A Long Day’s Wait

The day stretches endlessly, but its length only intensifies our desire. Throughout the day, I pull out my phone to look at the nudes that you sent me. Each time I flick through them, a surge can be felt flowing to my manhood; instinctively, I reach for it each time. I can feel the bulge growing and my heart rate increases. I close my eyes and envision your hand wrapped around my cock. Oh, that is going to feel good, I think to myself. I open my eyes and realize that I’ve been rubbing my cock, and a little clear pre-cum now moistens the inside of my boxer shorts. Too bad I can’t work from home!

The drive home from the office takes a few less minutes than normal, no doubt due to my speeding in anticipation of seeing you. After we get the kids to bed, you escape into the bathroom for a few moments. Meanwhile, I step upstairs to light some candles and adjust the room’s temperature. A few minutes later, you ascend the stairs, wearing only a lacy bra and matching panties. You hold a glass of wine, and as you notice the subtle music I have playing in the background, you take a sip and begin to lightly sway your hips to the music. Through the lace of your panties, I can just make out the subtle shadow of your perfectly trimmed pubic hair. The upside-down triangle points me in the direction of the promised land reserved for me.

“Baby, you look amazing,” I say.

Without missing a beat, you reply, “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

You come closer to me, the candlelight flickering off your ivory skin. Gently you push me to the edge of the bed and make me sit there. You set the glass of wine down on the bedside table and begin to run your hands down my shoulders, onto my chest, and finally down to my legs. As your hands reach my knees, you push them apart as though aware of what’s happening between them. My stiffened penis exposes its head out the left leg of my boxers, and you lean in to lick the tip. Then, turn your back to me, you begin to give me a lap dance and rub your round bottom against my chest and crotch.

I reach my hands up to your waist and pull you close so that you can feel the bulge of my increasingly erect cock against your butt. You grind against me more, the pressure increasing inside your dampened vagina. As you sway your ass in front of me, I slowly pull down your panties—a little of the right side, then the left, back and forth, until all your curves are on display for me. Your panties fall to the ground, but you remain bent over, allowing me to gaze and marvel. I gradually draw my hands over the surface of each cheek, and they rendezvous just south of the ridge where they begin to dance at the opening of your pussy.

I can feel your juices on the tips of my fingers as you push against them to increase the pressure. Your hips chase them when I bring them to my lips to taste your femininity. Then I spin you around and press my nose and lips against your mound, gently nuzzling your clitoris. I reach around and grab your ass, a cheek in each hand, and pull you in as my tongue presses against your opening.

The blood rushes to your pussy and a warmth comes over you. You reach for your dildo, position it on the floor beneath you, and sink down onto it as its girth fills you up. Then you reach forward and take my cock into your hand; it feels as big as the dildo in your pussy. You raise your gaze and lock eyes with me as you slowly take the tip of my penis into your mouth. I sigh as the warmth of your mouth engulfs my cock. Then you let out a subtle moan as you feel the pleasure of having two cocks inside of you at the same time.

You maintain eye contact with me as your head bobs up and down the length of my shaft. The sexual tension that has been coursing through my veins nearly explodes in your mouth, but you sense it and slow down, then remove my cock from your mouth. You begin to lick my balls, even taking my left testicle into your mouth and sucking on it as you give me a soft handjob. You can still feel the solid mass penetrating your dripping pussy and you know that you are about to cum. You stand up, still clenching the dildo with your cunt. As you rise, you reach behind your back and unclip your bra, exposing your fully erect and engorged nipples. Then you reach down with your right hand and rock the dildo in your pussy and grab my cock with your left. Feeling the pleasure of a cock in each hand, you lean forward and thrust your right tit into my mouth and demand that I suck on it.

A soft sigh leaves you as I reach down and begin to thrust the dildo in and out of you myself. You place your hands on either side of my head and guide it to your left nipple, the more sensitive of the two. I swirl my tongue around its little peak and gently pull on it with my pursed lips, and your sigh increases to a soft groan.

Suddenly, you push me backward onto the bed and begin to crawl over me. Your breasts hang from your chest, and my face passes through the valley between them. You stop when your little bush is above my nose and lower it down onto my tongue. The dildo is pressed into you down to the base, and I twist it in place while I ravenously lick the milky while lubricant your body is producing. You drive your clit into my face and grind as I pull, and the dildo comes out of your pussy with a smack. Your gaping wet opening drips and gasps for more.

I slowly place three fingers inside and reach for the front wall, rubbing the ridges I feel there while I lick your swollen labia. This time, the moan morphs into an extended, “Ooooohhhhhhh,” and, “Mmm, mmmm, ahhhh!” I can hear you inhaling and exhaling. Your pulse is increased; I can feel it against my fingertips in your pussy.

“I want you to cum,” I say. “I want to hear your cum now.” You push against my fingers and reach for one of your nipples. “Cum!” I demand. Then without hesitation, you exhale the loudest sigh you could have vocalized and your body begins to shake. I can feel the walls of your cunt gripping my hand as your hips and legs twitch with pleasure.

As the wave comes over you, I slide out from under you and roll you over onto your back. I grab your firm thighs and pull you to the edge of the bed where my dick slides right into your welcoming pussy. With your legs wrapped over my shoulders, I plunge my member into your depths and lean forward to kiss you. In and out, I rhythmically thrust the full length of my staff into your feminine garden. With our lips locked together and our breathing unified, our bodies transform from two individuals to a synchronized symphony of motion and passion. The crescendo takes us deeper into each other, ecstasy overcomes us. I wrap my arms around your back and pull you up as your legs fall to my waist. I lift you up and bounce you on my cock. Then I crawl onto the bed, lay you down, and pin your hands above your head.

You feel my weight against you as my rod presses against your clit and slides in the grooves of your luscious labial lips. I hold your arms down and continue to grind; the ridge of my cock’s head seeks out its home just inside your opening and I can feel your tightness around it. We find each other’s mouths, and my tongue tries to mimic the movement of my cock as I lick your lips. One thing is certain, I will not be able to contain myself much longer. I can already feel the pressure rising, and I want so badly to drain my cum inside of you.

“I am going to cum!” I whisper in your ear.

“Do it.” You grant me the permission I have longed for. “I want you to cum inside me.”

I continue pumping my penis inside you as you begin chasing your second climax. As your breathing picks up again, I know that we are close. Tonight we both will find pleasure in each other’s orgasm. I swing my hips three more times, trying to go deeper with each, convinced I can reach your soul. The base of my cock is planted firmly against your clit, and the tip lies somewhere deep inside.

“I’m coming,” my mouth ejaculates, and my cock sprays its seed. As the warmth of fresh new fluid makes its home in the chasm of your cunt, your body once again experiences its sexual seizures.

“So am…Ahhh…Ahhh…Ahhhhhh….Ayyyyyyeee!” Your pussy pulsates all around my penis as if to wring out every last drop of my cum. I collapse onto you—mouth to mouth, chest to chest, pelvis to pelvis—our bodies, souls, and pleasure all aligned.

“I love you,” we each whisper simultaneously, then smile at how in sync we are. After a moment, I lift my head and look into your eyes and say, “Thank you.”

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  1. PacMan says:

    Simultaneously cumming is the best feeling…. it’s like a bedroom dynamite blast of energy! And gotta say, the part with all the nipple play made me 🍆🍆🍆!

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