2020: The Best Year Ever!

“THREE! HUNDRED! SIXTY! SIX! DAYS!” The words burst from my mouth with each hard thrust of my cock into my wife as she bent over the edge of the hotel bed. Her beautiful, floral print dress that she wore pantyless to dinner and that shows off her curves so wonderfully was lifted over her round ass as I pounded her. This act on this December night marked a momentous occasion for us. It was the culmination of one whole year of having sex at least once every day. 

Early December 2019, we were in a time of having some of the best sex we’d ever had. In our three decades together, we have had a great and very active sex life, but the past couple of years, it seemed to be getting even hotter. That November, it heated up even more. We never thought it could get any better, but on the fifth of December, we embarked on a sexual journey that we never imagined possible. 

That day began a streak of having sex every day. At about 13 days, I realized we were close to matching a streak of 15 days from February of that same year. We had never really tracked our frequency through our marriage, but that February was another exciting time, so we had counted the days and unofficially considered that our “record.” I pointed this out to my wife, and we agreed to break it. 

After exceeding that record by several days, we began to talk about milestones and reset them as we kept reaching them. Could we get to the end of the month? To January 5 to make a whole month? To the end of January so we could claim a whole calendar month? Two months? One hundred days? Along the way, we said we weren’t really setting goals. We just wanted to see how far we could go; no pressure. But as we approached each milestone, we felt that extra excitement to reach for it. Two hundred days, three hundred, and a whole year started to look possible. 

The surprising thing was that we didn’t really have to try that hard. The whole year, there were probably only a handful of times where we actually discussed that we had to have sex to keep the streak going. We were so hot for each other that we just kept having sex as much as possible. And it got better and hotter as we went on. Our introduction to MH in late January certainly had its part to play in keeping things exciting and imaginative. 

This has been the most amazing experience we have ever had. We consider this year a gift from God. We have praised Him and thanked Him throughout this time, and not just because He enabled us to be capable of that much sex. (Keep in mind that we’re not as young as we used to be, and I have a heart condition.) We’re thankful that He gave us such passion for each other that we couldn’t help but have sex at every opportunity. While we don’t want to sound like we’re bragging, we do have the urge to “shout it from the rooftops” that God’s gift of sex can be the hottest thing ever when expressed the way He designed. (Thanks to MH for being our “rooftop”.)

Many times, we had sex more than once a day. We had gotten into a pretty regular practice of morning sex, and often again when my wife got home from work. Sometimes we would agree that we were tired, and we’d already done it that morning, so we should “take it easy” at night. Those nights usually ended up as some of the hottest nights we had. So much so that the “take it easy” phrase became synonymous with expecting some downright rowdy, hard-banging sex. 

I am sure that by now some of you have some questions or even disbelief. I can’t do anything about the disbelief, but it did happen. As to questions, let me anticipate a few. The answer to the first one that probably came into the minds of many is: “shower sex.” If you don’t know the question, think about it awhile. 

Next, what we counted was PIV sex that lasted at least several minutes. Because of my medical condition and, consequently, my meds, we came to terms a while before this streak started with the reality that I could not cum every time we had sex. Accepting this has actually made the sex even better since we often go longer or have more repeat sessions that would not be likely if I came on the first time. In fact, I am not sure we would have made this year-long record if I still came like when I was younger. It’s hard to explain, but it seems to make me want her more. 

We learned so much through this experience, and not just about sexual things. I couldn’t possibly tell you all of it, but I’ll share a few things. We have been closer emotionally to each other through this time than ever before. I’ve always known that sexual intimacy was important to emotional intimacy in a marriage, but I’m beginning to see that, in God’s design, it is far more crucial than we sometimes acknowledge. I’m not saying that everyone needs to have sex every day, but there does need to be a healthy pattern. Also, sexual intimacy isn’t the same for everyone. Not everyone can have PIV sex often or even at all, but there are many ways to be sexually intimate. 

We have never scheduled our sex life, but I had heard of some that did. I never really understood that until now. When we knew that we were going to have sex every day and that we were both wanting it, it took away the frequent internal questions like: “Does she want to tonight? Should I initiate or wait for her? Is she waiting for me?” Having a discussed and agreed upon schedule can provide that same release. For those that think it makes things too routine, you should know that the more regularly spouses have sex the more the desire grows, and the schedule can change or adapt as needed. I could say more on this, but the best thing I can tell you is to read all of LovingMan’s stories. They have mastered this premise. Again I’m not saying to copy what they do, but learn from how they agreed upon what worked for both of them and how they adapt. The key is talking about it. 

That brings me to another big lesson from this year: If you want to have a really great sex life, you and your spouse need to talk about it. We talked more about sex this year than probably the combined 29 previous years. Some of the talking was about likes and dislikes, fantasies, trying new things; sometimes it was discussing an MH story. But it wasn’t just those discussions; it was also reminiscing about a previous day’s encounter or talking about what we want to do to each other next. Whether it was in person, on the phone, or by message, sex permeated our conversations. This kept us excited and stimulated the desire for each other. 

Our whole relationship seemed to be sexually charged. Our normal conversations turned into countless double entendres. Every activity together became a challenge to see if we could find ways to rub or grope one another. She would bend over to pick stuff up in front of me a lot more.  I’d find countless “excuses” to brush against her boobs. Sometimes it wasn’t so subtle, like her grabbing my ass in the supermarket. Ok, I did that to her also, but I think she did it more. Even putting on socks in the morning developed into a regular oral sex routine, but that will have to be a story for another time. 

I have to admit there was a little bit of a negative aspect to this year. We were so hot for each other that it made it even more difficult to get out of bed in the morning, to see her off to work, to be apart from each other, to remember to spend time with the kids, etc. I guess the global events of the year worked in our favor some; there were a lot fewer events to take us in different directions for most of the year. But I guess if we have to have a downside, unquenchable longing for each other isn’t such a bad one to have. 

I sent my wife a meme today that said, “Sex with you is so great we should celebrate it by having sex.” That captures our attitude for this year. Every time we had sex, we wanted to celebrate how great it was by having sex again. This was a year of celebration of the great gift of marital sex. This was a year of worshiping the God who gave us that gift by thoroughly enjoying it to the fullest. 

So we planned two nights away to culminate and celebrate our year. And a celebration it was, starting with what was described in the opening of my story. We danced, had champagne, had lots of sex (12 times by checkout, some of it with only the sheer curtains drawn on our fourth-floor window), enjoyed a little light bondage, played with some toys, came on my wife’s gorgeous tits, had lots of oral for both of us. Still lying naked in bed the Sunday morning before checkout having just finished wake-up sex, I read the day’s MH story Dirty and Holy to my wife. What a wonderful story to end our celebration. It led us to worship again. 

We know that 2020 has been a tough year for everybody, and we had our share of the difficulty as well. We were under the same lockdowns as everyone else; we had to deal with the shortages of different necessities, and we didn’t see our church family for six months. We even had a point where four out of six people in our house tested positive for COVID-19 at the same time, including my wife and me. (And no, not even that interrupted our streak.) But one thing we learned through this was that whether we were having a good year or a bad one was up to us more so than our circumstances. I realize it is too late to change what you did in 2020, but it’s not too late to chose what you remember from it. Hang on to the great times and let those define the year in your memories. 

I know that many people had it a lot worse than we did, and it became a trend for people to bemoan and berate the year 2020. The more we saw the comments and memes on Facebook about how horrible this year was, the more we kept thinking, “This has been a really fun year for us,” and it motivated us to complete our one-year record. Then we realized that it would only be 27 more days to the end of the calendar year, so we are continuing on so that we can truly say, “2020 was the best year ever!”

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23 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Congrats and thank you. This year hasn't been the best year for Ben and I, but it did have it's bright spots. Luckily no one in our family has tested positive for Covid 19 which is a blessing. Hot sex once a day will keep the blues away! Thanks for the inspiration. God bless and stay horny darlin.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thanks GG, and I’m so glad it was a little encouraging. I hope things settle down in your new home, Your stories will be missed, but I hope you’ll still be with us reading and commenting. God bless and you bet we’re gonna stay horny.

  2. LovingMan says:

    StillLikeNewlyweds… your moniker fits! I’m touched that you recommended my stories! Regular scheduled sex has been great for us. We are amazed at your record of daily sex. A couple of years ago we DID have sex one or two times a day for a week but we’ve never got close to your record. (I think I wrote a story about that for MH.) But you mentioned that every couple is not the same. I agree with you that a schedule DOES help take the pressure off. And we have plenty of sex sessions that are extra delights too! Your wisdom that you and your wife exhibit to find the positive in 2020 is also impressive! God bless you both . . . And long live the streak!

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      So glad you enjoyed it, LM. We are amazed our ownselves at this streak. We never would’ve imagined it possible, certainly not at this time of our life. I am all too happy to recommend your stories. I probably said this before but the lessons in adaptability you provide have been priceless to me. God bless and merry Christmas.

  3. SouthernHeat says:

    Love this! 2020 has been an interesting year; many not-so good-things happening. However, we have enjoyed our time together during the lockdown. We had plenty of sex, and it did keep our minds off the terrible things happening around in the world. Thanks for sharing and being such a great inspiration.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thanks SH, glad you enjoyed it. Always happy to hear your feedback. Your stories have been such an inspiration to us, glad to return the favor.
      Merry Christmas.

  4. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    That is incredible. Congrats to you, too! And I agree that the key to a good sex life in marriage is communication. Your 366 times inspires me. I doubt 366 is possible for us at this stage in life but this year we have still managed 188 times, despite both of us having COVID. Proud to share that within those 188 times the orgasm rate for each of us has been 100%!. I'm now seeing that 12 more times gets us to 200. Hmmmm.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thank you. I never would’ve thought it possible either, it’s why we’re seeing it as such a blessing. Definitely press on for those last 12, nice round numbers are better. 😀 I said in my story that we were continuing on to finish off the calendar year. When I told my wife that would make 393 days in a row, she said, “well then we have to do 7 more to make it an even 400.”

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      I’m very sorry to hear that Arthur. I know it has been incredibly rough on many. I pray that God will give you a memory from this year that you can hang onto and praise him for. And I pray that things will turn around and that you will rely on His grace and strength to get through.

  5. Grace911 says:

    Way to go! I love that you continue to "make love" to each other even when YOU don't orgasm, rather than feeling deprived. Yay! I'm rooting for you make it to 400!❤

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. We’re doing our best to make it there. The real question is: Do we intentionally take a day off after 400 so our record is a nice round number, or do we just keep going until the break happens more organically? What do y’all think?

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Sounds like good advice 😉. We figured that’s what we’d do. When we talked about it we both said that at this point it’s difficult to imagine NOT doing it. Have a happy new year!

  6. DexterousD says:

    Hey firstly a belated congratulations on your loving achievements! Truly inspiring. I understand it has been tougher for many, but we’ve found that periods of lockdown with more time at home and my wife not commuting to work have dramatically increased our sexual frequency and led to greater emotional closeness and connection between us. And so far in 2021 we are also “batting above our usual average”! Long may it continue! (The sex, not the pandemic!)

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thank you. It has been a great time indeed (the sex, not the pandemic, lol). Glad to hear you’re making the best of opportunity. Keep it up!

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