Sex Room

Is it just me, or is the idea of a private sex room intriguing?? It’s probably weird to some, but but I get turned on by thinking of having a secret room behind a wall panel with a bookcase that opens into a special bedroom reserved just for intimacy—or maybe one with some special toys and implements hung up around the room.

Anybody else have that fantasy? And how would you decorate your room if you had one?

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  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    I like that idea, too. As it is, we have a treasure trove of toys (vibrators, dildos), sex tapes on flash drives, naughty clothing and lingerie, lubes, video equipment, etc. we keep hidden in our bedroom and bedroom closet. Would be great to have a secret sex room where it could all be out for ready use.

  2. redrider2004 says:

    Lots of mirrors! My wife and I have always wanted mirrors especially on the ceiling but because we have children, friends and family that occasionally see our bedroom how do we hide it?

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      We don't have mirrors but we have used them before. Here's the great thing about mirrors besides the different angles you can see. In a position like doggy style, you both look into the mirror and can make eye contact that way. Supr sexy!

    • JuicyForMyMan says:

      One way to have mirrors is to have a bed with a mirrored canopy. Our waterbed had that and a mirror on the headboard. We have also had an antique dressing table with a mirror on it at the foot of the bed. It has 3 panels and the outer two could have the angle adjusted.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Love the mirror thing! Maybe it sounds' silly, but a sound proof room? Then screaming and $#@@! can't be heard.

  3. LovingMan says:

    Interesting question. I don’t CONSCIOUSLY have a fantasy of a sex room to share with my wife… but I must have a subconscious fantasy because I have a recurring dream about a hidden sex room that she & I go to for rambunctious sex romps! The room is carved into rock and there is a rock-lined tunnel that winds down to it. The room has no windows but it’s fitted with dimmer lights that can be kept quite bright or dimmed. There is a big king-sized bed and a drawer full of vibrators etc.

  4. DefiantArtist says:

    Definitely sounds intriguing. I have a bit of a weakness for the idea of someday being able to tie a wife up and blindfold her, and then have my wicked way with her till she can't cum anymore…probably in a darkly lit, woodpaneled room with a really big bed in the middle, and a fireplace for cuddles afterward…

  5. Smile58 says:

    All you folks in new home construction take note of this. Great selling point a secret room to escape an intruder and then the home owner can do with it as they please.

  6. LovingCoupleTN says:

    My wife and I have one, or something very close to it. We built a room in our attic with a digital code locked door which is behind another door. It serves as my office most of the time, however we have a leather futon, a chair, a massage table, and a bookshelf for the liquor so it’s not out in the kitchen taking up valuable space. We also have a mini door behind the chair with some storage so we can store toys and things. I can also put the massage table away in case someone comes into my office.

    We installed some lighting and audio systems too to really help set the mood. It has been a huge blessing to both have a dedicated area to work from home, as well as a special place for her and I to retreat to after the kids go down, for a glass of wine and to fuck!

  7. Lasso says:

    I made my husband spice up a room us. Kind of dualpurpose lounge room with plenty of plants. Dimmable lights. Tantric sofa and hooks for the sex swing. ( We do take it down in between.) It is a classy sexroom. Some of my girlfriends figured it out though.

  8. 1blessedman says:

    Love the idea. We aren't experts in secret dungeons of BDSM, but I would have a go if she would. How about a wall tether to be chained to or a big heavy wooden chair to be strapped to? Maybe a fireplace with a nice crackling fire. An apparatus that she can bend me over in front of the fire and tie me to it so she can take me from behind.

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