Sex Toy Question

For those of you who have tried a variety of sex toys over the years, have any of you ever tried a pussy pump before? They also make a smaller version just for the clit too (a clit pump). The idea behind these pumps is to vacuum suck the genital area, thus, drawing extra blood to the region, causing everything to swell beyond normal size. Apparently, there is increased sensitivity as a result. Anyway, just wondering if anyone on MH has ever tried this device before?


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5 replies
  1. Alicia G. M. says:

    Hey Bootylicious!

    Can't say that I have ever heard of a "pussy pump" (heard it all now! ). Sounds logical I guess, but I am a little sceptical. I think the only thing I want sucking on my pussy is my husband Trey's sweet mouth. That is good enough for me! Later girl!

  2. Bootylicious says:

    Hi Alicia,

    Haha, I totally agree! Nothing beats hubby's mouth on my pussy!!!! It's my most favorite thing!! Hey, Alicia, when can we expect another story from you? I love it when you post comments. I know your stories will be just as hot! 🙂


    • Alicia G. M. says:

      Hey Bootylicious,

      Not real sure right now, been really busy being a working mom. Will have to talk to Trey about it. Not sure if he will go for me writing another one. Of course I haven't really talked to him about it in a while. Whatever, I do love MH! Thanks for caring to ask. Later girl!

  3. T Richard says:

    well I should by it for my wife because I don't think I do a good oral job on her. She is a large girl an it is harder to get in there and not much practice
    before I met her so this might help.

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