The Middle of Nowhere, Part 1

My husband, Rod, and I were headed to the middle of nowhere. I had always wanted to go out to a field and have some relaxing sex where no one would see or hear. Now, some friends who owned land with a gate had said they were going out of town, and we could stop by and check on things if we wanted. Their place was quite remote, which I thought would be perfect—just a short stint on the highway, then all backroads.

I wore some comfy clothes, consisting of a zip-up sweatshirt (no bra) and loose lounge pants (no pantie). Along the way, my husband would cop feels, which was my plan. Seeing how I was dressed already had him excited.

“I don’t know if we’ll make it all the way there before we start our planned adventures,” he told me.

I smiled and said, “We have all weekend; let’s have fun!” He agreed.

My husband’s hands roamed as he drove, and I was enjoying it and getting pretty turned on. But because he wasn’t paying close attention, he swerved and ran over the rumble strip on the side of the highway. I was already so aroused, that I let out a little “Woo!” of pleasure in response.

He looked over, a little surprised at my reaction, and said, “You enjoyed that little vibration, huh?”

I smiled with pleasure, responding with “Oh, yeah! It was a pleasant surprise.”

He reached over and gave my nipple a quick, flirtatious pinch before he drove—intentionally this time—onto the rumble strip and stayed there. I started to squirm, and the vibration and the squirming made me want to grab both my hard nipples and play.

“Dang! You keep that up, and I just might jizz my pants!” he exclaimed. But he didn’t want me to stop; he wanted to see more.

The wetness in my pants, my pulling at my nipples, and him hitting the rumble strips all worked together for my pleasure. As I squirmed in my seat, he let me know he liked what he was hearing and seeing. I began to moan as he swerved onto the rumble strip and back off; back on, back off. Arching my back, I grabbed the door handle, then the handle near the roof, bouncing up and down and rubbing my bottom against the seat. Just as he started encouraging me to cum…

We heard sirens.

But my husband didn’t stop right away. He kept telling me, “Come on, hon, I want you to cum.” The siren continued to wail behind us, and I felt my climax near.

My nipples.

My moans.

His encouragement.

The sirens.

Rumble strips.

My cries got louder, and— “oh, Oh, AAahhh! Yes! Ahahah…” —my body began to convulse.

“Oh, yes! Uh-huh. There ya go, babe,” he said. “Ride it out. Enjoy it.”

The sirens kept squawking behind us, but I was savoring the moment. I squeezed my legs together to take in more. As I began to come down from my high, my husband pulled over and came to a stop. I tried to regain my composure and straighten my clothes, still riding the high and feeling a new level of wetness in my pants. I brushed my fingers through my hair, a mess from the wonderful ride I just experienced.

Rod rolled down his window to greet the officer, who asked if everyone and everything was okay. We nodded our heads and smiled. The officer asked why we hadn’t pulled over right away.

My husband cleared his throat and said, “Officer, I will be honest with you… Are you married?

The officer nodded, “Yes, sir, I am.”

“You like to see your wife happy and pleasured?”

Hesitantly, the officer smiled and said, “Yes, sir, of course.”

Without hesitation, Don said, “Officer, the rumble strips were a turn-on for my wife, and I enjoyed seeing her getting off. And yes, she eventually came and enjoyed it. So I will gladly accept a ticket or anything you need to do.”

The policeman smiled and said, “Sir, we will act like nothing even happened. You drive safe and have a good day.” Then he walked back to his cruiser, smiling, and drove off.

Don looked at me with a grin. “Now, let’s go check on the house. Then, I have a woman I need to make wild passionate love to in a field in the middle of nowhere.”

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2 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    This is a funny fictional story! The rumble strips triggering an orgasm were great… but explaining it to the police officer was priceless!

    We certainly have had some excellent sexual experiences in the various vehicles we’ve owned. So your fictional story does not sound far fetched.

    I wonder if there ARE women who have come from the vibrations of rumble strips?

    I’d love to read the “relaxing sex in a field” sequel!

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