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Uncursed Bliss: Part Two

Part Two of Uncursed Bliss: A Fictional Imagination of Adam and Eve Eve often enjoyed herself by walking in the beautiful scenery of nature, interacting with the various splendid creatures, and of course, through her intimate relationship with Adam. Designed for each other as well as for God, Adam and Eve were uniquely equipped to […]

Sex Room

Is it just me, or is the idea of a private sex room intriguing?? It’s probably weird to some, but but I get turned on by thinking of having a secret room behind a wall panel with a bookcase that opens into a special bedroom reserved just for intimacy—or maybe one with some special toys […]

Policeman Cosplay

As a pastor with four kids, one of whom is still an infant, it can be hard to find time to have elongated and special sessions of sexuality. There always seems to be a person or child needing attention. But through sex games, date nights, and more recent costumed roleplay, we still find time here […]