Uncursed Bliss: Part One

This fictional account takes place before the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. Besides the constant presence of God, this place was an unadulterated joy for its inhabitants, having no adverse or evil effects. The curse of man was not in place, so there was no pain or suffering at this time, nor worry or concern. This story takes this into account as it imagines how marital bliss may have been exchanged if it were present in the Garden.

Uncursed Bliss: A Fictional Imagination of Adam and Eve – Part One

Adam walked in luscious grass, taking in the sights and sounds of creation around him. He felt every soft brush of the natural world touch him as he strolled along in unclothed glory amongst the emerald trees and tall ferns. Everywhere he looked, Adam examined life in its fullest, with a plethora of creatures all about him enjoying their freedom. He paused for a moment and filled his lungs with fresh, pure air.

“Adam…” he heard a sweet call from behind him echo through the trees to his ears. He turned and saw his darling, his only Eve, as she hurried toward him. What a wonderful sight to behold as she closed the space between them. Her hair flowed behind her as if in water, and her beautiful sun-kissed skin glistened in rays of light. He could see her toned muscles revealed with each step as her perfect feet glided across the earth before her, and her lovely breasts jumped in rhythm as if in delight. As she speedily approached, Adam caught her and kissed her deeply to show his wonder and affection for his beautiful helpmate.

Eve received his kiss with utter delight, and together they got lost in each other’s love for what seemed like hours. They stood holding each other, naked, unashamed, and surrounded by nature. Their lips connected, and their tongues softly licked at each other at a constant, slow pace. Finally, they mutually parted, and Eve spoke.

“Adam, you left without me again! But I have found you, and now we can continue with each other on our walk.”

“I’m sorry, Eve, I did not mean to abandon you. But you slept so peacefully that I did not want to wake you.”

The couple strolled a while until they came to a rippling stream of cool and crystal water. Sitting on the bank of the stream, they talked about the various animals and creatures they loved to watch in play. As they chatted, they began to explore each other’s naked bodies until a moment came where they locked eyes and grew immediately silent.

Eve reached for Adam’s ever-erect penis and stroked it softly as Adam likewise began to rub Eve’s thick labia gently. Eve let her head fall backward, and her hair draped down as they enjoyed the feeling of each other’s hands. They continued in this play until Eve made a request.

“Adam, I need you inside me! Enter me with your love!”

Adam did not delay and kneeled before her as she spread her legs apart for him. He slowly entered her and allowed her body to accept him as she moaned in response. Then Adam began to rock back and forth, caressing his lover with one hand as he supported himself with the other. Their feet were submerged in the stream, and their legs protruded from the water, causing ripples every time they dipped rhythmically together. Eve’s cries as she experienced the pinnacle of pleasure echoed across the gently rolling basin, and Adam groaned and grunted with passion, too. Their noises, full of ecstasy and joy, did not scare the animals away but instead brought pleasure to all ears which beheld them.

Finally, Adam climaxed and gifted Eve with a significant amount of his seed in her welcoming vagina. However, instead of ending their session of love right there, Eve made another request immediately after this moment of pure joy.

“Adam, that was lovely! Do it again!”

They reprised the whole scene once again, not having to wait even a minute for recovery in this perfect environment that allowed for a constant presence of love. The cycle repeated not once but dozens of times, with seed covering the ground beneath them and their bodies as a witness to the undying love they shared.

Eventually, they explored even further with each other, using more of their bodies in this blessed process, but that tale is for another time.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    When I saw what this story was about I was hesitant. But I was pleasantly surprised because this was so tasteful and so beautiful. I think using slang words in this type of story would not make sense. And you did not use slang words. The lovely image of Adam & Eve making love by a stream with their feet in the water was so sexy in a beautiful way. Thank you for writing this.

    On another note… I know that some Christians think sex was the forbidden fruit. I do NOT believe that. Adam and Eve were married by God and so Adam’s & Eve’s marital sexual relationship would have been blessed by God, both before & after the fall. I liked how their perfect unfallen bodies allowed (in this story) for them to make love many times continuously with no refractory period for Adam, and for Eve presumably to not get sore after so much lovemaking.

    • Adoniswerewolf says:

      Thank you for the helpful thoughts… I too thought it would be distasteful for them to use heavy slang and such. I have another story coming down the pipeline this month in this series. As I write more, I will try to stay formal in my style.

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