Making Pizza & Making Love

Let me introduce ourselves to you.  My name is Tom, and my wife is Melodie (not our real  names.) We are a Christian couple in our later years. Both of us have retired, and we have some significant health issues, but we face our challenges together. We feel very blessed to still be together on Earth. It could have easily been otherwise. 

We volunteer when we can, exercise regularly, and try and stay active.  Our health challenges have made it necessary for my wife to use a vibrator to reach climax, so we incorporate vibrators into our sex life together. 

For us—and I suspect for most happily married couples—we have very nice married sex, but there are times it is spectacular! 

We made love this Saturday.  The morning’s lovemaking session was NOT a quickie. I’ll tell you about the quickie next, but for now, let me concentrate on this morning’s pleasant session.

My cute wife had been suffering from a yeast infection, so it had been more than a week since we had made love.  She was very ready.  First, we took turns loving on each other’s nipples with our lips and tongues.  She stroked my erection some; then, I stroked her ladyparts for a while.  She also used her bullet vibrator. 

Next, I applied some coconut oil along with vanilla-flavored aloe lube, pushing both way up inside her love tunnel.  After adding a little lube to her nipples and areola, I knelt next to Melodie and pumped my erection with my hand while rubbing the tip or glans on her right nipple.  Every now and then, I’d pause to suck on one then the other firm nipple. 

 Next, we went into our preferred sex position.  We lay perpendicular to each other with Melodie on her back and me on my side.  We call it X position, but I’ve also heard it called the Cuissade position. It makes my wife’s clitoris easily accessible to her vibrator as I thrust inside her.  We enjoyed each other, reaching simultaneous orgasms then cuddling a while before I achieved a second climax in X position as well. She didn’t feel like going for climax number two just then, so we cleaned up and went our separate ways for the day. 

She had to visit a sick relative, and I had a Saturday morning class: nude figure drawing. In case you are wondering, I don’t find it erotic. I’m drawing another one of God’s children, and stay so busy that I don’t have time for erotic feelings.  Plus, it’s just non-sexual nudity. Our nude bodies don’t always have to be sexual. In fact, I think a partially clothed body in sexy lingerie is more of a turn-on than a nude art model—plus, lingerie is a beautiful way to show off our body to our spouse.  THEN it is very sexual, which brings me to this afternoon. 

I’m always ready for a roll in the hay, but my wife needs a break between lovemaking sessions.  So since this morning’s Saturday sex was a scheduled full session on a lovemaking day, we’d normally expect to do a very short quickie on Monday and another full lovemaking session on Wednesday.  I didn’t expect anything more today.

I got home this afternoon a few minutes before my wife.  As I was about to start prepping our favorite homemade pizza, Melodie got home and walked into the kitchen.  She looked so beautiful that I gave her a long deep kiss, which I really enjoyed, but I figured it wouldn’t go any farther. Boy, was I wrong!  I went back to putting the pizza together, cutting tomatoes, getting the mozzarella cheese set in chunks on the sauce, then laying down fresh basil leaves and the tomatoes.  But, unbeknownst to me, a spectacular sexual encounter was about to start!

I was about to put the margarita pizza into the oven when Melodie surprised me by walking into the kitchen, wearing only her see-through lace baby blue teddy.  Yes, I was rather stunned.  She walked over to me near an open kitchen window, which cast golden afternoon sunlight and lace shadows on her beautiful full breasts.  Her large green eyes showed desire and self-confidence. (By the way, this kind of non-bedroom sexy encounter is an advantage of being empty nesters.)

Melodie ran her fingers over her large shapely breasts and lightly pinched each nipple through the sheer lace. She then looked down at her breasts, still lit up by the low angle sunlight, and said, “Look, Tom, aren’t they beautiful?”

I love to see her appreciate her gorgeous body.  She often dislikes her appearance, and yet I find her to be ever more beautiful to me.  Over the years, she has gained and lost weight, and I love her curvy body either way. Recently, she has lost some weight, so I think that has given her confidence.  But I love both her soul and body, so I’m just happy that she’s still mine and I’m hers. (By the way, I’ve gained and lost weight too.) 

I saw how the sunlight lit up her face and eyes and the beautiful curves in her Swedish skin, and I wanted to preserve this image.  She started to walk towards me when I said, “Stop there.” I pulled out my smartphone and opened our private pictures app.  Melodie must have thought this was a good idea because, as I clicked away, she struck several provocative poses.  Her cute bare bum looked beautiful too. Her sexy body called to me, and I walked over to her. It’s a good thing that our backyard has no houses behind it because Melodie was standing by that uncovered window. 

 I decided that I had enough pictures, and soon we were kissing again.  I pulled each shapely & lovely breast out of the teddy to love on each nipple with my lips.  After a minute, I turned around to put the pizza in the oven.

Melodie stood and watched, looking incredibly sexy and cute.  Then she turned away and took off for the bedroom, saying, “Don’t be too long!” But she turned back, snickered at the bulge in my pants, and added, “Too late! You’re already long!” She scurried back to our bedroom as she laughed at her own humor. I shut the oven door and set the timer, then shed my clothes before I even got to the bedroom. 

I found her kneeling on the edge of the bed, ready and raring to go.  Standing behind her shapely bum, I slid my erection into her eager, wet vagina.  She loves this position when she’s exceptionally turned on, but in less than a minute, I could tell it wasn’t going to work out today. My arthritic knees started hurting too much. 

“No problem,” she said when I told her.  She sat me down on the edge of the bed, then stood up, turned around, and lowered her wet love tunnel onto my hard erection.  Standing, she rose and fell, impaling herself on my shaft while I rubbed her back with my fingers.  What an amazing sight—I could clearly see her engulf me in her love with every downward thrust.  I leaned back to watch and feel the show.  Sex is a participation sport, but when you get a view like this, it becomes a spectator sport, too. 

Soon my sexy wife stood all the way up. She turned around and let me suck on each of her perfectly hard nipples through the thin see-through lace.  She has quite large breasts, and I thank God for giving her those for me to love. 

“Oooooo, that feels nice!” she said.  Then she lay down on the bed and opened herself up to me.  She has beautiful ladyparts, and I loved this view too. She pulled her vaginal lips further apart with a hand on each side of her vulva. “You want?” she asked. Of course, I did!

We did the Missionary position as my usually quiet lover-wife kept saying, “Oh, that feels good!” I pulled the teddy off her shoulders so I could love some more on her beautiful breasts.  Her boobs had reduced in size with her recent weight loss, but still offered plenty to love. 

After a while, she slipped the teddy off, and we switched to making love in our X position because it works well for us.  I was very hard and way deep inside her. She and I could feel her vagina elongate, my glans reaching up into the open area near the cervix. I also could sense the buzzing vibrations of her bullet vibrator through the walls of her vagina. I fondled her breasts and titillated her nipples with one hand as I thrust many times.  She used her Kegal muscles and caressed me with her love tunnel so nicely I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh, your pussy feels sooooo nice!” I don’t use that word much, but sometimes it just seems right. 

After quite some time, I came like a freight train!  It felt wonderful to shoot my seed way up inside her.  Then I slipped my erection out and slid up next to her.  I moved to give her sexy left breast some more attention with my mouth.  I sucked and flicked her lovely nipple with my mouth, lips, and tongue. Suddenly I just knew to switch to her right nipple.  (Yes, I believe God will give inspiration during sex with your spouse. In fact, I often say a silent prayer for my beautiful wife to reach orgasm or for her to fully enjoy our bodies as we make love.)

Switching sides to her other beautiful raspberry did the trick!  (Melodie’s nipples look like perfectly ripe raspberries when she’s aroused—and she definitely was aroused.) She kept holding her bullet vibe to her clitoris as I nibbled on her right one and gently pinched the left. Very soon, I recognized her body tensing up, and she shook like she does when she has a particularly strong orgasm. 

She gasped in her sexy whisper, “I’m cumming!” Her back arched as if to encourage my oral loving on her breast. My right hand went on flicking and pinching her other nipple as her shaking continued for longer than usual. I kept up the mouth-to-raspberry stimulation, but I also looked up and watched the sexual ecstasy displayed on her face. 

Nothing in the world is as beautiful to me as my kind, caring, lovely, and sexy wife climaxing in our sexual love!  Her breasts seem to swell, and they flush just a little. Her face takes on an amazing blush of youth. It is hard to believe it, but she looks, at that moment, like she did when we first married many years ago! I love her so much, and I feel so grateful to God for giving me the great blessing of my wonderful wife!  Only His gift of His son, who died for our sins, is a greater gift. 

Well, we had finished. “I love you, Melodie,” I said.

“I love you too, Tom,” she replied.  We spoke our love to our lover-spouse after we had shown them that love in a very sexy way! 

We lay there and gazed into each other’s eyes. Then the kitchen timer went off.  We had done all this in 17 minutes! For us, that’s a quickie, although usually, a quickie means that she doesn’t plan on going for an orgasm.  (Sometimes she changes her mind during our “quickies,” though). It was all wonderful! I felt grateful to God for giving us to each other, and I felt thankful for my wife staying with me all these years despite my blunders and my health challenges.  I also felt delighted to have this surprise “quickie that was way more than a quickie.” 

I had to get to the oven before the pizza burned.  I kissed my wife, who gave off an afterglow like a lantern, and I hopped off of the bed.  Looking down at her with the lingerie off and her porcelain body stretched out on the bed made it hard to leave.  But burned pizza is bad news, so I headed for the kitchen. 

The prospect of opening a hot oven door while nude and still semi-hard down there was a scary thought.  But I ran naked out into the kitchen and cautiously opened the hot oven door. The pleasant smell of basil, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and perfectly toasted crust blasted me.  I pulled the pizza out and set the pan on the stove, thankful that I’d gotten to it in time. 

My wife soon came out to the kitchen-dining room, wrapped in a loose robe. “That pizza smells delicious,” she said. 

I had a gorgeous view of the lovely curvy body that had just given me such pleasure and joy.  I quickly went back to the bedroom and got into a matching robe before returning to the kitchen. Then we consumed our excellent meal.  

It was the best margarita pizza I’ve ever made, and we enjoyed it together, reminiscing about our vacation in Rome, where we discovered the recipe.  But as good as it was, the dinner paled in comparison to what we had just enjoyed together by our kitchen window and in the bedroom!

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8 replies
  1. Sultryheat says:

    Hello Tom and Melodie. My wife, Macy and I (Brian) seem to be living a very similar life style as the two of you. We’re early aged retirees who are relatively newer empty nesters and are so enjoying our sexual freedoms and each other so very much. The fact that we are growing older together has just made our sexual experiences with one another that much better. We cherish each other’s body and our attraction to each other has only increased over time and we thank God for that! My lovely lady has only gotten more beautiful with age and she feels the same about me. We read many stories here at MH and have written a few ourselves, but today’s story just really touched our hearts, as we connected to it. May God bless you both with continued beautiful love making!

    • LovingMan says:

      Sultryheat, thanks for your comments. Long term commitment and growing older together leads to togetherness… and that togetherness includes some awesome love making, even if you have to adjust things from time to time. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and obviously you two agree!

  2. King Arthur says:

    Nice Story. Yay!!! for retired couples. We are retired and also use a vibrator for orgasms and are also empty nesters and also have sex on Saturday mornings. Wow!!! What fun. I love pizza and love to make love!!!!

  3. LovingMan says:

    I think it’s funny how a lot of younger folks think that we seniors don’t have sex. If anything, as retirees, the sex in our marriage is more frequent and a lot of times it’s very hot!

  4. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    This is a wonderful story! Thanks so much for writing. In your above comment you mentioned about younger folks perception of seniors’ sex life. I know what you mean. We’re not technically seniors but close enough that I get the discount without asking. We often laugh to each other when we hear some stereotypical comment or joke on some tv show about lack of sex after years of marriage. Oh if they only knew what it could be—what it’s supposed to be.
    I love how you two have figured out what works for you, how you’ve adapted to new and changing situations. We have had to learn and adapt to my medical condition as well. It is important that this message be told both for people who are going through their own form of challenges (it’s far too easy to just give up) and to the young so they can be ready when things do arise in their lives. Thank you MH for giving us the place to share this encouragement and experience with our brothers and sisters.
    There are so many more things I’d like to comment on but in the interest of keeping this brief: WHAT’S THE PIZZA RECIPE!?!

    • LovingMan says:

      StillLikeNewlyweds, you’ve warmed my heart to know that maybe my writing is making a difference. Everything you said is so true. Thanks! MH really is a blessing. The pizza is Margherita Pizza
      We have done it a couple of ways. Coincidentally I made it today. We buy a frozen Margarita Pizza or a mozzarella pizza with chunks of Mozzarella cheese on it. But you HAVE to add some fresh ingredients too. You could do this all from scratch too… if you want.

      Sauce: blend can of tomato pieces. (Drain it first) Add a small can of tomato sauce. Heat up with Italian spices but not too much spices. A little oregano is nice. We buy a shaker of Italian spices. Add mozzarella…some shredded n some chunks if ya got em. Break leaves off fresh basil plant. Dried won’t do. Put leaves about 1 inch apart all over pizza. Add slices of ripe tomatoes. Put in oven at recommended temperature on package. Run to the bedroom and make fast love to your spouse. You probably have about 17 minutes…
      Remove pizza from oven and eat it together dressed in matching robes.

  5. Realman says:

    Loving each other through changing body types and growing old together. That's the way we're supposed to be faithful! Thanks for including the down to earth parts!

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