Uncursed Bliss: Part Two

Part Two of Uncursed Bliss: A Fictional Imagination of Adam and Eve

Eve often enjoyed herself by walking in the beautiful scenery of nature, interacting with the various splendid creatures, and of course, through her intimate relationship with Adam. Designed for each other as well as for God, Adam and Eve were uniquely equipped to satisfy every personal need the other could possibly have. Eve did enjoy some alone time as well, being a creature of free agency and desire. In lieu of enjoying the company of God, his creation, or her beloved, she would often find a private place among the perfect environment of Eden and dream in pleasure of her helpmeet Adam.

One such occasion occurred as she walked along the crisp Euphrates river and discovered a soft cascade of water from a large protruding rock. She paused and looked at the way the water gushed from around the sides of the resilient boulder, building the river’s current. As she stood there, examining this natural beauty, she suddenly had an idea, one that was most naughty for a perfect being such as herself.

Eve bent her naked and bronze body down to the riverbank and dipped her hands into the water’s flow before her. The cool sensation motivated her even further as she began to act upon her sexual inspiration. She sat down with her knees angled to the side and waved her left hand in the water, beginning to dream of Adam. She thought of his toned and muscular physique with its rigid lines and defined characteristics. As she felt the touch of the grass with her right hand, she imagined softly petting his wonderful face, his hair, and beard. Then she closed her eyes, thinking of the sight of his glorious and naked body. As she dreamt of Adam, her thoughts turned more specifically to his manhood, the large, veiny, and thickly erect penis jutting forward from his loins.

She licked her lips and moved from a side-sitting position to form a V with her outstretched legs. Getting lost in thought, Eve made smooth motions with her hands, rubbing her legs as she dreamt of her lover with her eyes shut tight. When she opened them and looked down, it surprised her to see that she had begun touching her clitoris with her dampened hand. Focused on the image of Adam’s wonderful cock and the sensation her hand created, Eve started to feel an immense amount of pleasure. She rubbed her vulva awhile, then slipped a finger in her vagina and thought of how Adam felt when he penetrated her so intimately.

Back and forth, Eve used her middle finger to simulate her lover’s cock. Not nearly big enough to meet its standard, it was soon joined by two other fingers, and she pulsed them back and forth, at first gently but growing increasingly more aggressive. Her breathing increased, and soon she felt the urge to push until her entire fist squeezed inside her wet vagina. She pulled it back and forth with sensual effort. Faster and faster, she continued until she could feel the overwhelming urgency within her.

Eve panted hard and opened her eyes, watching the rock with the water splashing about its sides, and gritted her teeth as she prepared to emulate that very image. Looking down and breathing deep, Eve pulled her hand out of herself and watched as she gushed a massive amount of sexual fluid from her loins, pulsing in rhythm with her heaving breasts. She exclaimed each time a stream came forth from her. Then she cooled off and caught her breath for a minute before hearing footsteps behind her.

As she turned, she saw Adam strolling toward her, erect and smiling.

“Perfect timing,” she said with a coy smile.

“I certainly think so. I hope it’s not too late to join in the fun,” Adam replied.

Eve smirked. “Well, of course not.”

Immediately Adam joined her on the ground, and they began to kiss, fondling each other as they made love with their lips. Finally, Eve broke loose and spoke:

“Adam, I want you to do something to me.”

“Anything for your pleasure, my love.”

“I want you to make me squirt again, but I want you to do it by taking my anus.”

Adam grew a smile and obliged. “I would love to if you think you can handle it.”

Eve didn’t give Adam a response with words, but instead assumed a position of being on all fours, spreading her cheeks wide for Adam to take in the sight of her lovely hole. Adam was already erect and ready but decided to provide some lubrication for Eve first. So, he began to lick her butthole, softly tonguing the rim and finally entering her cavity with his tongue. Eve moaned in pleasure as she loved the feeling of his soft and wet tongue inside her.

Adam pulled back and positioned himself right behind her waiting butt, gently touching her with his firm penis. The head of it barely began to open her as she let out soft groans. Then, adding more saliva as he went, Adam gradually and gently entered her until he developed a regular pace that pushed him deeper with each thrust. Before long, Eve was overtaken in sensuality and began to rub her clitoris while Adam thrust faster within her.

Pushing herself to the limits of pleasure, Eve felt her climax arriving.

“Adam, I’m cumming…”

“Oh, me toooo…”

Adam shot his seed inside her as he firmly pushed himself against her soft cheeks. Eve felt his warm ejaculate and immediately responded with a gushing squirt, yelling and exclaiming her love and joy in the moment. Almost in sync, Adam and Eve shared each other’s liquids on and in each other until they each finished their prolonged climaxes.

Finished, they laid beside each other and smiled. No words were necessary for the moment they now shared in love.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    I really enjoyed both segments of this fictional tale of Adam and Eve. Makes me wonder of the passion they truly felt for one another. Thanks for sharing! God bless and stay horny for your spouse always.

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