Long-time Wish Cum True

For years I’ve wished for and even prayed for this—and it happened this morning! My wife had only given me oral in bed twice our whole marriage. Because of the childhood sexual abuse that she suffered, Melodie insisted that we do fellatio only in the shower or in the bathroom. I’ve been okay with that, but sometimes, I have longed for oral in our bedroom. She usually gives me oral sex once or twice a month on that month’s holiday(s) or for special occasions like my birthday and our anniversary. A couple of years ago, she surprised me by giving me fellatio on HER birthday! (I think I wrote that up and posted it here on MH.)

She lets me give her oral sex (cunnilingus) a few times a month. Sometimes she’s way into it, but not very often. However, giving her even 30 seconds of oral love always leads to her coming rather fast and strong when we go into our X position and she uses her bullet vibe… or when I love on her nipples and she uses her vibe. Cunnilingus almost always happens in bed. Sometimes it’s before intercourse, and once in a while, it’s between or after intercourse. We use coconut oil and Aloecadabra flavored lube, so the taste is fantastic. But sometimes I give her oral and enjoy her natural sexy taste!

Almost all our fellatio has happened in the shower or just in the bathroom. But this morning, Melodie and I made love, and she gave me oral as I kneeled at her shoulder in our bed. It was an answer to prayer. My right hand was stroking her nipples, and then I moved it to her ladyparts! The sensations for me were beyond description! We had done oral sex this way only once before, on our third anniversary. We discussed oral before today’s lovemaking sessions, and Melodie had told me we could do it in bed today. I was genuinely surprised AND excited about it!

We started with cuddling and were limited to minimal kissing due to a small sore in my mouth. But we did a lot of lips on nips, hers on mine and mine on hers. She buzzed her clitoris with her bullet vibe as I loved on her big beautiful Scandinavian breasts!

Next, I kneeled by her right shoulder, and she took me into her mouth as she continued to buzz her clit. Watching her take me in and out as I gently pumped forward was an absolute trip! Then my old knee started hurting, and I had to sit back. After a brief pause, we went at it again but couldn’t get quite the same angle. So I stroked her ladyparts as she took me into her mouth. This time she pumped my shaft with her hand as she took me in! It was husband heaven!

Eventually, we returned to me loving on her beautiful boobies. She soon wanted more, and so did I. So we went to our “go-to” sex position and continued the erotic dance!

We had intercourse in X position about three times before I was able to cum. After a few minutes of intercourse, my heart would rebel, so I slid up to one side or another and loved orally and manually on her nipples. They are very lovable! She’d keep buzzing her clitoris during intercourse and while I gave her nipples attention.

As I loved on her nips with my lips and hands, I told her how beautiful she is and that she should appreciate her beautiful, large breasts because I certainly appreciated them. They truly are gorgeous, as is all of her. And I told her that her looks wouldn’t be such a big deal if she weren’t also beautiful on the inside! She is both kind and faithful.

I spent lots of time loving on her boobs as she used the bullet vibe. Then she came from a long session of lips on nips, etc. The etc. was me pumping away inside her then pausing for nipple fun. We did this three or four cycles of this until I finally came, and she was buzzing her clit the whole time.

(Let me clarify, we’d had intercourse until my heart and breathing forced me to stop. Then I’d slide up next to Melodie and love on her breasts with hands, lips, & glans—glans to nipple is “tip on nip!” Then we’d try sexual intercourse again. This pattern led to her reaching climax during the nipple play between sexual intercourse.)

Her orgasm was good. She arched her back, and somehow her boobs swelled and even flushed. “I’m coming!” she whispered in a sexy husky voice between highly pleasurable sighs. I kept sucking and tongue flicking her nipple until she descended Mount O. She is beyond-belief beautiful when she is in the throes of orgasm and for hours afterward!

Then I quickly slid down onto my right side to target her love tunnel with my erection. As I slid it in, it was immediately evident that her spasming ladyparts were still active. Her vaginal walls caressed my shaft, and thankfully, I finally came! The orgasm I had while inside her love tunnel was an incredible explosion of my love that coated her tunnel walls! So anyway, after we’d both cum once, she then did lips on my nip as I pumped my rod. I came nicely and relatively easily a second time. What a blessing and what a memory we made!

I think Melodie’s nipples somehow connect directly to her ladyparts in a physical way, and her nips emotionally connect to MY manparts. Conversely, my nipples physically connect directly to my manparts, and my nips connect to HER ladyparts in an emotional way.

I am so grateful Heavenly Father gave this wonderful wife to me. Unfortunately, over the last few months, our health conditions began worsening, and our meds were upped or added to, with sexual side effects that have been problematic during our lovemaking sessions. But despite our meds and our declining health and hospital stays, we are still finding ways to love and please each other in both sexual and non-sexual ways!

The fellatio in bed was a longed-for treat. It goes to show how much my beautiful, sexy wife has overcome. I admire and love her so much!

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4 replies
  1. Ron33 says:

    Awesome story! My wife won't do oral on me at all and only let's me go down on her a couple of times a year. I still crave giving it to her after 30 years of marriage. But, she mostly refuses.

    • LovingMan says:

      Ron33… I try to look at it using the analogy of a menu. Part of me would like oral to be on the menu every time we make love, but that isn’t the case. So I’ve learned to enjoy what IS on the menu and be grateful for that.

  2. RockyGapMan says:

    Great story. So glad you were finally able to experience your wonderful wife sucking your cock in bed. I’ll agree, there’s nothing like it.

    Though probably not your age, I too see my/our health affecting our sexual connection. But I think both of you are wonderful role models on how to not let our physical limitations inhibit our connection. Astute lovers will artfully learn to navigate around such barriers and keep this special gift vibrant and active.


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