Sweet Spots

Both men and women can have sexual sweet spots: things done to us—or to individual body parts—that make our horny meter go from zero to 100 in five seconds! Some don’t have or need anything in particular when having sex, but many of us need that extra fondle, caress, suck, lick, tickle, rub, or whatever it may be.

And as a man, I pride myself on being able to satisfy my wife, or in my case, three wives, since I’ve been married three times. And my current and my second wife were more than happy to do what helped get me worked up during foreplay, but my first wife was not happy to do so. As a result, I started having instances of not being able to perform in the bedroom properly. I would then be chastised, which turned me off from wanting to be with her. We became no more than roommates and eventually divorced.

My point in bringing this up is to encourage sensitivity to your spouse’s “thing” that they need to perform properly in the bedroom; otherwise, it could cause resentment and build a wall between you. I also bring it up to discover the variety and uniqueness of the things we like to have done to us to help us get worked up, so please share what you like for your spouse to do to you.

The thing that I need to have done to me, even though it somehow got a “gay” stigma attached, is to have my nipples stroked. It causes me to have the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. I’ve learned how to position myself during intercourse with my wife so that, on every stroke going into her, my nipples brush against her breasts. It makes me cum as intensely as I ever have in my life.

So, for an even better sex life, indulge your spouse’s “sweet spot”—that is, of course, unless it hurts you physically or emotionally or is outside the bounds of God’s intention for a safe and intimate environment for you and your spouse. But have fun with it, and enjoy!

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8 replies
  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This is a fun post. For me, it's the top of the tip of my cock. Whether it's her lips (as in mouth lips) or how she uses her hands (mostly her thumb), she's well aware that if she can get some friction going with the top of the tip of my cock I'm hers. For her, two things: she loves it when I send her naughty texts (almost always leads to sex) and in the actual act she loves to have her nipples licked and sucked on–gets her very wet.

  2. Tulsa says:

    I don't really have one specific kink. (I have several!)
    My wife, on the other hand, does. She loves me doing oral on her, and more oral, followed by some oral! Prior to any oral though, she wants some good old fashioned sex, and for me to cum in her. THEN, oral. A bit of a kink, but she cums like crazy when I do it……so I do it!
    Something to point out is I never would have known her 'thing', and only stumbled on it by an oops! Turned out she fantasized about it but wouldn't mention it because she thought I would think she was a perv and a weirdo. She should have said something sooner. It took me years to find out!
    Communication about sexual things can be difficult, but is highly important!

    • Tulsa says:

      I was extremely careful, when we started discussing sexual things and desires, that I didn’t blurt out something like “YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?!?!” Something like that would surely have ended the discussion, but future discussions as well. Usually, I reacted with a “Oh….I can do that……….. hold my beer….” LOL!
      Open mind….. 😉

  3. JohnE says:

    I like getting my cock suck as much as any other guy, but the head area can get a bit sensitive after awhile. My wife has learned to start there, but she works her ways down to my balls, licking and sucking them lovingly. I don't know why exactly, but this stimulates me even more than the head sucking. The visual of her working my sack, and stroking my shaft, causes me to get even harder and bigger for her. The cum shots are usually big ribbons of semen landing on my chest and stomach, occasionally higher which is a real turn on, makes me feel like a real stud again. Makes me feel like back when I was a younger man and my loads were always impressively large.

  4. LovingMan says:

    My wife (who is my 2nd wife) and I discovered that l like her to love on my nipples and SHE likes to do that. Her nipples have always been a huge turn on for me and mine for her. Honestly the reason we discovered this is Melodie (my wife) loves me fully and I love her fully. We WANT to please each other & we have communicated with each other about sex extensively. We also saw a marriage/sex therapist to work out our sexual conflicts. That was helpful. I think it IS very important to communicate but also to realize that maybe some items just are not on your spouse’s regular sex menu. A few items may be off the menu always. So I learned to pray to be satisfied with whatever is on the menu that day. Of course, because she loves me and wants to please me my wife has pushed her comfort boundaries on some things and I am grateful for that. I also learned that I need to not push HER comfort boundaries too far. But pushing them a little is OK… and again, communication with each other is the key.

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