Wife Taken

(L) This story contains strong language.


After locking up the house for the night, I walk into the bedroom.  My sexy wife stands facing away from me with her back and sexy ass exposed.  She asks if I can rub some lotion on her back like I do every night.  Tonight, however, as I rub the relaxing gel into her shoulders and neck, she sighs and moans softly.  I lightly rub down her spine to the sexy indents above her ass, and she groans more and lies down flat, facedown.

I apply more cooling gel, my hands sliding up over her sides and ribcage, then slipping down and under her very sexy large breasts, causing her to giggle.  Then she moans again as I squeeze her breasts and pinch her very hard, long nipples, rolling them in my fingers.  Her sounds, low at first, grow louder. She wiggles and her legs open, so of course, my cock begins to swell.

I climb on the bed, my knees pushing her legs wider open, and she gasps. Her ass lifts up a little, giving me a perfect view of her pussy, shaven smooth, and very wet. I’d forgotten how sexy she looks when she shaves there.

I slide my hands off her breasts and apply more gel to my hands as I slide down her back all the while staring at her pussy as her sweet nectar seeps from inside. My hands reach her ass and I kneed it squeezing and puling making her pussy open and close.  She is now moaning louder, grinding back against my hands begging for more, begging for me to take her.  My hand begin sliding back up her back, the head of my cock lightly pressing and rubbing her wet pussy. She tries pushing back on my cock, I pull back a little and I laugh as she moans pushing back more searching for my cock.  I reach her neck and rub the base of her skull and I slowly intertwine my fingers in her long soft hair.  

She is moaning more, her smell or arousal filling my nose as my fingers close gripping and pulling her hair, pulling her head back causing her to gasp.  Her gasp of surrender as I pull her hair and head back firmly, moving my hips forward till I feel the wet heat of her pussy and I push into her hard, my hips smacking into her ass as I drive her down into the bed, impaling her tight wet pussy on my cock, she screams out and I press her head down into the bed, she is moaning and shaking, trying to turn her head back to see me as I hold her firm looking at the headboard and pillow as I slide my cock out and I drive back into her grinding into her.  Wiggling her hips, her tight pussy circling my cock as I fuck her hard and deep over and over. 

Her pussy juices are hot and flowing, her pussy squeezing and pulsing around my cock, her breathing quickens, she’s trying to fuck my cock more. I laugh and stop fucking her, she moans and pleads with me to fuck her, take her, and pleading with me to make her cum.  I pull her head back as I drive back hard into her, making her body shake, her pussy quivering around my cock as I feel her sweet nectar flowing out around my cock. 

“Mmmmm that’s my hot wife, cum all over my cock!” I demand.

Holding her impaled on my cock, her orgasm subsides as her body goes limp, mumbling and moaning as I let her down onto the bed.  I slide my cock out and her juice flows like a river…I roll her limp body onto her back.  

Her eyes flutter as she tries to make eye contact with me as I slide my cock hard and fully back in her pussy…making her arch her back and scream as I drive her into the bed and pull out and drive again, making our bodies bounce on the bed. As I continue to fuck her hard and relentless I pinch and pull her hard long dime-sized nipples, pulling them as far away from her body as I can and holding them there making her grind against my cock as hard as she can.  Her eyes locked on mine – lost in love, lust, and passion.  

“Ooooooh Fuuuuck!” she screams out as she shakes wildly and her orgasm rocks her hard.  Her pussy pulsing around my cock, her nectar squirting out with each thrust of my cock.  

My cock is throbbing and I hold back for one last thrust and I moan out as I feel my hot cum squirting out, holding my cock deep in her pussy as my cum fills her mixing with her nectar.  

As she is moaning her love for me I lean down and softly, passionately kiss her lips. I pull back, telling her how much I love her and how she is my everything.  I pull back my cock letting her shake one last time and she moans as I pull out – our cum flowing from her.  

She rolls onto her side pulling me to lay behind her and telling me to hold her. My cock is still hard as she wiggles her ass wedging my cock inside against her asshole and pussy.  She mumbles that she hopes she gets taken again and she drifts off into sleep.

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