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This story contains strong language (L).

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My wife and I are recently married! Here’s to a sex-life truly blessed. Enjoy!

It was a Tuesday night. Audrey and Daniel brought their puppy to their bedroom upstairs to play fetch. Daniel threw a tennis ball down the hall repetitively for their 7-month-old pooch, not knowing how their day was going to come to a close. Audrey began to undress, as she usually did before climbing into her nightly pajamas. Daniel remarked humorously, “Ohhhh, are you going to get into your special PJs tonight?”

Audrey smirked seductively and discreetly slipped into their walk-in closet. Daniel continued to throw the ball to the dog, waiting eagerly for Audrey to make her appearance out of the closet, wearing something sexy. A few moments passed. Daniel heard some rustling in the closet—the sound of clothes being pulled from a drawer. He knew the sound. It was coming from Audrey’s special lingerie drawer. A few moments more, and Audrey strutted out of the closet with a proud and confident demeanor—the look of a wife who knows how loved she is by her husband.

Daniel smiled with excitement, anticipating what she’d do next. She was wearing a cheeky, lacy pair of underwear and a black, sheer bralette with polka dots (one of Daniel’s favorites.) Her perky tits peered through so gracefully. Audrey began to stroke and massage her breasts in an irresistible tease. She mounted their bed, boldly positioned on her knees with her legs spread wide, continuing to massage her beautiful breasts and beckoning her husband to reciprocate. One hand inched its way down to her garden as she whispered gently, yet authoritatively, “Get my vibrator, and take your pants off.”

“My underwear too?” Daniel replied.

“Mmm-hmm,” said Audrey. “I want to see your hard dick.”

Daniel was still playing fetch with their puppy, shifting his eyes to his gorgeous wife as often as he could. He promptly dropped his bottoms to the floor to reveal his growing penis. He continued to throw the ball to the dog, often inaccurately, hitting walls instead of throwing it straight down the hallway. It’s safe to say he was quite distracted. Nevertheless, Daniel reached for the vibrator and quickly handed it to Audrey. He added, “Tell me when you’re ready for me, and I’ll take the dog back downstairs. I wanna screw you, baby.”

“Two more throws,” she insisted.

Two throws passed, and Daniel ran the dog downstairs, swiftly returning her to her enclosure in their kitchen. He then raced back up the stairs, ripped off his shirt, and pounced on their bed as Audrey fell to her back and spread her legs, inviting Daniel to close the distance. She set aside her vibrator and pulled Daniel’s body close to hers, his rock-hard dick nestled against her lady-place.

Daniel started grinding on Audrey as she moaned with desire. The clasp on the front of her bralette popped open, practically begging Daniel to kiss her flowering tits. Without hesitation, he dropped his head between Audrey’s breasts. He sucked on one tit and then quickly moved to the other.

Audrey was now arching her back in pleasure and groping for more. She slipped off her undies. “I wanna role-play with you sometime, baby. I wanna get a little dirty,” Audrey remarked.

Daniel replied with approval, “Yeah? Let’s do it. You wanna get dirty right now?”

“Yeah, let’s get dirty, baby! I wanna use some naughty words,” Audrey added, as her breathing heightened. They kissed one another deeply and lustfully, both of them moaning and caressing each other’s bodies.

Daniel was dominantly overshadowing Audrey, making her feel so safe. He was firmly nestled between her legs, his engorged cock tastefully stroking her pussy. Things started to get steamy, and their language got stronger. Their hungry moaning increased. Daniel plunged his straight rod into Audrey.

“Ahh, my lover! My fucker! Fuck me hard!” Audrey commanded. Daniel joyfully obliged as his arousal climbed, almost to the point of no return. But Audrey asserted, “Don’t cum yet, baby. I need to ride you first.” She shoved Daniel off of her and said, “Lie down!” Daniel turned to his back, and Audrey immediately straddled him, vibrator now in hand, and guided his dick into her sopping, wet pussy. “Oh, fuck!” Audrey shouted.

Daniel, groaning with guttural ecstasy, said, “Ride me, cowgirl. I wanna see you cum like this!”

Oh, I will,” Audrey replied, as she continued to thrust herself back and forth, feeling the full length of Daniel’s penis inside her. She moved slowly at first. Daniel’s penis was stimulating her G-spot, while the vibrator awakened her clitoris. She increased her speed together with her moaning, saying, “Oh, your hard, fat, long dick feels sooo good! I love riding you…having you in me!”

Daniel noticed, speechlessly, how the unique look on Audrey’s face indicated that she was completely lost in pleasure, engrossed in her husband’s love, thinking about nothing else. She was truly living in this precious moment with utter shamelessness and delight. Audrey continued to climb, repeating over and over how good her husband’s rod felt inside of her. As a staggering orgasm began to unveil, she started groaning with deeper euphoria. Soon, her orgasm struck her powerfully.

“I’m cumming! Babe! Fuck! Ahhhhhhh!” Audrey couldn’t contain herself. Eyes closed and enveloped in pleasure, she shouted with reckless abandon. As her orgasm subsided, she yanked Daniel up by his shoulders and said, “Your turn! How do you want me, baby?”

“Turn around and get on your hands and knees,” Daniel demanded.

Audrey obeyed, her beautiful butt in the air and her pussy yearning to receive her husband’s manhood. Daniel shoved his cock into her hole, immediately thrusting hard and fast. Audrey roared, “Cum in me, baby! Fuck me!”

Seconds later, Daniel shot his load deep in her pussy, pulling her tight against his chest and gasping with ecstatic shock. As the two of them recovered, Audrey turned around to pull Daniel’s head to her own. They kissed and giggled with joy and passion.

There was something about this sex that was different. Something about it that was indescribable—holy. Daniel did his best to explain what he felt: “The Bible describes Christ as the One always giving to His Bride, taking joy in seeing her receive His love unashamedly. The Bride revels in that love, and as a result, it exudes from her and gives life to the world around her. As a representative of Christ in this marriage, I have just experienced the incredible joy of watching you, my wife, receive my love with that same shamelessness. I see how it edifies you, makes you stronger and healthier.” Tears began to stream down both of their faces. The Spirit of God touched this moment with a tangible, divine Presence. “I want our sex to always be like this, even when we’re sixty,” Daniel added.

“Yes. So good. It’s so much better when, instead of focusing on myself, I focus on you—admiring you,” Audrey replied.

Daniel said, “It’s just like when we worship God. We don’t worship to get anything out of Him, but only to admire and magnify Him. In the end, we receive from Him more than ever. This is how sex is like a form of worship.”

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7 replies
  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    Sexuality and nudity are both worship. That is one reason God directs wrath at those who use sex in rituals for false pagan idols! Our sexuality is supposed to be offered to the true God alone. Psalms says to let His praise be continually in our mouth. That includes times of orgasm.
    Great story! Keep up the good posts!

  2. ForeverYoungLove says:

    Allie and David, thank you both for this amazing story of love and worship. I have never heard anyone explain things so well. I have always enjoyed proving my bride with the pleasure she get from our sexual encounters. The feeling I have knowing that she is getting feeling the wondrous orgasms she has is often enough for me, but she too desired to have me have the same experience.

    We are approaching our 27th year of marriage and still having love making/worship moments like this. We also hope to continue until we are 60 and hopefully beyond. I hope you both can meet and exceed your goal as well.

    May God bless you both, your marriage and your ineradicable worship.

    • LovingMan says:

      ForeverYoungLove… I was trying to think of a comment and when I read yours it put my thoughts and feelings into words!
      To David1623: You & your wife are awesome!

  3. SouthernHeat says:

    Nicely done! Such a good description of how special sex is in marriage. There are those very special times when sex is worship and sex is healing! I wrote a story called Sexual Healing; it is so true! God has given us this special gift, and we should cherish it always.

  4. Daryl says:

    wonderful story… blessed with true love and the joy of shared sexual pleasure. Married 40 years, my wife and I still enjoy such wonderful sexual experiences, though different today from what we could do 35 years ago!! But, the love has only deepened. Praying the same for you in years ahead!

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