Kitchen Connection

“You should come to the kitchen and help me make dinner,” my wife said, a mischievous glint in her eye and a conspiratorial grin on her lovely face. How could I resist a little shameless flirting while we did chores? I joined her without a second thought, leaving the kids to finish their TV show. What better way to heat things up for this evening’s main event after the kids went to bed?

She had other plans. When I walked into the kitchen, I was treated to the wonderful sight of my wife bending over to pull something out of the cabinet, her little ass purposefully stuck up in the air. She noticed me watching and gave that ass a little shake. Then she straightened up and walked over to the counter, her hips swaying fetchingly.

I walked up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and pressing my growing erection against her ass. She responded by grinding her ass against my rod. I asked what I could do to help, but apparently, the only thing left to do was wait for the oven to preheat. In the meantime…

“I couldn’t wait until we put the kids to bed,” she purred, grinding against me. “They should be occupied for a while.”

I readily concurred. My hands slid under her shirt, rubbing over the warm, smooth skin of her back then around the front to where her breasts hung free of any bra. She inhaled sharply at my touch and reached to take hold of my rock-hard member. I squirmed as her hands pressed against where my penis strained at my fly, responding by sliding my own hand down the front of her pants.

Her undies were already wet, hinting at just how turned on she was. She moaned as my finger teased her clitoris. But she was in no mood for long foreplay.

“Get out of there, mister!” she demanded, then pulled down her pants and undies.

God had never made a finer pair of buttocks. My penis practically lept out as I undid my pants and boxers. She looked over her shoulder with a sultry grin then spit on her hand and reached back to rub it onto the swollen head of my manhood. I shivered at the feel of her delicate fingers as they gently spread the makeshift lubricant.

Satisfied that I was sufficiently slick, she leaned forward, bracing herself on the counter and thrusting her lovely little ass in my direction. I quickly entered her from behind, and she gasped and arched her back as I filled her vagina. So we began.

Of course, we were interrupted. The oven beeped, indicating that it was preheated. Well, we were not about to waste a good thing. My wife kicked off her pants where they had fallen about her ankles and picked up the dish of food, then we shuffled to the oven, still coupled. We must have made a comic sight, naked below the waist and awkwardly shuffling across the kitchen (not that anyone was there to see!) Nevertheless, we got dinner into the oven and made it back to the counter, all while maintaining penetration. We had ten minutes before the oven went off again, and we would have to repeat that performance if we hadn’t finished by then!

Once we were back at the counter, I began to thrust into her. She leaned over the countertop, moaning softly as I ran my hands under her shirt to her nipples, hardened where they brushed against the fabric of her shirt as her boobs swung. She arched her back as I kneaded the soft flesh of her magnificent breasts. Then I leaned forward to lightly kiss her gently curving neck and slowly pressed my manhood deep into her. She turned her head toward me, her eyes closed, a contented “Mmmm” escaping her lips.

But this was no time for a long, intimate love-making session. No, we were against the clock! So I slid my hands down to her hips and began to pick up the pace. At my first deep thrust, she let out a  loud “Ohh!” which she immediately followed with “Shh!” But I was pounding her hard and deep now, and she is a loud love-maker, especially in this position. She leaned forward onto her elbows and pursed her lips, but moans and whimpers could still be heard each time my hips bounced off her ass.

“Oh, yeah,” she breathed. “I like it when you are a little rough with me.”

“Oh?” I said. “Like this?” And with that, I  grabbed her hips and thrust even deeper into her pussy.

“Yes! Oh, yeah!” She squealed, still trying to be quiet. “I like it! Shove it in there. Fill my warm, wet pussy!” And then she came, rising onto her toes and writhing involuntarily as her pussy gripped me in a hot, slippery embrace.

I slowed to let her catch her breath and recover. When she came down, she slid off of me and turned around to face me, placing a foot onto the counter behind me.

“I need kisses,” she said, wrapping her arms around my neck. I obliged her, and our lips met as I slid my penis into her now drenched vagina. She quickly dropped the foot from the counter for better stability, and we began to hump each other, our hips finding a rhythm.

I reached under her shirt to grab a breast, then lifted both of our shirts and pressed our bare chests together. We kissed each other hungrily, and she used my mouth to muffle her noises. Then she tensed and came again, her eyes squeezed shut and body trembling with overwhelming pleasure.

We separated after she came down, and she turned around and leaned over the counter again. Grasping her hips, I slid in once more, slowly penetrating her receptive vagina to my full length then withdrawing. I did it several more times, slowly pushing in to the root then pulling out to the head.

“You’re not nice to me,” she whimpered, then began to slide back and forth along my shaft. I lightly touched her back and hips, not wanting to disturb her as she pleasured herself on my rod. She began to go faster, her ass cheeks bouncing off my hips. Then she started tilting her hips with each thrust and moaned at the new sensation. Her pussy began to tighten slightly, and she stopped, deliberately avoiding another orgasm.

Quickly sliding off my penis before I started up again, she turned to face me. This time she turned sideways to the counter and lifted her foot to the side to brace against it. This placed her hips at an angle so that she had to twist her torso slightly to stand upright and kiss me. The angle also created new and, judging from her face, wonderful sensations when I penetrated her.

Lifting our shirts again, we pressed our bare chests together and began again. The intensity of her kisses told me it would not be long for either of us. I grabbed her ass and pounded her faster. A few strokes later, she came, and the frantic pulsations of her orgasming pussy milked every last drop of cum from my own throbbing organ.

We held each other for a few seconds, catching our breath. Then I looked at the kitchen timer.

“Perfect timing,” I told my lovely bride. “We finished with a few seconds to spare.”

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  1. LovingMan says:

    This is an awesome story! I loved your observation: “God never made a finer pair of buttocks.” Spontaneous quickies can be amazing, we know! We had a similar experience but we went into the bedroom to finish. I wrote it up and submitted it to MH:
    We were making our favorite pizza!
    My wife also loves rough intercourse from behind! I was intrigued at the different subtle positions you two did. Thanks for the great story! I gotta add that it’s ironic that the media implies that married sex is boring. You two were anything but boring!

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