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“Why the mathematical title?” you may ask. This shows our orgasms today during a very pleasant lovemaking session.

Let me first greet y’all. I’ve been taking a break from MH; we have been through a rough time lately. My wife’s cancer has been getting worse. It’s treatable, but her meds have been increased, and that means more side effects. My heart condition is worsening as well. Also, I developed (for the first time) some mental health issues that have been a big challenge. We have both been on some psychiatric or neurological medication with side effects that affect our sexual function, but we are not giving up yet. Hence this story.

Today we made love for the first time in a week. We’ve both been sick. For us, a week of no sexual intercourse is still pretty rare (even though we are older and both have multiple health issues).

We got up, showered, and took our meds. With heart problems, I don’t dare have sex without my morning meds on board. I DO wait to take my antidepressant because it can interfere with my ability to have orgasms.

We started with my lips on the nips of her full lovely breasts. I could write all day about how much I enjoy Melodie’s breasts. I tell her I’m following the counsel in Proverbs to rejoice with the wife of my youth, and I’m letting her breasts satisfy me always. (She usually rolls her eyes at this Biblical quote.)

As I titillated her nipples, I stroked her ladyparts that I had coated with coconut oil and Aloecadabra lube (Tahitian Vanilla this time.) Then I handed her the recharged Doc Johnson bullet vibe, the one with the loop handle. She applied it to her clitoris as I gave each nipple its turn with my lips. In fact, the nip not being stimulated orally got finger work.

Next, Melodie wanted HER fun… so she went to work loving on my mini-man-nips. (More lips on nips.) As she loved orally on my nips, I laid back and masturbated to full mast.

I should note that (per our negotiated sex schedule) on non-sexual intercourse days, my wife usually does the nipple loving on me while I masturbate to orgasm. But I felt too cruddy to do that yesterday. So today, I charged up pretty fast, and Melodie could tell. She rolled onto her back and lifted her legs to invite me in. She reminded me of our rule by saying, “You know the rule: If you can, then DO!”

She was inviting me to go into her in our X position, her on her back and me on my side facing her open love tunnel. But I gently pushed her knees down, scooped some of the Aloecadabra and coconut oil plus some of her juices from her pussy, and rubbed it on her closest nipple. Then I proceeded to lick it off. (It will taste even better later after I add my protein to the mix.)

Next, I kneeled up next to her and rubbed my tip on Melodie’s nip as she continued to use the vibrator on her clit. Then after a bit, we went into our X position. After a week, it felt soooooo good to slide into her vagina! I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh, Melodie, I love your pussy!”

I soon could not stop myself from rambunctious, even frantic, pumping of my hard erection deep into her most sacred depths.  Fortunately Melodie likes the rambunctious thrusting.  I can’t last long doing this—meaning my HEART can’t handle it! So soon, I exploded and filled her with the creamy evidence of my love for her.

As I got close, she began to twerk her pelvis and contract her Kegel muscles until I came. Of course, she knew that this intensified and prolonged my orgasm. She is so awesome! My orgasm was excellent! (Lately, the sexual intercourse parts of our lovemaking sessions do not usually go on for as long a time as they used to because my heart just can’t handle it. So we do lots of other sex-play working up to the sexual intercourse which, of necessity, is rather brief.)

After coming inside Melodie, I would have liked to slide up next to her immediately. But nowadays, I have to sit up and rest my heart and usually cough up a storm. As soon as I was done coughing (it took 30-50 seconds), I slid back to her left side and scooped some of our Tahitian Vanilla protein shake out with my fingers. I rubbed it on her left nipple and began to lick it clean aggressively. I swear, this special protein shake tastes like European chocolate!

Melodie sighed as she again applied her Doc Johnson vibe, and I said a prayer in my heart that she’d be able to come. She had been temporarily on a new medication that made her orgasms much more difficult to reach, but she’s been off the medication for a few days.

Well, before I had even finished the prayer in my heart—only 10-15 seconds after I began licking off her tasty nipple—her body jerked, and she arched her back off the bed to indicate that a strong orgasm was happening. (THAT was a quick answer to prayer!)

Melodie is so beautiful during an orgasm and post-climax. I’m the only one blessed to see her then, but I testify that she looks like a young adult, not a senior citizen! Her big Scandinavian eyes and her perfect, full Norwegian breasts absolutely glow! Well, her eyes glow, and her breasts flush! (I chose the photo for the post based on how we FEEL and how we see ourselves and each other during our lovemaking sessions.)

We lay there and cuddled and talked. But our cuddles usually involve me resting my head on her closest pillow—and I mean biological-female anatomical pillow. Her “pillow” began to call to me, and my mouth soon found its way to her beautiful nipple.

Now, we’ve both been sick with flu symptoms (not COVID), and though we ARE much better than we were, my wife said she felt too ill to go for round two. But as I loved on her left nip, her right hand found her vibe, and soon she was buzzing her clitoris again. I kneeled next to her, got some more “shake” from her happy pussy, and rubbed the creamy stuff on her left nipple again. Then I began to pump my erection as I rubbed my glans on her nipple. We call this “tip on nip.”

THIS time it took maybe 25 seconds! She was hit with another good orgasm and gasped out in her sexy-husky lovemaking voice, “I’m coming!” I would have liked to come all over her breasts—we’ve done it many times before—but I wasn’t there yet (due to heart issues).

I teased her after her second O that she came really fast again for someone who wasn’t in the mood. To paraphrase the 1984 movie “Dune,” “She seemed to find the mood!”

Next, I switched sides. I should add that I had also been pumping my rod for some of the time I spent orally loving on her nipples. And rubbing my tip on her nipple as she comes is very erotic. So I was turned on to the max!

I immediately kneeled to her right this time and began to do tip on right nip. I handed Melodie our Sensuelle Plus vibe, and in around 30 seconds, she came AGAIN! She told me that this third O was more powerful than the first two! She said it was more like the orgasms she had before starting the latest medication for her neurological condition.

Now it was MY turn to come again. I still hadn’t come a second time in this sex session; two times is my normal. I laid back on my pillows, and Melodie again worked her magic on my man-nips with her tongue and lips! She also squeezed my sac as I pumped away and looked down at her beautiful sexy nude body. How can a woman her age (almost 70) have skin that smooth and sexy?

Eventually, I came in a white creamy explosion all over my tummy and chest… and a little on her, too. So, the ones in the title are MY orgasms, and the three represents Melodie’s orgasms from this lovemaking session! Think of it as an orgasm sandwich, with my orgasms being the pieces of bread and Melodie’s the bacon, lettuce, & tomato!

MH regular readers may say that we’ve done things like this before, and I’ve written about them before. True, but this is different because it is all much more difficult now. My heart is seriously trying to kill me. I have a gurgling cough most of the time. One of my heart meds has been recently doubled. Melodie is on chemo that recently had a dosage increase with accompanying worse side effects. Those are just a couple of our health issues, and we both have several!

AND over the past two months, we both usually have one and sometimes two orgasms in a sex session… but this time, Melodie had THREE!

One of our mottos is “Love Finds A Way!” And we are still finding ways to love each other sexually. And of course, this sexual loving is so good because, amid all our trials, we have continued to be kind to each other and love and serve each other in non-sexual ways too!

I have several more sex journal entries to adapt into stories. Despite a few months of severe trials, including several ER visits and hospitalizations, we’ve had some very memorable lovemaking sessions! We have been blessed greatly by the Lord to be still sharing our friendship and passion in mortality together.

Maybe the lesson here is if an older, loving married couple that is on meds and with multiple health problems can make love successfully, so can you and your spouse.  And for you younger folks, perhaps when you and your spouse are older… you too will find a way for love to find a way!

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18 replies
    • LovingMan says:

      Adoniswerewolf (love the moniker – do you have a big fuzzy beard?) Thanks & we’ll keep it up as long as God is willing!

    • Adoniswerewolf says:

      Loving man I am a pretty hairy guy with a constant beard, although it differs what length it is… I like to change it up! Got the nickname werewolf in college lol

  1. LovingMan says:

    A note to our MH friends: since writing this I have had a surgery that has greatly improved my health. So I’m doing markedly better.

    For several months I would feel terrible when we had any kind of sex that brought me to orgasm. I’m doing way better now. Not like when I was 30, but definitely better than before this last surgery. Of my 8 stories I’ve submitted since this one, some are before the surgery and some are after. You’ll know because one of the stories is called “Pre-surgery fun – Boob Sex.”

    Again, thanks for all your prayers! There is real power in prayer!

  2. Sultryheat says:

    LovingMan, My husband and I have been very recently, wondering about you and your lovely wife. It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from you. We remembered that you both have had some serious health issues, and have honestly been concerned, especially with the pandemic happening. We’ve been praying for you and are beyond thrilled to see your wonderful story and finally hear from you and your encouraging update too! Know that you are both a true inspiration of what a truly blessed and beautiful marriage should be! Continue to take extra care of yourselves and each other!

    • LovingMan says:

      Sultryheat, thank you so much for your prayers! What you said about us was one of the nicest things we’ve ever heard! Thank you! We are fully vaccinated from COVID – of course that’s no guarantee. But we also wear masks when we go out. God has been so merciful to us. I just carried a toddler granddaughter upstairs and a month ago that would not have been possible!

    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks hornyGG. I’ve always loved your stories! I have 9 stories in the MH cue right now! I hope you have more “coming” too (pun intended).

      I gotta ask you this… in a joking way… considering how sexy your stories are and considering your MH moniker… does anyone ever tell you to stay horny GG? 🤣

      I think I’m funny but my wife is doubtful that I am sometimes. But I still make her laugh nearly every day. I think that’s important!

  3. YoungCouple69 says:

    LovingMan, I have really enjoyed your stories over the past couple years. This story particularly makes me happy for both of you–what a beautiful, sexy, passionate description of what married sex can be! We have never experimented much with nipple stimulation, but this story may just prompt Julie and I to give it a try. Loved this: "I laid back on my pillows, and Melodie again worked her magic on my man-nips with her tongue and lips! She also squeezed my sac as I pumped away and looked down at her beautiful sexy nude body." I think testicle stimulation like this is totally underrated–I think it's great! Looking forward to reading more from you–your stories are inspiring.

    • LovingMan says:

      YoungCouple69… thank you for your nice comments. We are pleased that we are inspiring you. In our opinion man nips are underrated and should be used more. Melodie has gotten so good at it. I don’t remember if I mentioned it but since I need release more often than she does, on non-intercourse days she loves on my man nips as I pump to the summit of Mt. O. This has helped us deal with desire discrepancies and although full sex is best, this works great for us!

  4. SophTea says:

    My husband once said "when I am older, with grey hair or no hair, not as much muscle, not able to do as much… I won't be as good to do things with in the bedroom surely" and he meant it as a joke but I really felt that maybe one day our own bodies will reach a point where I may never make love with him again. Even I felt that one day, my body will not be the same. He assured me that would not be the case, and that being with me is something he will always try to do, and reading your story is an inspiration that age is just a number. God has gifted us with beautiful life, and with spouses with whom we make love with His blessings. I hope one day I may have the same love and passion that you and your beloved share! Your love is a testament to what holy marriage can be and can do, and I am so glad that you both are making love despite your health struggles – it shows just how powerful that love must be!

    • LovingMan says:

      SophTea… Thank you for your kind words. We are glad that we inspire you with hope for the future of YOUR marital sexual love. I still feel in awe that I got this amazingly beautiful, sexy, AND kind woman to love! Every time we make love it is another jewel in the crown of our marriage! It is not the same every time and things HAVE changed over the years, but some of those changes are new sexy discoveries we’ve made together!

  5. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Sorry I hadn’t commented sooner, but let me first say how happy I am that you are back writing again. I know I said this in reply to a comment you made a bit ago, but I’ll say it again: we’ve missed you and were praying for you. You and your bride are such an inspiration to us. I’ve mentioned before that I have similar issues with my heart and subsequent meds that have caused us to adapt and adjust. You two have been a great encouragement in that. I hadn’t mentioned it here before but just over a year ago our streak that I wrote about in “2020: Our Best Year Ever” ( https://marriageheat.com/2020/12/24/2020-the-best-year-ever/ ) ended at 399 days because I had a small stroke. There seems to be no lasting effects, but it gave us one more thing to adjust to for a bit, and more meds to deal with. Despite my repeated attempts to convince my wife, I couldn’t get her to make it an even 400 while I was in the hospital. I will continue to pray for you. Keep on inspiring.

    • LovingMan says:

      SLN…Thank you again for your sweet comments. Now we are dealing with COVID. So my surgery has been postponed for a week. We were fully vaccinated so our COVID symptoms are making us feel pretty bad but not sending us to the hospital. Thank you for your prayers and for that prayer you wrote for us. It really gave us both comfort. So did the prayer by CHL. I’m glad your small stroke did not incapacitate you. I’ve seen what a bad stroke can do. God bless you and your wife! & keep adapting and adjusting!

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