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New Year’s Gift (L)

This story contains strong language (L).
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It was  New Year’s Eve and a frigid day. My husband and I both had the day off, so we decided to go to a movie.  I wore some warm, baggy, easy-access sweatpants and a soft V-neck sweater with no bra—also for easy access. I had this all planned out in my mind. He picked a movie I had no interest in seeing, and that was fine with me because I didn’t plan on actually watching it. The cold weather had me wanting to snuggle and make out.

We found a seat toward the back on the far side of the theater. There were just a few people besides us. We watched the first half-hour of the movie, then he put his hand down my sweater and began to play with my nipples. I was getting so turned on as he softly brushed his hand across each nipple. Then he circled the areolas and flicked the tips; they were so erect and hard!  Oh, how I wished he could kiss and suck them. My hand was rubbing his hard-on outside his jeans. I grabbed his hand and placed it under my sweatpants and inside my very wet panties. I put a coat over my lap so that our activities remained hidden, and he began to stroke my clit. Soon he slipped a finger inside my opening, and I gasped, trying to keep quiet. I had to bite my lip—it felt so good and so forbidden.

He continued his assault on my pussy and clit until I was dripping, and my orgasm was quickly approaching. I looked at him and whispered, “I’m going to cum.” He just grinned and kept going.

Luckily for me, the movie was action-packed, with lots of gunshots and noise, so it masked the sound of my orgasm. As I came, I tried my best to make only soft sounds.

“Oh, that was so good and so fun, baby!” I said. Then I caught my breath and straightened my clothes.

Next, I smiled at him and said, “Your turn.” I moved my jacket into his lap and unzipped his jeans. Grabbing his cock, I began to give him a handjob. I didn’t think I could give him a blow job and not draw attention.

He was squirming and enjoying it a lot. I edged him over and over until he told me to stop, or he would not be able to hold back his impending explosion. It took a while for him to be able to get his cock back into his jeans, but eventually, he did. I had so much fun teasing him.

The movie ended, and we walked out, holding hands. We got to the car and started to kiss and make out in the front seat. I offered to finish him off with a blow job right there in the car, but it was freezing. And it was beginning to snow! We seldom ever get snow where we live in the Deep South, so it was a real pleasant surprise. The falling snow was so pretty.

We decided that we were a bit hungry, and some hot chocolate would hit the spot. We went to TGI Fridays, where we got warm and enjoyed our dinner while continuing to flirt at our table. Finally, we paid the bill and headed to the car.

I didn’t tease him while he was driving since the snow was really coming down now. When we got home, I kissed him long and hard. I continued our liplock as I kicked off my shoes and slid out of my sweatpants and panties. He grabbed my sweater and pulled it over my head, and I stood before him in my birthday suit.

He said, “Dang, you’re sexy, babe! I’m gonna give it to you good because you’re driving me crazy!”

We kissed some more while I unzipped his jeans, and he kicked his shoes off. As he slipped his feet out of the pants, I started to unbutton his shirt and began rubbing the hair on his chest. I love to do that!

He pushed me against the wall and started to kiss and squeeze my breasts, just what I had been longing for. He rubbed his hard cock on my mound and slid his cock between my legs, rubbing back and forth and stroking my entrance.

Oh God, I needed to be taken! I can’t remember when I had been this over-the-top, crazy horny! I needed it! Oh, I had to have him!

Let me backtrack and tell you that I had stopped taking my birth control pills because of some health concerns. We were not trying to have children yet. In fact, knowing all the history of complicated pregnancies in my family, I was afraid, and we had not decided if we were going to try. The doctor said we needed to use other methods for at least three months. So it had been a couple of months of him having to pull out before he came.

We broke our kiss, and I lay on the bed as he began to lick and kiss my wet pussy. I was so horny that I was begging him, “Fuck me, please!” He continued to tease me until I said, “You have to give it to me now! Get up here and give me that cock!”

He thrust into me very hard. I grabbed his ass and we begin to go at it like two wild animals! I was so turned on that I was wanting it rough and hard.

“Oh, baby, fuck me hard! Give it to me! Ohhhhhhhh!” I screamed.

As we both were about to cum, he tried his best to pull out, but I held him tight!

He said, “I’ve got to stop!”

In my horny crazed state, I growled or howled at him very loudly, ‘DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT STOPPING NOW!!!!!! I’m Cumming!”

“Oh, Fuck!” he said. “Are you sure?”

“YES!” I screamed! “Ohhhhhh, baby. YOU STOP NOW, AND YOU ARE DEAD! Ohhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhh, God. Oooooooo, aahhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm!”

And with that, he shot his load into my hot wet pussy as my nails clawed into his back.

“Ohhhhhhh, God, how I’ve missed you cumming inside me!” I told my husband. We held each other, both of us still breathless. Then we kissed, wishing each other a Happy New Year! It’s was a memorable night!

Six weeks later, my husband had a vasectomy. A couple of days after his surgery, he was watching the Superbowl football game with an ice pack on his lap for the swelling, and I start getting nauseous and not feeling well. I was still not feeling well on Monday, so I went to my doctor; he told me that God had intervened, and I was pregnant! It’s a funny story, but we are so glad for our gift from God. We don’t even want to think of what our life would have been like without her. She has brought so much joy into our family.

I’m so glad Our Heavenly Father knows just what we need! As the worship song says, “You’re a good good Father, it’s who you are, it’s who you are, and I’m loved by you. It’s who I am, it’s who I am, it’s who I am!” Thank you, God, for your love for us! Thank you for giving good gifts to your children!

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16 replies
    • Southernheat says:

      Thank you for your kind words! God’s gifts are the best that’s for sure!

    • Southernheat says:

      Glad you enjoyed my story! We have so many incredible memories and just keep creating new ones!!!

  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Awesome and hot story! We had a fun movie theater time a few months back. It was somewhat planned that my wife would be pleasuring me, but I didn’t know exactly what she would be doing or how far she would go. She did go down on me a couple times for short periods. This was WAY more bold than she’d ever been. A day later Fandango sent me a link to leave a review on Rotten Tomatoes for the movie we saw, Ford vs. Ferrari. So I did. Here’s what I wrote under the username AnOldCarGuy: “I found this movie to be very exhilarating and exciting. Even though I kind of knew what was coming, there were twists and surprises that had me wanting more. My wife was even more into it than I thought she’d be. Figured she’d be ok with it, but she seemed to really be enjoying it.”
    I posted the review and texted her a screen shot of it.

  2. Sweetie806 says:

    Very hot description of what was clearly a very hot & passionate fuck between a loving married couple (the fact that you conceived your child as a result makes it all the more hot!) It's incredible to have the wife beg me to fuck her, and then hear her moans in my ear and feel her hands clawing my back and ass while I'm doing it!

    • Southernheat says:

      We are very blessed to still be so hot for each other and for all the hot memories as well!

  3. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This story is not only hot but so beautiful. So happy for you that you became pregnant. That you conceived from a really hot f*ck is totally awesome–the way it should be. Now that your husband has had a vasectomy, the hotness can continue and go to new levels. Getting a vasectomy was one of the best decisions I ever made. Took me a year+ to finally do it but oh goodness did my wife make it fun when I had to have 20 ejaculations after the procedure before I could be tested and cleared for intercourse…. Of the 20, probably 16 or 17 were right down her throat and she milked the hell out of me.

    • Sweetie806 says:

      That's awesome, MarriedtoaHotBabe! I should have enlisted my wife's services like that when I had my vasectomy. I brought about my ejaculations myself; was still fun, but you know…

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Southernheat, that story is hot. I never got the opportunity to produce a sample at the doctor's office. Instead, my instructions were to ejaculate 20 times (at home) and then bring in a sample, all of which I did. Many of the 20 were by way of my wife, but the sample I brought in for testing to ensure I was sperm-free was from my own hand. Would have been fun to have done it the way you did with your husband.

  4. Bigblackdick says:

    I just exploded to your story… Wonderful fuck between you two guys…. Imagining pounding and fucking my future wife. Pinning her to the wall. My dick all the way in, In her pussy. My balls slapping on her pussy as I pound her hard.

    I can't wait.

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