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Author note: My wife and I play with an app that gives us dares to send to each other. One she sent me was to write a short erotic fictional story. Not a fantasy about us, but completely made up. What follows is that story. I didn’t intend to write it for MH, but once I got going it grew into much more than I thought it would, and she encouraged me to submit it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

It was getting late in the afternoon, and while there were still a couple of customers browsing the little Christian used bookstore, Marcus could tell that the busy part of the day for his little shop was over. While he was ringing up one of those remaining customers, he heard the door of the store open and instinctively glanced over to it.

There she was coming through the door; his beautiful wife of 30 years. She wore a simple fall-colored skirt about knee length and a soft black top that gathered down the center and hung nicely over her bountiful boobs. It was not revealing or showy, just simple elegance. She always brightened his day whenever he saw her, but today she seemed extra radiant. He paused for a second as their eyes met and he caught her smile. In that moment his mind flashed to all the playfully sexy messages they’d been exchanging throughout the day; to the last time they kissed, which took an extraordinarily long time to complete; to their passionate sex that morning before getting the kids up for school. Perhaps the pause was more than a second. He started to feel the smile on his face and realized his customer was still waiting for his change. He snapped his attention back to the waiting patron. “Sorry,” he said and counted back the bills and coins.

The customer had recognized the smile on Marcus’ face and, picking up his book and smiling back, replied, “Not a problem. See you later.”

He was a regular in the shop. It didn’t take customers long to discover the strong, loving, and passionate marriage that Marcus and Susan had. They were not shy about showing their love. They always kissed openly in the store—nothing too heavy that might make people uncomfortable, but far more than the obligatory “hello” peck. They would always hug each other whenever there was a chance, and the thoughts behind the looks they gave each other spoke plainly to anyone with a pulse.

Occasionally, a customer would say something to one of them about their public displays of affection. (If they only knew how much restraint they were using when in public). But the loving couple welcomed such exchanges; they provided a chance to share what the Bible says about marriage, love, and passion—gifts from God to be enjoyed and expressed, not hidden away in shame. Most people came around to understanding and even enjoying the love that was clearly present in the store. A few (but very few) still thought it was inappropriate. “That’s fine,” Marcus would tell them, “but we’re not going to change. You’re always welcome to shop here, but I’ll understand if you choose to go somewhere else.” One of the joys of owning your own store is there is nobody above you for people to complain to.

Their regular customer base had grown to enjoy and appreciate the love that Marcus and Susan displayed. In fact, it led to many a discussion with married folk about what a gift marriage is, and how it is designed by God to be enjoyed thoroughly. Some of these discussions went deeper into providing resources to people to help them improve the intimacy and excitement in their marriage. Obviously, they kept books on hand that could help, but as they themselves knew, the published books available were not always sufficient; so they also had a list of blogs, podcasts, and websites from a Christian worldview that they could recommend. People had even begun recommending that couples (usually young newlyweds) go to their store specifically to talk with Marcus and Susan about intimacy in a Christian marriage. Since God had blessed their relationship exceedingly abundantly, beyond all they could ask or imagine, Marcus and Susan felt they had a responsibility to help others experience that as well.

So, as this smiling customer headed toward the door and greeted Susan on his way out, Marcus went back to gazing at his lovely bride approaching him. She put her arms around her husband, kissing him deeply, and his came up to encircle her waist and pull her tight. As their embrace broke, she said, “I guess you were happy to see me. Get a little distracted, did we?” She motioned with her head toward the customer just leaving.

“Yeah. I think he understood though,” he replied. “He saw my smile as I was looking at you. Thankfully, I’m behind the counter, and that’s the only reaction he saw.”

“Oh, really?” Susan said as she quickly glanced around the small shop to make sure the only remaining customer was not in view and grabbed the front of Marcus’ pants. She felt the firm bulge. “Mmmmm, glad to know I’m wanted here.”

“Always!” Marcus replied enthusiastically. Susan went on to pick up a pile of books that needed shelving and walked into the stacks, adding a little extra wiggle in her butt because she knew he was watching her walk away.

Later, when the last customer departed but a little time remained before closing, Marcus grabbed a stack of books and joined Susan in the task of shelving books. He walked down an aisle and saw Susan on the step stool, putting some books on the top shelf. This situated her beautiful round butt at about chest level as he passed. He lifted his hand a little and let his open palm and fingers slide all the way across her skirt covered cheeks as he passed. He took a few more steps past his reach and stopped. He thought, “That felt very smooth, almost as if she wasn’t—” When he glanced back at her, she flashed him a mischievous grin that told him he had figured out her little secret.

Closing time came, and as Marcus locked the door and turned off the open sign, he pointed out that he still had a lot of books to shelve. Susan agreed to stay and help. He had really hoped she would. It’s always better when she’s there, but he had a feeling it would be far better than usual tonight.

They continued working in the same aisles together. Susan had to get up on a taller ladder to put some books on a high overstock shelf. Marcus watched as her beautiful legs lifted her up one step at a time. He came over to hand her the books, and once his hands were free, he ran them up her legs. They slid from her calves up under her skirt to her butt, confirming his earlier suspicion that she wore no panties. He caressed and massaged her cheeks—longer than she needed to put the books away. She came back down the ladder, but he didn’t remove his hands even when she turned around at the bottom, so her skirt was now lifted up fully exposing the tush that he loved so much. He gave it a big squeeze as he pulled her close and kissed her hard and deep. The kiss lasted a long time, but when it broke, she reminded him that they had to get these books done. He knew she was teasing him.

As Marcus put some books on an upper shelf, he dropped one. Susan was a couple of feet over, putting books on a low shelf. “I’ll get it,” she said quickly. She turned and knelt down to reach the dropped book close to Marcus’ feet. Remaining on her knees and close to his legs, she turned her gaze up to him and handed him the book. As he took the book, she placed her emptied hand open against his stomach and slid it slowly down over the front of his jeans.

“I see you haven’t stopped thinking about me,” Susan said seductively. She quickly undid his pants and yanked them down, then slid his boxer briefs down as well. His desire for her showed as his hard cock stood there for her to appreciate. She ran her hands over the length, dragging her nails just slightly. Her gaze drifted back to meet his eyes as he let out a guttural moan.

Without taking her eyes off his, she lowered her wet mouth onto the tip of his now throbbing cock. She held it there for a bit, letting her tongue swirl around the ridge of his head. Then her gaze broke from his as she began sliding more of him into her mouth, backing off to the tip, then coming down a little farther. She slowly repeated this a few times until she’d fully engulfed him with her nose pressed tightly against his clean-shaven skin. Susan held there a bit, shaking her head side to side slightly and running her tongue along the underside of his shaft. She then began to slide her mouth up and down his shaft in an ever-increasing rhythm. One hand grabbed his ass while the other rubbed and pulled his balls.

Marcus laced his fingers through Susan’s hair as her head rapidly pumped his cock. With his other hand, he tightly gripped the shelf to keep from collapsing in ecstasy. Susan sensed his excitement growing and slowed her pace, eventually letting his head slip out of her mouth. She stroked his shaft gently a few times while looking up at him before she stopped and stood up.

“I’m not going to let you finish that quickly,” she said with the naughty grin that turned him on so much. She grabbed the little step stool and, turning away from him, bent over and placed her hands on the tread that was a little lower than chair height. Her ass now stuck up in the air, still covered by the skirt. She shook it playfully in his direction with her feet spread a little more than shoulder-width.

He quickly grabbed the hem of her skirt and flipped it up to expose her bare ass and wet pussy. Standing behind her with his cock still so hard, he thought of plunging into her right then. But he thought, “Not yet.” He knelt down behind her and ran his tongue up the full length of Susan’s wet, swollen lips, and she moaned with approval. He began licking the folds of her lips while his thumb rubbed on her clit. His tongue pushed deeper as her moans through bitten lips became open-mouthed cries of pleasure. His thumb continued as his tongue worked harder, diving deeper into her wet hole. As he plunged it as deep into her as he could, his nose would tickle her butthole causing her cries, moans, and then her screams to grow more intense.

“Yes! Yes! Yessss! Don’t stop!” she breathily exclaimed, then screamed out, “I’M CUMMING!” Her legs shook, which caused her pussy to grind into him. He placed both hands on the front of her thighs to hold her tightly against his mouth while she rode out this massive orgasm. Her juices ran out of her lips and drenched his face, still buried in her pussy.

As she began to calm down, Marcus stood up behind her. He noticed that Susan’s hands were no longer on the stool; now she rested on her forearms. This made her ass look even more sexy and inviting. While she was still coming down some from her orgasm, he plunged the full length of his cock into her wet pussy in one hard thrust.

She screamed at the sudden pleasure. “Oh yes! Pound me! Pound me hard! Drive that glorious dick into me deep!”

He drove into her fiercely, thrusting in and out with all his strength.

“OH! I love feeling your balls slap my clit!” she cried out. At that angle, the bottom side of his cock rubbed against her in just the right place—a sensation they had both grown to love as it stimulates him greatly and catches the edge of her g-spot. Her cries of pleasure grew more and more intense as she approached another orgasm.

Holding Susan’s hips tightly, he drove even harder into her, pushing her over the edge in screams of climax. The spasms in her legs shook her pussy, and she tightened around his shaft as she rode the wave of ecstasy. This brought him to the point of no return, and in a couple more thrusts, he could feel his cum shooting into her. Marcus buried his pulsating cock so deep into her he struggled to keep her from falling over.

Slowly, they began to come back to earth. Marcus slowly released his grip on Susan, making sure she was steady. She lowered to her knees, still leaning on the stool but now with her chest on it. He collapsed on the floor next to her rolling onto his back so he could look up into her glowing eyes.

“I love you, my wife,” he said with a smile.

“I love you too, my husband.” After a short pause, she asked, “Do you think the store will still smell like sex when you open tomorrow?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” he said with a grin. They both lay there thinking of all the other times they stayed late to “shelve books.”

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5 replies
    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thank you for your encouraging words. It was a lot of fun to write once I decided on the setting.

  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    I love a little sexy fiction. I've been looking at different APS but haven't stumbled upon the dare ap. I'll have to look for that one.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      I’m working on a post about that one and some other apps we use in our relationship. It’s taking longer to write than I thought it should.

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