22. ladygarden says:

    @Lovingcouple920: I concur, lol. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is something to be said about admiring one's own work! BTW, please tell us (we have been away far too long) where you posted that picture here on MH so we might partake of your handiwork as well…

    PS–Do you enjoy those Lady Schick Hydro Silk Razor commercials, where the three women are standing behind various bushes strategically placed in front of their bikini areas? I know we do!

    LadyGarden ;-D

  23. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @ladygarden, I agree. Sure check out the stories "Smooth Shaven Surprise " and "Sheer Sexiness". Those ads are clever and sexy. It is a little embarrassing but sometimes seeing an attractive woman makes your mind wander to "what color and style is she rocking" 🙂

  24. Bootylicious says:

    "what color and style is she rocking"

    Lovingcouple, I always wonder that too! haha Being a baldie, I wonder how many women I encounter each day are sporting the bald look too. To paraphrase that commercial "What's in your wallet?"…"What's under your skirt?" LOL

    Ladygarden, WELCOME BACK!! I've been wondering where you've been all these many months? I miss your stories. So sexy! Hope you'll be posting them again soon!

  25. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @Bootylicious, that is too funny. I am glad I am not alone, lol. While occasionally I will see an attractive man and wonder how big his cock is, I find that more frequently I see a beautiful woman and wonder "what's under her skirt" 😉 does she have natural red or blonde hair? Does she fully shave or have a landing strip? It can be hot to see a movie star naked and then based on her pubic hair style, wonder is she spits, swallows or enjoys it all over her face 🙂

    I like to change it up!

  26. ladygarden says:

    @Bootylicious–This is K writing for us; we thank you for the encouragement and the great laugh–"What's under your skirt." We can't watch Sam L Jackson anymore without thinking of your line. Hilarious! We are thrilled to return as our goal is to be more active here in 2017. Be on the lookout for our new story which is pending.

    @Lovingcouple920–have you been to our house?!?!?! Kay and I have the same thoughts about women (and to a less degree) dudes we see in public. Incredible irony. We actually compare notes both during or after our encounters–usually commenting in code to each other so it doesn't sound obvious. For example:

    "I hear the county is expanding the landing strip…"

    "You see on Fox News that story about the bear attack?"

    "You hear about that guy who got lost in the forest?"

    "My favorite Robert Redford film is The Natural."

    "I wonder if she goes commando."

    "What did you say your client's name was–Robin Swallows? "

    "You never hear about baseball pitchers throwing spitballs anymore."

    "Even being colorblind, even I can tell the carpet doesn't match the drapes."

    You get the idea!

    I have gotten worked up writing this; now its off to re-reading some of my MH favorites, 😀

    LadyGarden (K)


  27. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @ladygarden, that is cute that you developed your own code. It is great to talk with another couple that acts the same. It is all in good fun and about enjoying in the beauty of others and the fantasy that spices up your marriage. We love each other completely and keep the lines of communication open so there is never any jealous. It is empowering to be in a relationship with trust and honesty. Plus it can really heat things up 🙂

  28. John Thompson says:

    On a dark haired woman I think there is nothing more erotic than a full triangular bush. My wife compromises with a neat "landing strip" lining her vagina. Pubic hair is a strong visual symbol to a man that a woman is sexually mature and not a little girl any more.

  29. ladygarden says:

    @Lovinghusband: It is great hearing from you too! We are thrilled you enjoy reading about our hot crazy love, lol. Question–we have a year of story sharing to catch up on, so please tell us–what do you and your lovely bride enjoy hearing Kay and I write about? Please give some examples so we don't disappoint. Hope you both are doing well–we have much in common!

    LadyGarden (K)

  30. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @John, I agree a triangle bush can be sexy. I am rocking one now during the winter. I like to keep my pussy lips shaved and shave the hair into a neat triangle and trim so it is the same length. When a man isn't expecting to see a bush it can drive him wild. Today, I am wearing the same tiny sheer green thong from our story "Skirt Surprise" and my husband has been trying to get a peek all day. I think the biggest and darkest bush I ever saw was a photo of Demi Moore back from her early modeling days in the 80s.

  31. Lovinghusband says:


    Honestly, you just said it – having much in common. I remember our commonality. We liked so many of the same things – so when I read you two in the past, it was so fun to hear another Christian couple here in California – who are so much into the same hot things that we are! It was affirming. It is also kind of titillating hearing the details of the way you two wrote. Hot! I look forward as much to reading your comments as I do your stories. God bless! LH

  32. ladygarden says:

    @Lovingcouple920: That makes two of us rockin a full bush this winter! If we are thinking of the same Demi Moore pose–
    that's what my luscious triangle looks like! But don't tell anyone…

    LadyGarden 😀

  33. Bootylicious says:

    "I agree a triangle bush can be sexy. I am rocking one now during the winter. I like to keep my pussy lips shaved and shave the hair into a neat triangle and trim so it is the same length."

    Well Lovingcouple, I guess you'll just have to post another pic of your triangle bush. It'll be our little "show and tell…or tell and show 😉

    Just curious: since you like to mix it up and go with a variety of pubic hair styles, how long does it take you to grow your bush back once you've shaven it completely off? Oh, and I totally agree, the lips need to be kept bare and smooth for sure!! Business up top; party down below! 🙂

  34. ladygarden says:

    @Lovinghusband–Bless you both for your loving kindness to one another, fellow MH readers, and to K and I. Yes, we have much in common! Its a So Cal thing for sure. Spoiler Alert–our pending story keywords will include LAX, breakfast diner, loving passion and tears. (already revealed too much).

    Thank you for the compassionate marriage heat and romance you and your dear wife share with all of us. Keep it up, don't stop your titillating stories, no beating around the bush…(sorry, those phrases just popped in).

    All this steamy talk tonight is sending me to our bedroom with some luscious olive oil, candles, smooth Jazz and our sacred Magic Wand, so I can say "Ooooooooooooo;" "Mmmmmmmmmmmm," "Oh yea," Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

    Cheers 😀


  35. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    @Lovingcouple920 Haha, that is a good one! Yes, I got it laser treatments I'm completely smooth now 😉 Hubby loves it! Hope you've been well. God love you

  36. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @bootylicious, for some reason I can't figure out how to add pictures with the story, it was so easy before. Plus not sure people want to see my full bush, lol. In answer to your question, it takes 4-6 weeks.

  37. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @Harper, how long ago did you get it? Was it expensive? Did it hurt? We are well, hope the new year is treating you well so far. I have been working on some new stories but haven't submitted until I can figure out the picture part. How do you add a picture to your stories since you write a lot? Thanks

  38. Rcthom55 says:

    For some of us average guys, shaving gives the appearance of being a bit bigger.

    I trim down to about an inch above my shaft and the shave my cock and balls. I like the way it looks and feels.

  39. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi MH family,

    Since there has been some traffic here on pubic hair styles – I'd like to repeat something I've written a few times for some new people:

    No matter what your style preference – if you do any grooming at all – When you are involved in the actual task of grooming – do it with sexy thoughts in your mind about what is going to be happening with your pussy or cocj.

    Here is what I mean: I love having my shaft, balls, and area above my cock totally smooth! That is our preference.

    And the process – the entire process of maintaining the smoothness is not drudgery – but a joyful, horny prelude to what is coming (cumming)!

    Even the buying of the special trimmer was a horny prelude.

    So, when my wife hears the razor sound coming from our walk in closet – she knows I have her sucking my cock on my mind. She knows I'm thinking about fucking. And she is right😊

    So, I trim my shaft and area above my cock almost daily

    I use a razor blade in the shower on certain flat areas. And if she is there as I get out – she sees the prize and often puts him in her mouth.

    I even periodically shave around my ass – with a mirror- since we like ass play.

    So, no matter what degree of grooming you do, whatever your style – I encourage you to train your mind to make it a sexy appointment during your day. Sometimes I get hard while doing it – which is actually optimal for trimming some tough areas.

    Oh by the way, I am very careful around my balls – I've had many ouch moments over the years- But they are rare.

    Have fun!
    Be horny!


  40. Bootylicious says:

    "Plus not sure people want to see my full bush"

    I do! haha I quite enjoyed seeing your landing strip and wouldn't mind seeing your full bush too. Adds a little hot sauce to the already spicy food! 🙂 Hey…women can enjoy the female body too, right?

  41. Bootylicious says:

    @Ladygarden "Please give some examples so we don't disappoint."

    I really like the stories where the couple is having sex or masturbating in risky or unusual places. Ladygarden, refresh my memory: did you post a story about your nude photo shoot? Did you end up masturbating during it? That would be really hot! HornyGG, did you get really turned on during your nude photoshoot? And, if so, did you masturbate too? Lady garden, I really liked the story you posted about your sister helping tie you up naked in the backyard for your husband to find you. Very hot! I also love the fact that you also enjoy sucking your own tits! Me too! 🙂 Honestly, your stories always rock! I would welcome them all! 🙂

    Since this is a pubic hair thread, I may as well ask: have you ever shaved your pussy totally bald before? If not, why not give it a try and tell us what you think?

  42. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @bootylicious, you are very kind, glad you enjoyed the picture! If you can help me figure out how to add a picture, I will see what I can do 😉 I have a couple other stories and pictures in mind but haven't figured it out. Do you have a favorite story or picture from us? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  43. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @rcthom55, no matter the size I think a neatly trimmed cock looks sexy! The important thing is to do what you are comfortable with and that feels good. Also men should never worry about their penis size, it really doesn't matter if you have 2 inches or 12 inches.

  44. ladygarden says:

    @Bootylicioius: Happy Friday and please know how much we appreciate your feedback, both are very helpful. We enjoy your posts and stories too. To answer your questions:

    Yes, I once commented about the nude photo shoot I did as a surprise for K when we were first married. It was a lot of fun and very erotic. Horny GG actually wrote a wonderful book based on her three part story about an incredible nude shoot that she once did. Perhaps you are on to something, should I write a entire story about my own particular nude shoot? I don't want to steal Gina's thunder from her previous writings; nor do I want to recycle old material. Yet,if an expanded and updated re-telling of that story is in order, I will seriously consider doing it.

    Yes, my dear sister is an amazing lady; we share quite a bond but she doesn't like me to mention her exploits, lol. I can sneak her in sometimes, but she usually gets mad at me when I do so. I will say this about her now and ask for her forgiveness later–she is blessed with a beautiful spirit, a loving heart and a very playful nature. She loves sex and has a very creative mind. Wish I could say more.

    Indeed, I love my girls and am very proud of them, even though they are not as perky as they used to be. They put quite a strain on my back and often get in the way; yet they are well worth the trouble. K adores them; they taste wonderfully and I love to show them off–subtly and not so subtly 😀

    Regarding this never ending pubic hair thread; I shaved myself bald several years ago and didn't like the aftermath. Like several husbands on MH, K adores my lush yet neatly manicured bush. Thanks to Lovingcouple–the past couple of days, he has been referring to my bush as my "Demi!" However–I made a New Year's resolution to give it another try in 2017. So yes, I will shave myself completely bald this year, and will write about it.

    Stay tuned….

    LadyGarden (Demi)

  45. Lovinghusband says:

    Dear Ladygarden,

    Just my "two cents" worth about something you are asking about…

    I like that you are humble enough to ask others what they would be interested
    in you writing about. That said – I would want to encourage you to trust your own
    instincts. Why do I say this? Of course, I am just speaking my own opinion here.
    But, I have so enjoyed everything you and K have written in the past. It is kind of
    like I don't want you to divert away from the formula of your real life that you have
    shared so magnificently and erotically before. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

    Okay – that was my "three cents" worth. LH

  46. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hi Lovingcouple! Sorry it took a while to answer.

    I got it years ago, yes it was quite pricey but worth it because now I don't have to buy shavers and shaver gel all the time anymore 🙂 Not necessarily – it was uncomfortable but wasn't unbearable. I don't post the pictures in my stories, MH handles that part. We've been so well thank you, we've been visiting my cousin Clara in Greenland, and we'll be flying back tomorrow 🙁 But my hubby starts work soon, and our granddaughter starts school soon, so you gotta do what you gotta do. We are well, thank God the new year's so far so good 🙂

  47. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @Harper, so glad to hear that things are going well for you this year. Thanks for answering my questions. I don't think I will ever laser it all off but would be curious to try just doing my bikini line. Ok, I guess maybe the admins don't want people to share their pictures anymore which is disappointing.

  48. Rcthom55 says:


    So are you saying that you can still add "stock" pics, but can't browse to your own personal pics? People are still posting with pics, but do they choose or they are added by the admin?

    We'd miss having you post your own pics.

  49. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    No problem, Lovingcouple920 🙂 I don't think it's that, I mean sometimes people do put their own pics, which sometimes the admins change if it doesn't fit the guidelines. But I've been a member almost 3 years now, and I never posted a pic, that's all. They pic such great pics, I don't think I could do that myself! Oh it's still early, but we do have plans, and we're very optimistic about this year. God willing, it will be fantastic! 😀

  50. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I think you guys are best at it, because they're sexy, but within MH guidelines as well, and there have been needless arguments/disagreements because of certain content in the past. I'd leave that to you. God bless

  51. Lovingcouple920 says:

    In answer to the admins question, our preference is to be able to include our own picture and then they can decide if they want to use it or not. For some reason it feels odd to share intimate stories and then see a picture of another woman in a stock photo. Certainly we will go along with whatever is decided. I don't think any of our pictures have been too racy.

  52. Rcthom55 says:

    I think that Lovingcouple920 makes a good point in that it seems odd sharing an intimate moment and then seeing someone else's pic. Admin always has the option of changing it. We think their pics are appropriate for this site.

  53. leenoos says:

    For what it's worth, I really prefer the professional pictures. This isn't a knock at anyone's body image — you're all beautiful. It's about artistic value and production quality. The professional pictures are shot with proper equipment and composed/edited by artists. Professional pictures are just much classier than homemade ones. This site is considered porn or at least suspect by a lot of people. I'm sorry, but the amateur photos don't help with that. Professional, artistic photos definitely give MH a more classy, less trashy feel.

    (Note that I'm not talking about how explicit the photos are. Photos can be both explicit and classy. Again, it's an artistic value and production quality thing.)

    BTW, There are some great venues for sharing amateur photos, such as Tumblr.

  54. JAM777 says:

    I have a question for the guys. I am wanting to trim my public region. It's just annoying, gets in the way. Any tips on how best to do so?
    And I'm talking with scissors not a shaver or a razor. I don't want it gone. Just under control…

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Definitely get an erection! Much easier to shave with a boner. Besides who doesn’t want a boner and some fun after a nice shave?? 🍆 🍆🍆 💧

  55. Lovinghusband says:

    Dear MH administration,

    I appreciate you staying with the stock, anonymous photos – instead of actual photos of the real person.

    For me, I appreciate seeing the "general" beauty of something sexual – as a preface to an erotic story.

    This general beauty is the mannequin in the mall that makes me want to get the dress for my wife.

    The mannequin is sexy – but has a "faceless" face – though it is pretty. I find the mannequin anatomically attractive and even stimulating in some small degree. The mannequin is suggestive of the real thing – but I don't go home wanting to possess and fuck the mannequin. The mannequin is a personless prelude to my thinking of the bra on my wife.

    But, it is different in some way if my neighbor 2 doors down is wearing the Victoria Secret clothing in the mall window. I note immediately and almost involuntarily that Kathryn is fucking hot! I will go home thinking about her – her tits, her pussy, her ass, etc. I may think of Kathryn's tits, or landing strip as I fuck my wife.

    This would be true even if I didn't see her face – but was told that it was Kathryn. When she drives by in the car – you know what crosses my mind. When we have dinner with them – same thing.

    Remember, I'm speaking for myself here. If I'm alone in this – fine. Move on. Lovinghusband just has a unique hangup. I may be the only one thinking like this.

    I never go to bed thinking, "I want to fuck the woman in that stock picture on MH."

    But, I will now peel back the curtain and be very frank with you who I care about in the MH family.

    I must admit that I've taken an extra notice to pictures on MH – that I know are of the author of that story. To me, it is different than the stock, anonymous photos.

    I know this is "the" pussy of this lady. It has not yet led me to want to fuck her, in some deep lusting sense. But, it has caused me to think of her pussy, her ass. It has become more powerful than the story. It can easily be about wanting to see that real person's pussy. That woman who really responds to my compliment of her pussy – even if I try to conceal it with "Your husband is a lucky man."

    I try to figure out why this is different in me from the "mannequins." All I can figure is that I have come to know this real lady and her real thoughts. I've read about her horniness. I even know that she is excited about other people being turned on by her photos. There is something titillating to me in this. It is personal, real. Not like the mannequin, stock photo. We know we are talking about her pussy. At that moment, her husband is merely incidental. My interest in her pussy is not an interest in my wife's pussy.

    It has even made me wonder what effect it would have on me if GG, Harper, Gracie, Bootylicious, Juicy, or Ladygarden went from stock to actual photos. I don't think it would be good for me. Or for them.

    Their powerful, sensuous words about fucking their husbands does not have me lusting for them. But, it may bring a different temptation if I got used to their actual physical beauty.

    I can see the comments already.

    I think it would be inappropriate to be saying, "Harper, I can't wait for your next photo – next time more ass please". Or "GG, nice trim on your pussy – I love the puffiness of your lips in that one". Or, "Gracie, I really like your hard nipples in that picture – your husband is a lucky man."

    I mention real names here for the effect. These dear, godly ladies' stories would be off limits for me if they did. I would go to bed at times thinking of their actual features compared to my wife. That has NOT been the case ever up to now.

    Someone might recommend that I just turn the photo option off if I had a problem.

    But, that would be of little help as I read more and more comments of people about these tits or that pussy. Compliments. Recommendations. Requests.

    I love the comments on MH – sometimes more than the stories. It is where we interact.

    So, back to my initial praise for the MH administrative decision in this regard. Thank you MH.

    Lastly. I love the godly horniness expressed by so many awesome husbands and wives here! It is fantastic! It gets me hard. But, it is not a hardness directed towards wanting to possess any other wife.

    The best of the ladies here have one huge thing in common: in all their stories they make it absolutely clear that they are out after their husband's cocks! They are NOT trying to voyeuristically titilate other men as they use their husband as a masturbation tool. They are NOT trying to gain a following from other MH husbands or singles (and / or wives) with their real photos.

    If MH turned into that – God's blessing would be no longer be with MH.

    Dear MH family, the "sky is the limit" when it comes to godly sexual creativity. We will not run out of things to share. God helps us keep things fresh and growing.

    Keep writing. Use your pictures like you should use your exposed genitals – for your spouse only.

    I get it! Some of us are proud of how we look. Just keep it for your spouse.

    On MH – enjoy the mannequin on the way in.

    Let's admire the mannequin on the way to the story. We can, because we have trust that MH is only using high quality mannequins.

    And this for our good. May our words inspire godly passions in us – that will be spent on our spouse.

    I've NEVER dreamed about a mannequin. I have dreamed about people I know.

    God bless you. LH

  56. ladygarden says:

    Wow, we miss a couple of days and look what transpires, lol! Everyone be calm and patient with one another, loving and kind—as we are taught in the New Testament. Let there be no divisions among us regarding home submitted photos verses stock photos, or anything else.

    One of the amazing attributes of MH is this forum for honest, open communication with each other regarding the amazing gift of marital sex that God has bestowed upon us. Such a blessing to being able to openly and safely discuss such an intimate subject with each other as sisters and brothers in Christ.

    Think about it. Where else can fellow believers openly discuss things like mutual masturbation, sex toys, orgasms, swallowing semen or not, styles of pubic hair, sex in unusual places, tasting one’s own breasts, etc? This is an incredible forum.

    We think its safe to assume that most MH readers, if not all, enjoy having a photo that accompanies each story. We certainly enjoy the photos. In fact, the romantically hotter the better in our view! No porno, nothing nasty or degrading—rather, a photographic celebration of a couple in love. And being honest, we would not be offended if we saw tasteful, photos of nude married couples actually in the act of intercourse. Holding hands, kissing, looking one another in the eyes as they sweetly make love to each other. Similar to the stock photos available on Getty and other related sites. (No, we are not suggesting for MH to go there, lol!)

    Women and men are attracted to one another; it’s the way we are created. I am not threatened or offended when K looks at MH story photos that include a woman with pretty legs, tasteful cleavage, nips peeking through a blouse, or even a hint of camel toe. Nor does he mind if I look at a man with nice arms and a hairy chest, a couple kissing, or one on top of the other. The photos are to establish the mood for the story, to perhaps ignite an emotion.

    So ultimately, its up to the MH team to decide what fits their photographic standards. We do not have a problem with the pictures submitted by Lovingcouple920. Nor do we want there to be anything posted that could cause a stumbling block to any readers as Lovinghusband so eloquently wrote about. To be on the safe side, with the MH team decision to only post stock photos moving forward, that takes pressure off of everybody, making them ultimately responsible for the photographic content on their own site. We don’t envy you, lol!

    All we ask is that the MH team or reader base not stray into any censorship issues. Abide by the established guidelines, even if gray, and stay the course. Keep surveying your readers to see what they think and what they want.

    And finally, please keep writing Lovingcouple920 and Lovinghusband, we love reading what you have to say. Don’t go away!


  57. Lovinghusband says:

    Kay, thank you for what you wrote. I think you made some great points. I apologize if I came off as unloving.

    I purposely did not mention anyone in particular – because there have been a few examples. I also want you to know that I want to be teachable and open in this regard. I think you made some excellent points.

    One of the reasons that I mentioned that this is how I see some things for me – is that I'm not saying it is the same necessarily for everyone. I say AMEN to wanting to not be divisive; and that MH is a safe place for us all to have discussion; and sometimes to sharpen each other as we talk about things that we have not quite figured out where God would have us draw the lines.

    I agree that we all almost universally enjoy photos. I'm admitting that the lines between pornographic and tastefully encouraging are not black and white. No matter how self-assured we may like to write at times – I think in humility, we must admit that this is an area that we still need to admit we can't be as exacting about. Even in your comment – we might struggle to have a helpful definition of "porno", "nasty", and "degrading". My "celebration" could be your "nasty". Or vice versa.

    I would probably be close to where you are in the things that would not offend you – but I think my example of my neighbor is worthy of consideration. The stock (or anonymous) photo would be easier for some to celebrate in my present view. Look, I know my pretty neighbor has a pussy and tits. I think it would change the way I see her if I had access to seeing her. I'll give an example from a number of years ago. I was swimming with a number of other people. We were having a great time. We got into a splashing fight in the shallow end – like 5 or 6 of us. One of the ladies, when she went under water and jumped up – her top came off accidentally. Her boobs were exposed for about 7 seconds. She was very embarrassed. I can't tell you who the other ladies were in the pool because I don't remember. But, it has been over 20 years and I've never forgotten this lady or her social security number. (Just kidding about SS#). I remember what time of day it was, the hue of the blue in the water. Why? Seeing her tits changed something between us forever. Was it sinful? No! But, I must admit, I have sinfully thought about her body in the past. And I don't even remember the other pretty ladies in the pool.

    My point is – and you mentioned her – our dear sister lovingcouple920. If you want to check – I love the writings of lovingcouple920. I do! I have said so on many occasions. I benefit from them. But, I must admit – and this is my sin from my own heart – but I have had impure thoughts in admiring her. But, "why not in the stock photos Lovinghusband"? Again, for me – knowing that those comments come from that real person – has had me take a different kind of look at her. I've not masturbated to it – but have been tempted. I totally admit that you K could look at her and just show admiration in a harmless way. I'm just saying that is not my testimony. I wish it was.

    I agree – I could probably see a stock photo of intercourse – and admire it and move on. But, I think I would have great potential to have impure thoughts if it was someone that I "know" well through the months and years here on MH. What kind of impure thoughts? Even to be thinking about that person's boobs or pussy as I fuck my wife – and not my wife. Or not focused on my wife. I don't have that problem with stock photos. Plus, I think MH uses great taste in not being to sexually provacative – leaving some imagination, some mystery – that is pleasing, but not pornographic in the sense of stirring lust for that person.

    I agree about our mutual attraction from creation. The ways we exercise self-discipline in this matter is important. I think MH tries to be our partner in this and not our enemy. MH needs to cater to some degree to the weaker brother or sister – in light of the admonitions from the Apostle Paul. The tenor and tone of Scripture is to not be a stumbling block. But, on the other hand, MH gives good options to help the weaker know ways to avoid certain things, too.

    I don't necessarily see myself in the category of the weaker brother – but we all need to have some sensitivity in this area for those who are (or weaker sister). My wife is not threatened by my noticing evident beauty around us. Nor am I threatened by her noticing. I like how she can be made a little horny from a peek at beauty. That said, she knows our neighbor has a cock. But, if she saw it – it would not leave her unaffected.

    I will continue. I just want to say to lovingcouple920 – I love you! You are dear to me. My weakness is my weakness. I love your writing. You are beautiful. I hope I did not hurt you.

    More later.


  58. leenoos says:

    My preference really only relates to the quality and artistic merit of the photos, and how that affects the quality and artistic merit of this site. It's the same reason you wouldn't want a story with poor grammar, typos, and no literary merit. Erotica is an art form. So while a cell phone shot texted to me from my wife may be awesome in that context, it's not the quality of photography I'd want as cover art for a classy erotic story.

    I don't necessarily share the objection about authors using a photo of themselves. If you have professional, tasteful boudoir shots of yourself, or something like that, that's OK by me.

  59. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi Kay,

    Just to finish my thoughts…

    I agree with your conclusions about the MH team's decisions, etc. They do have to make decisions before the Lord. And of course – so do we. They are responsible – and so are we.

    And this is where I want to be extra careful – and not pass judgment in an ungodly way. We have to try our best in assessing our own motives for submitting our own photos – to not want to become the object of anyone else's affections. I may not be able to explain it very well – even with using analogies – but there is something even more personal about putting the real me (us) in the photos. When we buy a picture frame that already has a picture in it – we throw it away without a thought. We don't know that person. It doesn't matter what they look like. But, when we know that person – it hits us a different way. Try throwing a picture of grandma away – it hits us like "I'm tossing out grandma". At some level, I think that over time – as we have become friends here – and we are! – it heightens (naturally) our curiosity about one another. Then, to one day have the curtain peeled back – not just of your face – but your pussy or tits! For me – I think it is so different than a stock photo. I know Ladygarden's hot story is not her picture. It is a nice shoe horn into your erotic story. But, I must admit for me – if I knew it was you – it would hit me a different way. I can't fully explain in some scientific way. Just like the lady in the pool years ago. That's Ladygarden! Your stories hit me in a different way. Your comments on the same hot wavelength. But, I think it would hit me differently if I was seeing what only your husband sees.

    Lastly, I'm with you about censorship issues. Let's be free and talk, talk, talk. Abiding by the guidelines. But, not moving the direction toward censorship. Of course, we admit that we all self-censor in some ways. The comments that the MH staff chooses to not to publish – are things they think we should have censored ourselves with. I won't even go into examples of that. You get the point. Radical censorship? NO! Godly self-governing self-censoring? Yes.

    I'm not going away! Also, I had to stop so quickly before. I clumsily made a comment to Lovingcouple920. I just want to add one more thing. I am just one voice here. I'm wrong about so many things that I'm not even aware of. I wholeheartedly love your contributions on here. I love your creativity. You have encouraged me to a kind of freshness with my wife that I am grateful for. I love your spontaneity. I could go on and on. God bless you.

    Thank you for the reply Kay (Ladygarden). You too, always bring encouragement to me and many others. LH

  60. ladygarden says:

    @Lovinghusband—No harm, no foul, lol. You were not coming off as unkind or unloving. Quite the opposite. Your wife is blessed to be married to such a romantic, honest, sex-loving man.

    Yes, men and women are wired quite differently. The ladies in that pool 20 years ago saw your friend’s titties in quite a different way than you did. You can’t help it. As a male, the image of her boobs bouncing while on display for everyone made quite the impact on you. It's normal. Men are wired differently. It is your blessing… or your curse.

    At high school band camp my senior year, our male high school band director accidentally (yes it was an accident) saw me topless. I was even busty back then; thank heavens he didn’t see my bush! Yes, I was mortified, and so was he. (We moved on and never talked about it). Knowing he was innocent and there was nothing weird between us, I put it out of my mind.

    Maybe a year before that, while swimming at our co-ed YMCA and throwing the ball around in the water, our pastor dove for the ball, missed, and his hand grazed my crotch. Again an accident. Yet he innocently made a big deal of it profusely apologizing.
    He too was innocent, yet I was more bothered that he made a big deal of it than my band director who never brought it up.

    If my band director remembers the sight of my titties, or my pastor recalls brushing his hand across my wet hairy crotch 20 years ago, well that doesn’t bother me. It was one of those things. Life goes on. But I would freak if we spoke today and they brought it up. That would be weird.

    So yes, your point is well taken about the pictures on MH. Paraphrasing your comments, (and thank you for feeling comfortable to say all that), if you read the next two stories that we have pending with MH, and there were actual pictures of my titties, or bush, or bare ass—the mystique would be lost forever. Its like listening for years to your favorite radio personality—often times we see their actual faces and think “Is that what she or he really looks like?” Its almost disappointing.

    We came very close to submitting a tastefully hot photo from my nude photo shoot with one of our stories, yet decided against it. Why ruin the surprise? Why give away the store? A huge part of the beauty of MH is reading the stories, imagining the couples in action, playing out the scenarios, and re-enacting them with our spouses. Imagination is key. Yet if I submitted a sexy nude photo that MH published, and you saw my goods—what would be left to your imagination? You would probably be disappointed, lol.

    I’ve caught ladies checking out my man in public, and I’ve certainly observed K enjoying the “scenery.” Again—no harm, no foul. We won’t go home and fuck that night imagining being with those people. Its all part of life. I am honored when attractive men check me out, and I admit, I enjoy showing off for them at times. One of my faults.

    We are all wired differently. It is between us, our spouses, and God what we think about, and how we respond to sexual and erotic stimuli. We all need to be aware of our limits.

    P.S. I think it is healthy and erotic that as men and women, and as friends here, we can openly discuss our genitals and sexual acts by calling out each other by name. What a cool thing to talk about this member who shaves his balls, or that member who enjoys playing with her toys, etc.

    Bravo, everyone!


    • Mr.Lover says:

      "Yes, men and women are wired quite differently. The ladies in that pool 20 years ago saw your friend’s titties in quite a different way than you did. You can’t help it. As a male, the image of her boobs bouncing while on display for everyone made quite the impact on you. Its normal. Men are wired differently. It is your blessing… or your curse."

      You are correct men and women are wired differently. I think that we have forgotten that too much these days, and this can cause problems, both personally and socially. This is my opinion as well. It is much easier for us guys to get visually stimulated. As a single guy, I am always enjoying the scenery. As my parents always tell me, you never know when you will meet you're future wife. It happens when you least expect it!

  61. Rcthom55 says:


    We hope that you will still submit your stories regardless of the pic policy. They are great stories from which we can all benefit.

    Keep up the great writing

  62. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @rcthom55, thanks for the encouragement, I haven't decided yet.

    @lovinghusband, I hope you aren't beating yourself up about the "impure thoughts". It is perfectly fine to fantasize and it doesn't bother us at all, in fact it is exciting to read the comments when people share openly. You enjoying the stories and pictures and fantasizing is normal. As ladygarden said, "no harm, no foul". We have read and enjoyed stories that resulted in fantasies and it made our sex live hotter.

  63. ladygarden says:

    @Lovingcouple920: Good to see you here again after your short respite. I thought of you over the weekend at Planet Fitness; lol.

    As I was walking nude from the shower back towards my locker, a pretty young woman in her early thirties whom I have briefly chatted with before while exercising; walked towards with a cute smile on her delicate face. In a hushed tone with no one else around, she said "Just gotta say I admire your confidence in growing out your bush. Truth be told, my divorce just became final and I am growing mine back too. Many ladies my age are tired of all the work down there."

    Taken back by the abrupt yet sweet compliment, all I could do was blush, smile, and give her a big hug. I must admit it felt really good hearing those brave words from her.

    So there you go, maybe the natural look is making a comeback, lol.

    You are Loved!

  64. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi Lovingcouple920, thank you for the encouraging words to me. I'm glad to see your comments. In fact, a story on the wearing sunglasses during a blowjob would be a fun story to hear. I hope you two had a fun Valentine's Day. God bless you both. LH

  65. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @lovinghusband, you are welcome. You didn't do anything wrong and it would have been flattering to read your thoughts. I haven't decided if I will write another story. Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the day as well.

  66. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @ladygarden, thanks. That is a nice moment. I can't say a stranger has ever complimented my pubic hair (I have had a couple comment on my panties) but I have had friends say something. It must have been very empowering and flattering to hear that. Now I bet you are going to keep an eye out to see the development of her bush 😉

    Take care!

  67. Lovinghusband says:

    Dear Lovingcouple920,

    Thank you again!! I REALLY hope you write many more stories. Just my opinion. In the meantime, your comments are always fun and encouraging (and hot) too. Glad you are here. God bless you. LH

  68. ladygarden says:

    Lovingcouple920–Its K this time, thank you for your posts and stories. Hope you don't stop writing your wonderful stories. Anyway, you mentioned while you never had a stranger compliment your pubic hair, you have had friends that have done so. I think that is really beautiful. If you are willing, could you please tell us a little more about when friends paid you those compliments and what they said? Us dudes would never do that, yet sounds like some women will. . I think that is pretty cool. Not being weird here, just being curious.

    Have a good night!
    Ladygarden (K)

  69. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @lovinghusband, thanks for the words of encouragement. I will give it more thought, I still think it would be odd to have someone else's photo posted with my story. You never shared what fantasy thoughts you had from reading my previous stories. I would be curious to hear if you are comfortable.

  70. Lovingcouple920 says:

    @ladygarden, I should clarify, I haven't had any strangers comment to me in-person because a lot of people commented on my post and picture 😉

    As for friends, it has happened a few times and off the top of my head:

    1) I remember showering after practice before school and noticing how different everyone maintained their pubic hair. It was a little exciting and embarrassing but one of the older girls had a full red bush and she came up to me later and mentioned that she was glad she wasn't the only one who had a bush.

    2) I was showering at work after going to the gym on my lunch break and a co-worker was undressing as I was drying off and she commented on how cute my landing strip was and asked if I got it waxed.

    3) a friend had a party just for the women on the street while the guys went out and after a couple drinks someone suggested we use the hot tub. No one had bathing suits so we just went in with our bra and panties on. I was wearing white cotton string bikini panties and matching bra and it didn't occur to me that it would become completely see-through.

    4) a friend was looking at pictures on my phone from our trip and I forgot that I had some sexy photos from the night before so she ended up seeing a picture of me pulling my animal print satin string bikini panties, same as in the "Feeling Desired" story, to the side exposing my landing strip as my husband penetrated me.

  71. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    My wife has been 100% bald for probably 15 or 16 years. She has no plans to change that. Basically all of her friends are 100% bald, too (women talk). I shave my shaft and my balls bare and trim everything else.

  72. sarah k says:

    Hair all the way.
    Don't you know that hair traps the pheromones?
    Thank means being hornier, more easily aroused, which leads to more sex and masturbation. And who doesn't want that?

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Trapping pheromones is a good thing, yes. My wife has kept her pussy 100% shaved for a long time and has never had any issues. She says it makes her feel sexy, and it's also more comfortable with riding her bike.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Could totally be one of the factors to my horniness lately. I know it’s mainly being preggo that has me so turned on and in heat all the time but since the belly has grown my hubby has had to help me out shaving down there and he realized he likes a bit of a bush. I know Mr. Lover is really into a natural bush as well. I love my natural bush and naturally rounded pregnancy body and I’m simply insatiable lately

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