Ron and Anne 10.0: Conception Discussion

Please don’t read this story as condoning driving without keeping your full attention on the road. – Frankie

After the excitement of the honeymoon and starting a family, Anne and Ron’s marriage had settled into the fourth-year doldrums. While she focused on keeping house and raising their two small daughters, Ron concentrated on work success. Sex was still fun but always seemed low priority after everything else.

They decided to go on a week-long church retreat with their children, hoping for a great time together. Anne was free from household responsibilities, and Ron was to leave work behind. The organizers of the retreat had arranged numerous activities for the whole family. They’d also ensured there was plenty of alone time for younger couples; families would alternate providing babysitting and supervised activities just for kids.

The first full day they were there, Anne was determined to take advantage of not being in Mommy-mode. So after lunch, she asked Ron to drop their children off with the babysitting couple while she went back to their room. Freedom from responsibility had her feeling pretty randy. By the time Ron returned to their room, she had taken off her underwear, put in the diaphragm, grabbed a washcloth from the bathroom, and redressed in nothing but one of his tee-shirts to bring back memories of when they first met.

After closing the door, Ron looked up to see Anne had no bra or panties. Her nipples clearly showed through his thin T-shirt, as did the dark patch between her legs. In three strides, he crossed the room to give her a hug. His manhood sprang to full attention at feeling her naked teats through his shirt. A passionate kiss followed as his hand covered one breast.

Then, releasing her breast, Ron slipped his arm under Anne’s knees and picked her up to lay her on the bed. The shirt’s hem hung open, exposing her bottom. As he laid her on the bed, the tee slid up to reveal her beautiful brown curls and the swollen feminine lips protruding from them, and Ron was free to look as he hadn’t been when they first met. He stripped out of his clothes, nearly tearing a button from his shirt. As his Jockeys came off, the erection—only hinted at beneath his shorts—popped into full view.

Anne spread her legs in invitation, but Ron stood looking at her for a moment and then sat on the edge of the bed. She knew he was anxious to be inside her, but he also took a lot of enjoyment in pleasuring her to orgasm first. So, shoving the washcloth under her to protect the bedding, he covered her pussy with his hand. Then he lightly stroked her swollen lips with his thumb, paying special attention to her clitoris; she had her own erection. As she approached climax, she reached over his leg to hold his erection, careful not to squeeze hard enough to cause an accident. Then she came—she came hard. Anne was glad the washcloth was under her because she leaked a little, something that typically only happened when she was pregnant.

Ron continued stroking her until her contractions ended and her clitoris became too sensitive to touch. Then he just held her pussy, allowing her to enjoy her afterglow, and stayed sitting there until she opened her eyes.

When he lay down next to her on his back, Anne knew what he wanted. She would have preferred the missionary position, but he clearly wanted her to ride him cowgirl style. Anne threw her leg over him and pushed herself up until she was squatting on her heels, sitting on his erection. Then Anne rose a bit and, reaching between her legs, guided him to her vagina. When she felt him at the entrance, she sat down, pushing him deep inside. Ron gave a little grunt, and Anne smiled as she began a long, slow gallop, making sure each stroke went as deep as possible.

It took him as little time as her clitoral orgasm had taken her. He began to swell, then ejaculate. She sat down on him and squeezed her vagina to better feel him pulsating as he filled her.

When Ron was spent, Anne lay on his chest and straightened her legs. She rested there until she felt him slip out. Then, putting the washcloth between her legs to keep the backflow from leaking onto the covers, she rolled over to doze beside him. It was a fantastic afternoon.

At dinner that evening, she kept thinking about how she had leaked during sex, which made her think about being pregnant. The thought kept returning during the remainder of the week. Being pregnant again and having another baby had become a real turn-on.

Finally, on the last day of the retreat, it was their turn to watch a baby for a younger couple who were going hiking. The baby nuzzled into Anne’s breast while nursing his bottle. As she thought back to her own babies and the enjoyment of nursing them, she again got a familiar tingle between her legs.

On their trip home from the retreat, while their daughters slept peacefully in the back seat, Anne decided to broach the subject of having another child with Ron. Before they got married, they had agreed on four children. Their youngest was 15 months; maybe now was the right time.

Ron’s positive response surprised Anne. He said he’d also been thinking about more children. His parents were older when he was born, and he’d always wanted children while still young. Ron began talking about husband-type things: His salary was enough that they could afford another child; their 3-bedroom house wouldn’t be big enough, but they had been considering moving into a bigger place anyway; the new car they had just bought wouldn’t be big enough for a family of five, but that wouldn’t be a problem for a few years yet; etc. Anne just gave grunts of agreement. All she could think about was holding her own infant in her arms again as she had that young couple’s.

Anne suddenly realized her panties had gotten wet—not just wet, but WET. She badly needed an orgasm but wasn’t sure what to do. She was pretty sure if they stopped anywhere, the children would wake up, and any chance would be gone. On the other hand, Anne didn’t want to wait for the end of the long drive home. She thought maybe it would be enough to have him hold her pussy through her shorts.

Ron had been riding with his arm on the back of her seat, massaging her neck as they talked. Anne took his hand and put it on her crotch. All conversation immediately stopped, and Ron just smiled.

He held her for a few minutes before she realized that wasn’t nearly enough. She moved his hand, unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, and put his fingers back onto her pussy outside her panties. He started rubbing her clitoris as much as he could, but the thick cotton panties Anne was wearing weren’t making it easy. Soon, Anne realized that still didn’t satisfy her. She reached down to pull the elastic waistband of her panties open, then put his hand on her exposed pussy.

Anne knew her panties were soaked; her clitoris would be slick with female lubricant. She didn’t care. She wanted that orgasm—badly. It was so close that little more than the touch of Ron’s finger put her over the edge, and she came, and came, and came. Anne wanted to squeeze out a groan but held her breath to make sure she didn’t wake the children. She’d had great orgasms before, but this one ranked at or near the top of the list.

She immediately grabbed a couple of tissues and put them in her panties under her pussy. She hadn’t squirted exactly, just leaked a lot of female juices. A small wet patch on the crotch of her panties and shorts wouldn’t show too badly. A spot on the car seat was a different matter.

Ron never took his eyes off the road, but his smile broadened. He could multitask, but massaging Anne’s clitoris while driving had stretched his abilities to the maximum. For the last few miles, he’d been running over the lane marker bumps so often it was like he was driving by braille. They were fortunate that Anne had chosen a nearly deserted road segment for the escapade.

Anne put herself back together and leaned over to rest her head on Ron’s shoulder. She could hardly wait to get home to start trying. And ten months later, their twins were born.

Looking back, the couple realized that what they did was foolish. They should never have taken this kind of risk in a moving vehicle, especially with their children in the back. But young couples don’t always make the wisest of decisions.

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4 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story! I agree that we shouldn’t do majorly sexy touching while driving. But it hasn’t stopped us a few times. And the last time was last year at a wildlife refuge with a lake right next to the road. And we should know better. We are a senior couple. But turned on older couples also sometimes don’t make the wisest of decisions.
    We’ve never done anything quite like that with the kids sleeping in the car. We were too afraid they’d wake up. I will admit to some light touching.

  2. SophTea says:

    We once babysat for a neighbor, and I held the baby as she slept on my chest. I will admit I think about children so much, and just like Anne in your story, I felt a need to have children with my husband! Knowing that every time my husband releases his love into me, it may foster the growth of a beautiful child is just such a divine thing, and I am blessed to be born as a woman who is wired to have that need. I feel Anne's desire so much, and I loved this story! God bless, have a wonderful day <3

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