In A Skirt

My wife works in an office setting and as the weather has warmed up lately, she started wearing more dresses and skirts to work. During the winter, she wore pants most the time and only occasionally a dress with heavy leggings or tights. Although she looked good in that, I like seeing her in sheer pantyhose.

When we were first married she wore dresses and skirts with nylons to work almost every day when the weather was warm. I loved watching her leaving and coming home in a dress or skirt wearing silky sheer hose underneath. She is very attractive and sexy and knows how to wear feminine clothes with style and class. Such a turn on!

Over the years, styles changed and she rarely wore hosiery with dresses and skirts. Lately, though, her habit has seemed to change.  I have noticed more and more pantyhose on her, and seeing her in those pleases my eye.  She also wears heels to work that accentuate her shapely legs. In some ways, I find seeing her dressed up more seductive than her wearing nothing at all, but of course, she is completely tempting when nude.  This is a story about both ways and how hot she can be.

She was out shopping on a weekend over a month ago.  After she came home and dropped off the things she purchased, I came into our kitchen.  I was pleasantly surprised to see three packages of new pantyhose on the counter. I had to take a closer look, and even better, they were sheer and my favorite colors.  While I fantasized about when I would get to see her wearing them, I wondered why she left them on the counter.  It occurred to me that since she knows how much I like seeing her wear them, she was giving me a mental preview of some sexy outfit I would see her in soon.

One recent morning, I woke first, as usual, and went out of our bedroom to read the Word. Later I went back to our room at the time she rises to make sure she was awake; we kissed to start the day.  Then I left again to go about my morning routine of getting ready.

About 30 minutes later, I brought her some water; she takes some vitamins each morning and carries her water mug to work. I heard the shower running and looked around the corner into the bathroom.

What a great sight! She was washing the shampoo from her hair, arms up and tits out. They looked so inviting, her nipples full and erect under the steamy water that ran down her stomach and dripped off of her bush. Mmm, she looked so good.

I wanted to join her but knew time would not allow. Still, I could visualize myself slipping in behind her. I would kiss her neck, cup her titties in each hand, then lightly pinch her nipples.  She likes her nipples sucked and pinched and pulled gently and sensually.  My cock would be hard, pressed up between her ass cheeks.  I would use soap to make us slippery against each other.  Then because of the limited time, she would say, “We can’t, but you better be ready when I get home.”

I left the bedroom very aroused, visualizing her and I making love in the shower with hot water rolling over our bodies.  I needed to settle down; that hot sight had me worked up.

A little while later, I wanted to check on her and visit ahead of our workday before she had to leave.  I opened the bedroom door to a gorgeous sight. She was checking her look in the full-length mirror behind the door. She wore a denim skirt reaching to about three inches above her knees and a short-cut, matching denim jacket with a cute striped top underneath. She’d also put on tan suede ankle boots with a heel and natural-color nylons. Her legs looked shapely and sexy.

I immediately said, “You look hot! Very sexy! I like what you are wearing.”

Her smile gave me several messages, first that she liked her husband noticing her. But it also communicated the confidence that a woman has when she knows she looks good. I find that look sexy on her.

After looking a little too hard at her image in the mirror, she asked me to get her blow dryer out and ready for her.  She was already running late and needed some help to save time.

I went to the other bathroom and got it ready for her. Then I quickly returned to our bedroom for some more eye candy.  I went around the bed to make it while she was in the bathroom putting on her makeup. As she leaned towards the mirror, her skirt rode up, putting her long sexy legs on display.

I quickly grew hard and made slow progress on getting the bed made up to prolong my view of her. I wanted to see every detail of that beautiful woman and her legs under that skirt. She had them spread a little to balance herself, and I wanted to go in there, lift her skirt, and rub my hands all over her silky, nylon-covered ass.  I imagined pulling them down and making love from behind as she bent over the sink. My erection had grown very hard now. I took my time smoothing wrinkles from the bedspread and fluffing the pillows, watching her all the while.

My wife knew I was watching, and her body language told me she liked it. She finished her makeup and walked through the bedroom to dry her hair in the other bathroom.  Her skirt swayed back and forth as she walked in her heels, that sexy ass of hers moving nice and free.

Hungrily, I followed her into the other bath and watched her dry her long wet hair with the dryer. It was still damp after drying for several minutes but she had to leave. We kissed at the door, and I told her again how good she looked. She smiled, and we told each other, “I love you.”

I couldn’t take it any longer. I went to the bedroom and lay on the bed, dropping my clothes on the floor.  Steadily and easily, I stroked my hard cock, building up to an intense climax.  In my mind, I could see her on her way to work with her skirt hiked up as she drove. I imagined her panty and nylon covered pussy peeking out above the top of her thighs. When she arrived at work, I knew she’d her swing her legs out of the car, then tug her skirt down as she stood to walk in. I could picture her long strides as she hurried and her sweet ass moving as it does when she walks.

Then, walking to her desk and sitting, she’d tug her skirt down again and cross her sexy legs. The bottom of her thigh would show a little, and as she worked, her skirt might ride up a little each time she shifted in her seat.  I imagined her softly stroking her legs as she took a phone call, and I could see her standing and walking around the office, talking with co-workers in that sexy little skirt.

Then, leaving for the day, she’s probably let it ride up as she drove home.  I pictured her walking into our kitchen and kissing me.  After I let her know how much I fantasized about her all day, she’d just take me by the hand and lesd me to our bedroom.

In my imagination, my wife hiked up her skirt, pulled her panties and nylons over her ass cheeks, and bent over. She looked back and told me, “I want you to get yours!”

Then I’d pushed my cock between her sweet cheeks and find her pussy.  Slowly I’d work my way in as she moaned a little. Once I got all the way inside her, she’d push back and start to ride me, and I would pick up the pace, pumping her deep and hard.

I could practically hear her starting to get more vocal as I go so far into her pussy that my groin smacks her ass.  I’d have her hips firmly in my grip and continue pounding her hot hole faster and faster, harder and harder….

That was it, I couldn’t hold it anymore.  My cock came in several spurts, my cum squirting out all over my stomach. It was very intense and felt so good to have such a hot fantasy about my beautiful wife and her sexy legs in nylons. Now I have to make sure it actually happens when she gets home!

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7 replies
  1. Christhusbandandwife3in1 says:

    First and foremost, my hat off to MH. I really enjoy this site for the foundation that is based on, the extremely hot stories shared by the contributors, the comments afterwards( almost like a small group setting with everyone's opinion and thoughts on their beliefs) and last but not least the extremely hot erotic pictures that you find to match the stories perfectly.

    Flyguy, wow!!! Very nice picture painted. I'm glad you had such a hot masturbation time with yourself after seeing your wife in her denim skirt and stockings and then being able to fantasize the rest to an awesome solo orgasm. I have pumped myself to many fantasies of my wife. I absolutely love when she wears stockings. She just doesn't have a reason to wear them that often, but when she does… SHWING!!!

    • Flyguy says:

      Thanks for the comments 3in1. Nice to know other guys appreciate their wives in sexy dresses, skirts, heels, and nylons. That has always been a turn on for me. I also agree that MH does a great job adding pictures to the stories on the site. The photo of the hiked up skirt revealing the sexy prize underneath fit my story so well. Thanks MH.

    • Flyguy says:

      King Arthur glad to hear you love skirts too. Something about the way a woman moves in them is very attractive.

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Great story! I am sure most of us men have similar experiences. I was anticipating more playful thoughts when she was at work. Maybe I was just hoping for a bit more teasing action. The solo jo was hot. Now i want to hear what really happened when she got home!

  3. Flyguy says:

    1blessedman I did have some teasing thoughts about her at work that I didn't put in the story/ fantasy. Maybe another story sometime. Same with what happened when she came home…..

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